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Simon the Leper is a biblical figure mentioned by the Gospels according to Matthew (26:6-13) and Mark (14:3-9). These two books narrate how Jesus made a visit to the house of Simon the Leper at Bethany during the course of which a woman anoints the head of Jesus with costly ointment. Bethany was the home of Simon the Leper as well as Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. The Gospel according to John (12:1-8) recounts that Mary, Martha and Lazarus were guests of Simon the Leper when he hosted a supper for Jesus Christ two days before the Passover and Crucifixion of Jesus. Martha served. According to John's Gospel, the feet of Jesus were also anointed. While differing in some details, the accounts of Matthew, Mark, and John can be reconciled.[1] Comparing them suggests that Judas Iscariot and other disciples of Jesus also attended and protested the costly anointing of Jesus.

Simon the Leper is sometimes identified with Simon the Pharisee (see Shimon ben Gamliel), who is mentioned in the Gospel of Luke (7:36-50) as the host of a meal during which the feet of Jesus are anointed by a woman. Because of these similarities, efforts have been made to reconcile the events and characters but some scholars have pointed out differences between the two events [1].

The meaning of his nick name the leper is sometimes questioned because of the outcast status of lepers. Reinterpretations include that of the potter[2] or the Essene.

Some assume that Simon had been healed of his leprosy by Jesus, however the Gospels do not include an account of his healing.

Christian legend

Later Christian traditions held that Simon travelled to France, having landed at the mouth of the Rhône with St. Lazarus and Mary, sister of Lazarus, was the earliest apostle of Maguelonne.[3]


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