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A grammatical number denoting a unit quantity (as opposed to the plural and other forms)

Singular may also refer to:

  • Gravitational singularity, a location where the quantities that are used to measure the gravitational field become infinite
  • Technological singularity, a hypothesis that technological progress will reach such an infinite or extremely high value at a point in the near future
  • A group of boars

In mathematics:

  • Mathematical singularity
  • SINGULAR, an open source Computer Algebra System (CAS)
  • Singular matrix, a matrix is one that is not invertible
  • Singular measure, a measure or probability distribution whose support has zero Lebesgue measure. More generally, one may speak of an object "singular with respect to a measure μ", meaning that μ replaces the Lebesgue measure above
  • An infinite cardinal number is called singular if it is not a regular cardinal

Possible misspelling:

  • Singulair, Merck trademark for Montelukast, a common prescription drug used in maintenance treatment of asthma and to relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies.
  • Cingular Wireless, a major mobile network operator in North America


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Singular m.

  1. singular (grammar: form of a word that refers to only one thing)

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Simple English

Singular is a form of the noun that shows that there is only one. The opposite of the singular is the plural, which means there is more than one.

For example, in English the word "cat" in one cat is singular, but in two cats it is plural.


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