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Sinan Hasani

10th President of SFR Yugoslavia
President of the Presidency of SFR Yugoslavia
In office
15 May 1986 – 15 May 1987
Prime Minister Branko Mikulić
Preceded by Radovan Vlajković
Succeeded by Lazar Mojsov

In office
June 1981 – May 1983
Preceded by Velli Deva
Succeeded by Ilaz Kurteshi

Born 14 May 1922(1922-05-14)
Požaranje, near Vitina, Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (today Kosovo)
Nationality Yugoslavia (Yugoslav)
Political party League of Communists of Yugoslavia (SKJ)
Religion None (Atheist)

Sinan Hasani, born 1922 in Požaranje near Vitina, (Other sources say Žegra, near Gnjilane), is a Yugoslav novelist, statesman, diplomat and former President of Presidency of Yugoslavia.


Early life & career

Hasani joined the Yugoslav Partisan resistance movement in 1941, during the war, and the Yugoslav Communist Party in 1942. He found himself in Nazi German captivity in 1944, and spent time in a POW camp near Vienna until the end of the World War II. After the war, he attended the Đuro Đaković party school in Belgrade. Later, he became leader of the Socialist Union of the Working People mass organization in Kosovo, and was from 1965 to 1967 manager of the Kosovar publishing house Rilindja. 1971-1974, he was the Yugoslav ambassador to Denmark, and in 1975 he was elected Deputy Speaker of the Yugoslav Federal Assembly, until he became the leader of the League of Communists of Kosovo in 1982.

In the presidency

Hasani was elected as the Kosovar member of the Yugoslavian presidency in 1984 with his term ending in 1989. He also served as head of the rotating presidency. On Hasani's first day as president, he and his presidency unanimously appointed the anti-reform hardliner Branko Mikulić as the federal Prime Minister of Yugoslavia. After Mikulić and his cabinet voluntarily resigned in March 1989, as the first federal ministry in the history of Socialist Yugoslavia, Hasani initially supported the unsuccessful bid of the Milošević loyalist and Serb hardliner Borisav Jović, to become the federal PM. It was contrary to the candidacy of the economically liberal reformist Ante Marković, which was proposed by the republics of Slovenia and Croatia, and finally approved by the Federal Assembly of Yugoslavia, and also by the outgoing presidency, including Hasani himself.

Relations with the Albanian community

As a publicly declared ethnic Albanian, Hasani was part of the wider Albanian community, yet perceived as being highly controversial because of the continuing oppressive situation of the ethnic Albanians during his regime. He used his position to feed the interests of the Slavic majority; he was thus unsympathetic towards the architects who fought for Albanian non-Yugoslavian interests, mostly in Kosovo, much to the anger of the Albanians in Yugoslavia.

Hasani is also remembered for his undiplomatic deals with the leader of Albania, Enver Hoxha who in turn, through his patriotic speeches, gained a lot of support among the ethnic Albanians in Yugoslavia. Hasani had tagged Enver Hoxha “a scabby goat” (a Serbian idiom), while Hoxha called Hasani “a Serbian dog”[1] in response to this. These events nevertheless, occurred some time before Hasani became head of presidency since Hoxha died in 1985.


Hasani also wrote a number of novels in Albanian, which were translated into Serbo-Croatian and Macedonian.



  • Një natë e turbullt ("A troubled night", 1966)
  • Era dhe Lisi ("The wind and the oak", 1973; filmed in 1979 as a TV-series)
  • Fëmijëria e Gjon Vatrës ("The childhood of Gjon Vatra", 1975)
  • Për bukën e bardhë ("For white bread", 1977)

Other works

  • Kosovo : istine i zablude, ("Kosovo, Truths and Illusions" 1986, in Serbian, concerning Albanian nationalism in Kosovo)
  • Në fokus të ngjarjeve : bisedë me Sinan Hasanin / Tahir Z. Berisha ("In the focus of events, a conversation with Sinan Hasani / Tahir Z. Berisha" 2005, Biography, ISBN 9951-408-08-7)



  • Raif Dizdarević, Od smrti Tita do smrti Jugoslavije ("From Tito's death to the death of Yugoslavia", Sarajevo: Svjetlost, 2000)

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Political offices
Preceded by
Radovan Vlajković
President of the Presidency of SFR Yugoslavia
15 May 1986 – 15 May 1987
Succeeded by
Lazar Mojsov
Party political offices
Preceded by
Velli Deva
Chairman of the Central Committee of the League of Communists of Kosovo
15 May 1982 – 15 June 1983
Succeeded by
Ilaz Kurteshi


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