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Sin slammer
Type Mixed drink
Standard drinkware
Shot Glass (Standard).svg
Shot glass
Commonly used ingredients soda water, gomme syrup

The Sin slammer or Vodka slammer, is a drinking method of rectified alcohol.

Urban legends speculate that it was developed in order to drink highly rectified alcohols without the burning sensation.


A derivative of the "Tequila Slammer", the Sin slammer mainly uses highly-rectified spirit such as Spirytus.

The drinker, pours a tea spoon of gomme syrup, soda water and vodka (or its equivalent). The rest is the same as a tequila slammer, the drinker places their palm on top of the shot glass, bangs the glass onto the table, then gulp down the cocktail before it overflows with the fizzing carbonated water.


As certain ingredients cannot come in handy depending on the place, certain derivatives has been formulated.

Spirytus, for example, can be substituted for Primasprit or Everclear. The soda water can be champagne, beer or any other carbonated beverage of the drinker's choice.


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