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Silat Cekak
Focus Striking
Country of origin Malaysia Malaysia
Olympic sport No

Silat Cekak is a style of silat from Malaysia. It is different from other martial arts in that it doesn't employ any evasive or side-stepping moves. Instead, the practitioner advances forward in order to defeat the enemy, making it an effective style for fighting in tight quarters such as on a boat or inside an airplane. A prominent feature of silat chekak is its straight-postured stances meant to teach calmness, patience and courage. For the same reason, students only learn offensive maneuvers at the end of the syllabus. Silat chekak is unique among other styles of silat because it is not used for performance or sport-sparring. Therefore, it has no dance-like moves and is not performed to traditional instruments.

The word cekak has different meanings depending on the dialect. In Kedah, the phrase makan cekak is used to indicate that one is willing to perform any task. In Javanese it means simple. The word is pronounced chakak in Minangkabau and means fight.


As one of the largest schools of silat in Malaysia, there are several variations of silat chekak.

  1. Silat Cekak Malaysia
  2. Silat Cekak Ustaz Hanafi
  3. Silat Cekak Sabil
  4. Silat Cekak Harimau (Tiger)
  5. Silat Cekak Helang (Eagle)
  6. Silat Cekak Lincah Sutan Maakat
  7. Silat Cekak Musang (Civet)
  8. Silat Cekak Pendekar Ahmad
  9. Silat Cekak Rimau

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