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Silvio Frondizi (January 19, 1907 — September 27, 1974) was an Argentine intellectual and lawyer, brother of President Arturo Frondizi and of the philosopher Risieri Frondizi.

Silvio Frondizi was born in Paso de los Libres, Corrientes Province, in 1909. He received a juris doctor from the University of Buenos Aires and in 1955 founded Praxis y Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria (MIR-Praxis), a left-wing revolutionary group. He then traveled to Cuba in support of Fidel Castro's revolution, meeting Che Guevara. Frondizi taught Law at both his alma mater and the University of La Plata, from 1958 onwards. He became known for his opposition to a bill supported by his brother, President Arturo Frondizi, in 1959, which facilitated the operation of parochial schools. As part of his law practice, he defended the Trotskyist Workers Revolutionary Party's (PRT) political prisoners. Silvio Frondizi was assassinated by the Triple A death squad in September 1974.[1]

SIDE agent and probable member of the Triple A Anibal Gordon was later convicted for his murder, while Rodolfo Almirón, also head of the Triple A, has been accused in 2006 of his murder.[2]

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