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The front cover of the Simon's Cat book.

Simon's Cat is an animated cartoon series by the English animator, Simon Tofield. Each episode features a hungry house cat who uses increasingly heavy-handed tactics to get its owner to feed it. The series is animated with the Adobe Flash software.

The first film in the series, entitled Cat Man Do, won the "Best Comedy" award at the British Animation Awards 2008.[1]

The second film in the series, entitled Let Me In!, won the "Most Outstanding Animation" award at the 7th Animae Caribe, Caribbean Animation Awards Festival.[2]

The third film in the series, entitled TV Dinner was shown on BBC2's The Culture Show on 15 July 2008[3] before being released on YouTube.[4]

A film entitled "Fed Up!", featuring no cat but rather "Simon's Sister's Dog," was released during the 2008 Christmas season. It ends with a message from the animal charity the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals urging owners not to feed table scraps to their pets.

The fourth in the Simon's Cat series, Fly Guy, was released on YouTube on 24 July 2009.[5]

In an interview with Your Cat magazine[6] Simon Tofield revealed that his three cats - called Hugh, Jess and Maisie - provide inspiration for the series, with Hugh being the primary inspiration.

In January 2009, it was announced that Simon's Cat would be published in book format. [7] Canongate released the title on 1st October 2009 in the United Kingdom. A Fifth episode of Simon's Cat, entitled 'Hot Spot', was released on September 28, 2009 shortly before the books release.[8] A sixth item, "Snow", appeared shortly before Christmas 2009.

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  • Simon Tofield: Simon's Cat: Edinburgh: Canongate: 2009: ISBN 9781847674814


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