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Simon & Schuster
Sower logo present.png
Parent company CBS Corporation
Founded 1924
Founder Richard L. Simon
M. Lincoln Schuster
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location 1230 Avenue of the Americas
Rockefeller Center
New York City
Key people Robert Fair de Graff
Robert Gottlieb
Michael Korda
Publication types Books
Imprints Many (see below)
Official website

Simon & Schuster, Inc., a division of CBS Corporation, is a publisher founded in New York City in 1924 by Richard L. Simon and M. Lincoln ("Max") Schuster. It is one of the four largest English-language publishers, alongside Random House, Penguin, and HarperCollins. It publishes over two thousand titles annually under 35 different imprints.



Simon & Schuster headquarters at 1230 Avenue of the Americas, Rockefeller Center, New York City

Crossword puzzles first appeared in the New York World in 1913, and soon became a popular feature in newspapers. In 1924, Simon's aunt, a crossword puzzle devotee, asked Simon whether there was a book of these puzzles that she could give to a friend. Simon discovered that none had been published, and, with Schuster, launched a company to exploit the opportunity.[1]

To attract attention, the book came with a pencil attached.[1] The advertising campaign implied that it was about to become a new fad:

The ad proved prophetic, and crossword puzzles were indeed the craze of 1924.[1] Simon & Schuster continues to be the preeminent U.S. publisher of crossword puzzle books.

In 1939, with Robert Fair de Graff, Simon & Schuster founded Pocket Books, America's first paperback publisher.

In 1942, Simon & Schuster, or "Essandess" as it is called in the initial announcement, launched the Little Golden Books series in cooperation with the Artists and Writers Guild.[2] Simon & Schuster's partner in the venture was the Western Printing and Lithographing Company which handled the actual printing. Western Printing bought out Simon & Schuster's interest in 1958.

In 1944, Marshall Field III, owner of the Chicago Sun newspaper, purchased Simon & Schuster and Pocket Books. Following Field's death, in 1957 his heirs sold the company back to Richard L. Simon and M. Lincoln Schuster, while Leon Shimkin and James M. Jacobson acquired Pocket Books.[3]

In subsequent years, Gulf+Western would acquire the company. G+W would change its name to Paramount Communications in 1989, and be sold to the original Viacom in 1994 (allowing S&S to launch several new imprints in conjunction with channels owned by Viacom's MTV Networks). Viacom would split into 2 companies at the end of 2005: one called CBS Corporation (which inherited S&S), and the other retaining the Viacom name. Despite the split, National Amusements retains majority control of both firms. As such, S&S continues to publish books based on Viacom properties.[3][4]




Some of its prominent editors have been Robert Gottlieb and Michael Korda.


Recent bestsellers published by the company include the work of Jesse Duplantis, Stephen King, Mary Higgins Clark, Lauren Weisberger, Bob Woodward, David McCullough, Jimmy Carter, Malalai Joya, Bob Dylan, Holly Black, Richard Rhodes, Michael Moore, Hillary Clinton, and Glenn Beck. Current Simon & Schuster authors in the UK include Richard Madeley, Mark Radcliffe, Jackie Collins, Joan Collins and Mark Gatiss. Recently the actress, singer, fashion designer and now writer Hilary Duff has signed on to pen her first novel, Elixir (released by October 12, 2010), for Simon & Schuster.


Simon & Schuster logo, circa 1961

In addition to the main Simon & Schuster imprint are the following:


Young adults and children

  • Aladdin Paperbacks
  • Atheneum Books - initially a publishing house and adult imprint[6], it now publishes children's titles, formerly just part of its output.[7]
  • Beach Lane Books
  • Fireside Books
  • Libros Para Niños
  • Little Simon
  • Little Simon Inspirations
  • Margaret K. McElderry Books
  • Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (including Paula Wiseman Books and Ruckus)
  • Simon Pulse
  • Simon Scribbles
  • Simon Spotlight
  • Simon Spotlight Entertainment


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Simon & Schuster Inc. is the name of a publishing company. It was founded in 1924. It is one of the four main publishers who publish English books. The first book Simon & Schuster published was a book of crossword puzzles with a pencil attached. The company has published bestsellers by many people, recently including Stephen King and Hillary Clinton.


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