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Sin Senos no hay Paraíso
Sin senos no hay paraiso poster 2008.jpg
Format Romance, Exploitation, Telenovela
Created by Gustavo Bolivar
Developed by Telemundo Studios
RTI Colombia
Directed by Miguel Varoni
Ramiro Meneses
Starring Carmen Villalobos
Catherine Siachoque
María Fernanda Yépez
Theme music composer Héctor Cardona Jr.
Opening theme Sin Senos no hay Paraíso
Country of origin  Colombia
 United States
Language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 167
Executive producer(s) Hugo León Ferrer
Mary-Kathryn Kennedy
Editor(s) José Luis Varón
Location(s) Bogota, Giradot, Durango
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 42 minutes
Original channel Telemundo
Picture format HDTV, 1080i
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Original run June 16, 2008 – June 22, 2009
Followed by Victorinos
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Sin Senos no hay Paraíso (Without Breasts There Is No Paradise) is a RTI Colombia-Telemundo remake and loose adaptation of the original Colombian series Sin Tetas No Hay Paraíso . The series is based on investigative journalist Gustavo Bolivar's debut novel and features an attractive young prostitute who desires to have massive breast implants in order to attract a rich cocaine smuggler. It is also based on a true story. The show's debut drew 749,000 adults aged 18 to 49, making it one of the network's most-watched premieres ever.[citation needed]

  • Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso premiered on June 16, 2008.[1]
  • TV Kosava started to air this telenovela on November 10, 2008 in Serbia.
  • Sitel TV channel started to air this telenovela on April 13, 2009 in Macedonia.
  • Telelatino started to air the telenovela with english subtitles on May 11, 2009 in Canada.
  • Acasa TV started to air the telenovela on June 22, 2009 in Romania.[2]
  • Channel Cool TV[1] started to air this telenovela on December, 2008 in Hungary.



Catalina (Carmen Villalobos), a young woman in Pereira, Colombia, is willing to risk everything in order to escape the poverty she lives in and fulfill her dreams - even if this means putting her life and her integrity in jeopardy. Her mother Hilda (Catherine Siachoque), a lovely hard working woman with no resources to provide her children with luxuries, expends boundless energy in her efforts to push both her children, Catalina and Byron (Juan Diego Sánchez), to prosper. In spite of their mother's efforts, Byron and Catalina's situation is filled with poverty and need.

Catalina is a beautiful young woman, but not as voluptuous as her friends who render sexual services as "call girls" to powerful men in the drug trafficking world. Yésica "La diabla" (María Fernanda Yépez), Catalina's best friend, entered the world of "call girls" with her own business: recruiting, selecting, and leading groups of women for whom the drug traffickers pay in advance to receive sexual services. Yesica introduces Catalina to this culture, convincing her that this is the only way she has to get away from her poverty. Once inside, Catalina falls into the manipulative hands of Lorena (Aylin Mujica), Yesica's equivalent in Mexico, who together with Martinez, an important member of the Juarez Cartel, convinces inexperienced young women from Colombia to undergo breast surgery as a means of obtaining a better life in another country. What they don't know is that in reality he uses them as "mules", sending them to Mexico while smuggling cocaine in their implants.

Catalina, dazzled by a world of riches and a life full of luxuries, decides not to continue her relationship with her boyfriend Albeiro, a young man from her town who has very few ambitions, but loves her with all his heart. She decides to search for someone who can pay for or finance her surgery of silicon breast implants since, according to her belief, this will provide her the fame and wealth she longs for.

In the end, Catalina begins to remember how hard her life has been since she became a pre-paid girl, having an illegal abortion of the baby product of being raped by three men, the struggles she faced in order to get her breast augmented and the loss of her breast implants due to medical complications, the death of her brother Bayron, finding out that her mother and Albeiro, her boyfriend, were having a sentimental relationship behind her back which resulted in her mother becoming pregnant, and finally getting kicked out of her own house by Marcial, her drug-dealer husband after Yésica betrayed her and told Marcial that Catalina had lied to him and that in reality she felt disgust towards him as well that she had a boyfriend back home who had cheated on her with her own mother. Overall she is left feeling lost, forgotten, betrayed, and alone. All these events cause Catalina to lose the will to live, and she tries to commit suicide but does not find the courage to pull through, so she decides to seek revenge and kill Yésica for betraying her by citing Yésica to a café shop and calling the hired killers, giving them the directions that Yésica is dressed a certain way and sitting at a table by herself reading a book. The killers do their job and kill the girl by shooting her three times on the back, later to be shown that the girl killed is Catalina, who had a change of mind; that instead of killing Yésica, she decided to plot her own assassination instead by disguising herself as Yésica. Before getting killed, Catalina wrote in the book she was holding the line which gave the series its title, "It's a lie, without breasts there is NO paradise."


Gustavo Bolivar's heroine is a prepago, or "pre-paid girl," which means she sells her services around-the-clock for a set period, hoping to make extra money. [3] The screenwriter says Paraíso highlights an unflattering part of his country: teenagers in the Colombian narco-culture getting the breast implants. According to Bolivar, he didn't imagine it would come to touch on a universal theme: "the beauty based in vanity and its connection with money" and noted that no other book had denounced in such bad terms the drug dealers, the ignorant mothers who confuse the love for their daughters with pimping, and the unscrupulous plastic surgeons.[4]

Bolívar says the story is based on real-life conditions facing child prostitutes in the province (departamento) of Putumayo, Colombia. There he met two girls who were desperate for silicone breast implants. One told him that she got her operation in exchange for sex. Unfortunately, the doctor used a pair of used implants that led to allergic reactions and infection.[3]

Telemundo began shooting the series at Telemundo's production centers in Bogota and Girardot, Colombia, as well as its studio in Sinaloa, Mexico, on April 15, 2008. As with most of its soap operas, the network broadcast English subtitles as closed captions on CC3 until late October, when the network briefly canceled the translations. Captions were restored the following April. A version with on-screen English subtitles debuted on Mun2 in 2009.


Main Cast in Order of Appearance

Actor Character Known as
Carmen Villalobos Catalina Santana Main heroine; aspires to be an actress; Marcial's former wife who died at the end of the series
Catherine Siachoque Hilda Santana Catalina and Bayron's mother; later she is in love with Albeiro
María Fernanda Yépez Yésica "La diabla" Franco Catalina's best friend; boss of the pre-paid girls; Marcial's wife, jealous of Catalina
Aylin Mujica Lorena Magallanes Works with Martínez; mother of Julieta
Juan Diego Sánchez Bayron Santana Hilda's son; Catalina's brother who works as a hired killer; died
Fabián Ríos Albeiro Manrique Catalina's long term boyfriend and later Hilda's lover
Gregorio Pernía Aurelio "Titi" Jaramillo Drug dealer; in love with Catalina; villain; in an American prison
Guillermo Quintanilla Benjamin "Mariño" Martínez García Works with Lorena; in love with her,Killed by titi in prison
Alejandra Pinzón Paola Catalina's friend; pre-paid girl; wants a deeper relationship with Titi
Linda Baldrich Natalia Trafficked with drugs in breasts; later held captive by Fernando Rey
Carolina Sepúlveda Ximena Catalina's friend; in love with Bayron; pre-paid girl
Carolina Betancourt Vanessa Catalina's friend; pre-paid girl; Jota's ex-girlfriend
Laura Londoño Lina Arango Trafficked with drugs in breasts; later held captive by Fernando Rey
Sofia Stamatiades Julieta Riva Palas Lorena's daughter and then later on J's girlfriend
Roberto Mateos José Miguel Cárdenas Drug dealer; in an American prison
Gabriel Porras Fernando Rey Drug dealer and friend of Martínez; villain
Ramiro Meneses Ramiro Duque / "Hombre Oscuro" Drug dealer
Danilo Santos Cardona Chief of Titi; partner of Morón; in prison
Alí Humar Pablo Morón Chief of the drug dealers
Juan Pablo Shuk Mauricio Contento Colombian surgeon who implants drugs in augmented breasts
César Mora Marcial Sánchez Catalina's former husband; Yésica's husband

Secondary Cast in Order of Appearance

  • Nestor Alfonso Rojas .... Caballo - One of the three who raped Catalina, Martinez's Partner,is Dead
  • Rafael Uribe Ochoa .... Orlando - One of the three who raped Catalina, Martinez's partner,is Dead
  • Víctor Rodríguez .... Jorge - One of the three who raped Catalina, Martinez's partner
  • Jorge Sánchez .... Lambón - Workman of Morón and Cardona
  • Emerson Yañez .... Balin - Works with Bayron as a hitman; in love with Paola,Dead
  • Martha Isabel Bolaños .... Margot - "Model" scout who traffics young girls
  • Rodrigo Obregón .... Robert - Martinez's partner in Los Angeles
  • Andrés Martínez .... Alberto Bermejo - Cardona's plastic surgeon partner
  • Astrid Junguito .... Doña Mariela - Mother of Albeiro
  • Edmundo Troya .... Don Antonio - Chief of the bikini fabric,is Dead
  • Neru .... Black Man in the bar
  • Sigifredo Vega .... Director - Director of the high school, father of Natalia; in prison
  • Gustavo Yañez .... Sadhanii - "Under cover DEA detective, and Chief of Cardona in California"
  • Maria Margarita Giraldo .... wife of director of the college, Natalia's mother
  • Jhon Mario Rivera .... Don Jairo - Bordel owner
  • Luís Fernando Bohórquez
  • Rafael Mejia
  • Manuel Busquet .... Director of the underwear fabric "Vanessa"
  • Adriana Hernández
  • Moises Cadavid .... Benjamin - Yesica's friend in Bogota
  • Paula Barreto .... friend of Yésica, actress
  • Hotzman Nuñez
  • Monica Ossa
  • Germán Arias .... Police at the airport
  • Jairo Sanabria .... Police at the airport
  • Edgar Anexen
  • Cristian Tappan .... Octavio - Yessica's friend, congresist in Bogota, in love with Catalina
  • Manuel Pachon .... Priest
  • Mónica Pardo .... Cristina - Raped by director of high school; pregnant
  • Jose Omar Murillo .... Pelambre - Henchman of Marcial; in love with Catalina
  • Francisco Bolivar .... Jota
  • Maria Leon Arias .... Griselda - Antonio's wife
  • Fernanda Gonzalez
  • Alberto Itarraga
  • Hernan Monsalve
  • Angela Triana
  • Sharmel Altamirano .... Plane Stewardess
  • Miguel Angel Ramirez
  • Mario Alberto Parra
  • Santiago Munevar
  • Alvaro Garcia .... Bonifacio - Miss Chica Linda's corrupted manager
  • Lady Noriega
  • Johana Uribe
  • Monica Uribe .... Marcela - Titi's girlfriend
  • Ricardo Saldarriaga
  • Jhonny Perez
  • Mauricio Urquijo
  • Wilson Vargas
  • Karen Licet Manjarrez .... herself - colombian singer
  • Julio del Mar .... Beauty peagant's jury
  • Diego Ospina
  • Luis Carlos Galeano
  • Julian Alvarez .... man in the bar
  • Alexander Garcia
  • Herber King .... Cristina's father
  • Margarita Duran .... Cristina's mother
  • Alejandro Rodriguez .... Salgado
  • Orlando Bonell
  • Sebastian Boscan .... Catalina's doctor
  • Gilberto Ramirez
  • Orlando Lamboglia
  • Alberto Sornoza
  • Jorge Reyes
  • Ana Monsalve
  • Flor Barrera
  • Helena Manrique
  • Jhon Munera
  • Daniel Merizalde
  • Natalia Giraldo .... Moda Colombia's Organizer
  • Martha Liliana Calderón
  • Ivette Zamora .... Titi's mother
  • Alejandro Tamayo .... man who involved Titi in drugdealering
  • Andrea Villareal .... journalist against Hilda
  • Victor Trespalacios
  • Guillermo Blanco
  • Jairo Lopez
  • Luis Fernando Salas .... Urquia - DEA agent
  • Alfredo Aneher .... DEA agent
  • Jorge Rubiano
  • Pedro Palacio
  • Mauricio Alvarez
  • Giovanni Alvarez
  • Glemmy Rodriguez
  • Ana Beatriz Osorio .... Roxana Pinilla - DEA agent
  • Alejandro Lopez
  • Jackeline Aristizabal .... Gonzalez - Police Agent
  • Mario Claderon
  • Mario Donetti
  • Angelica Blandon
  • David Guerrero
  • Victor Cifuentes
  • Zulma Rey
  • Martha Suarez
  • Alberto Cardeño
  • Rey Vasquez
  • Jaime Rayo
  • Jairo Florian
  • Manuel Cabral
  • Hernan Mendez
  • Diego Camacho
  • Ronald Ayazo
  • Juan Sebastian Caicedo
  • Edgar Alexen
  • Giovana Caicedo
  • Yuri Vargas
  • Paola Cairasco
  • Yuri Rojas
  • Juliana Alvarez
  • Mijail Mulkay
  • Oscar Borda
  • Rosmery Bohorquez
  • Andres Fierro
  • Alma Rodriguez
  • Magdiel Rojas
  • Lina Restrepo
  • Loren Escobar
  • Margarita Vega
  • Juan Carlos Serrano
  • Ricardo Gomez
  • Rodrigo Marulanda
  • Mile
  • Helena Rojas
  • Linda Lucia Callejas
  • Alex Gil


Occupation Person
Original Story Based on a Book “Without Tits There is no Paradise” by Gustavo Bolívar
Screenplay Gustavo Bolívar
Costumes / Mexico Alejandro Gastelum
Art Direction / Mexico Alejandro Caraza
Production Supervisor / Mexico Martha Godoy
2nd Unit Director / Mexico Max Zunino
Unit Manager / Mexico Víctor Horcasitas
Costume Design Patricia Rodríguez
Set Design Jorge Parra
Production Design Romel Amador
Art Direction Piedad Arango
Directors of Photography Juan Pablo Puentes
Edgar Neisa
Makeup Artist Adriana Ortíz
Camera Direction Orlando Pirela
Wilmer Bañol
Incidental Music Miguel de Narváez
Sound Design Héctor Cardona Jr.
Editor José Luís Varón
Production Chief Jorge Sastoque Roa
Directors Ramiro Meneses
Miguel Varoni
Executive Producer / Mexico M-K Kennedy
Executive Producer Hugo León Ferrer
The Production of Telemundo Studios
RTI Colombia


English Release

NBC Universal commissioned Universal Media Studios to produce an English language version of the serial that was produced separate using a different cast and script. It is expected to air sometime during the 2009-2010 season.[5]


The episode debuted in June 2008 with nearly 750,000 viewers adults 18 to 49, per Nielsen Media Research.[citation needed] By August, the series had reached 949,000 adults, constituting a 31% share of the Spanish language television networks of the week.[citation needed] The series averaged nearly 1.9 million 18-to-49 viewers in November.[citation needed] However, due to its prolonged run, the series has lost a big part of its audience dropping to 1.1 million 18-to-49 viewers in April 2009 and prefessional reviews from magazines like TV y Novelas dropped from scores of mostly tens and nines during the success peak of the series to an all-time low score of five out of ten. The series ended with a rating of eight.


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