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Sourced from Folklore and generally used spoken Sinhalese

  • Sinhala: "Paninna pera sithaa balanu"
  • Direct Transliteration:Think before you leap
  • Message: Think before you leap to avoid unexpected perils

  • Sinhala: "Vavulage Magul Gedara Giyanan Ellila Hitu"
  • Direct Transliteration:If you choose to attend the bat's wedding, you must hang upside down
  • Message: If you decide to do some thing, you must be ready to live with the consequences.

  • Sinhala:"Balla piduru kanneth ne, Kana gonata denneth ne"
  • Direct Transliteration: The dog doesn't eat hay but prevents the cow from eating the hay by sleeping on it
  • Message: Some People do no good and remain useless while preventing others from being good and productive

  • Sinhala:"Ravula Pattuwela inna kota suruttu pattu karranna enava"
  • Direct Transliteration: Trying to light a cigar when my beard is on fire
  • Message: While you are in deep trouble another comes to get an trivial advantage from your situation.

  • English:Like cobra and viper
  • Sinhala:නයයි පොළඟයි වගේ
  • Transliteration:Nayayi polongai vage
  • Sense:Refers to those who hate each other. As vipers move by night, they never meet cobras

  • English proverb: All that glitters is not gold.
  • Alternate Sinhala one: දිලිසෙන සියල්ල රත්තරන් නොවේ.
  • Transliterated one:
  • Meaning or Sense: Appearances can be deceptive

  • English proverb: A burnt child dreads the fire.
  • Alternate Sinhala one: ගිනිපෙලෙල්ලෙන් බැට කාපු එකා කළාමැදිරියාටත් බයලු.
  • Transliterated one:
  • Meaning or Sense: A bad experience will make people stay away from certain things.

  • English proverb: A new broom sweeps clean.
  • Alternate Sinhala one: අලුත් පිටට සීනි පරණ වෙනකොට ගෝනි./ පහු පහු වෙනකොට කොහු කොහු.
  • Transliterated one:
  • Meaning or Sense: A newly-appointed person makes changes energetically.

  • English proverb: A rolling stone gathers no moss.
  • Alternate Sinhala one: පෙරලෙන ගලේ පාසි නොබැඳේ.
  • Transliterated one:
  • Meaning or Sense: If a person keeps moving from place to place, they gain neither friends nor

possessions. Another interpretation is that, by moving often, one avoids being tied down!

  • English proverb: As you sow, so shall you reap
  • Alternate Sinhala one: වපුරපු හැටියට තමයි අස්වැන්න
  • Transliterated one:
  • Meaning or Sense: You have to accept the consequences of your actions.

  • English proverb: Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know
  • Alternate Sinhala one:
  • Transliterated one: (optional)
  • Meaning or Sense: It's better to deal with somebody difficult but familiar, than change and risk dealing with somebody worse.

  • English proverb: Diamond cuts diamond.
  • Alternate Sinhala one: ගම්පලයයි රයිගමයයි වාගේ
  • Transliterated one:
  • Meaning or Sense: Refers to two people equally matched in wit or cunning.

  • English: Between saying and doing there is a long distance.
  • Sinhala: කතාව දෝලාවෙන් ගමන පයින්
  • Transliteration:
  • Sense:

  • English: Fools are wise as long as silent.
  • Sinhala: නිහඬව සිටින තුරු මෝඩයා පණ්ඩිතයෙකි.
  • Transliteration:
  • Sense:

  • English: Don't add fuel to the fire.
  • Sinhala: ‍ඇවිළෙන ගින්නට පිදුරු දමන්න එපා.
  • Transliteration:
  • Sense:

  • English: No smoke without fire.
  • Sinhala: ගින්නක් නැතුව දුමක් නොනගී.
  • Transliteration:
  • Sense:

  • English: Habit is second nature.
  • Sinhala: ජන්මෙට වඩා පුරුද්ද ලොකුයි.
  • Transliteration:
  • Sense:

  • English: Empty vessels make most sound.
  • Sinhala: පිරුණු කළේ දිය නොසැලේ.
  • Transliteration:
  • Sense:

  • English: Example is better than precept.
  • Sinhala: අවවාදයට වඩා ආදර්ශය උතුම්.
  • Transliteration:
  • Sense:

  • English: A noisy dog is not fit for hunting.
  • Sinhala: බුරන බල්ලෝ හපා නොකයි.
  • Transliteration:
  • Sense:

  • English: A bad work man quarrels with his tools.
  • Sinhala: නටන්න බැරි මිනිහට පොළොව ඇදයිලු.
  • Transliteration:
  • Sense:



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