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Singularity University
Established September 2008[1]
Type Private
Students 40 first year, 120 following years[1]
Location Moffett Federal Airfield, CA, U.S.

Singularity University is an academic institution in Silicon Valley whose stated aim is to "assemble, educate and inspire a cadre of leaders who strive to understand and facilitate the development of exponentially advancing technologies and apply, focus and guide these tools to address humanity’s grand challenges."[2]

Running contemporaneously with the International Space University, Singularity U is not an accredited four-year university, but is instead intended to supplement traditional educational institutions.[3] It offers an annual ten-week summer course intended for graduate and post-gradute students and ten day programs for senior corporate executives and senior government leaders. The first Graduate program began in June 2009, with full tuition costing US$25,000 (although a majority of the participants were provided full or partial scholarships). The inaugural 2009 class was limited to 40 Fellows chosen from over 1,200 applicantsop . Eighty graduate and postgraduate students will be accepted for the graduate course beginning summer 2010.[4][5]





The University offers 10 different academic tracks, each chaired by one or more experts in the field:[6]

  1. Futures Studies and Forecasting (Ray Kurzweil, James Canton, Jim Dator, Paul Saffo)
  2. Policy, Law and Ethics (Tara Lemmey, Robert Taylor)
  3. Finance and Entrepreneurship (David S. Rose)
  4. Networks and Computing Systems (Bob Metcalfe, Kevin Fall)
  5. Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (Daniel Reda)
  6. Nanotechnology (Ralph Merkle, Robert Freitas, Jr.)
  7. Medicine, Neuroscience and Human Enhancement (Daniel Kraft)
  8. AI, Robotics, and Cognitive Computing (Neil Jacobstein, Raj Reddy)
  9. Energy and Ecological Systems (Sunil Paul, Michel Gelobter, Dan Whaley)
  10. Space and Physical Sciences (Dan Barry, Chris Boshuizen)

Other faculty members and advisors include Will Wright, Tom Byers, Vint Cerf, Aubrey de Gray, Peter Norvig, Sebastian Thrun, Daniel Kammen, George Smoot, Pete Worden, and Matt Mullenweg,


The University offers three kinds of academic programs:[7]

  • Graduate Studies Program - a ten-week summer program for 80 students running once per year(Tuition US$25,000)
  • Executive Program (10 days) - a 40-student program running 3 times per year(Tuition US$15,000)


Singularity U is overseen by a Board of Trustees, including Chancellor and Trustee Ray Kurzweil, Vice-Chancellor and Chairman Peter Diamandis, Trustee Robert D. Richards, Trustee Michael Simpson, and Trustee Salim Ismail.[8]

Corporate founding partners and sponsors include NASA, Google, IDEO, LinkedIn, ePlanet Ventures, and the X-Prize Foundation.


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