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A male dressed as a female

In transgender and BDSM communities, sissy is used to denote men that cross-dress and adopt hyper-feminine behaviors and engage in stereotypical "feminine" activities (eg. housekeeping, putting on make-up). Particularly within the BDSM community, a "sissy" will typically assume the submissive role to dominant male and female partners. Often sissies in a BDSM context also identify with other fetishes and sexual practices such as: erotic humiliation, bondage, petticoating, cuckoldry, chastity, leather, latex/pvc, infantilism, corporal punishment, etc.

As a lifestyle desire or fetish activity a sissy's feminization is a voluntary transformation from male to female, either physically, behaviorally, or both. The process is known as feminization or sissification. This transformation can either be permanent, or temporary. Additionally, this transformation can be something that the male goes through only in private (temporarily - fetish) or in public, temporarily or permanently.

Additionally, individuals who identify as a sissy represent a broad spectrum in regards to sexual orientation and to the type of feminine dress and appearance they fetishize. A sissy might entirely identify as a heterosexual and only desire to be dominated by a woman, while other sissies might be bisexual or homosexual and desire to dominated by a man. And in forced feminization gender-play, a heterosexual (or bicurious) sissy might have the desire to be forced by his female partner to engage in sexual acts with a man.[1] In terms of dress, some sissies prefer ornate maid uniforms, while others prefer to dress hyper-sexual female clothing.

As with most transgender and sexuality issues, there is much debate in the psychiatric community as to the reasons and motivations for undergoing feminization and identify as a sissy.


Lifestyle as a Sissy

The lifestyle ranges of those who identify themselves as sissies varies considerably. However, the one element that most sissies have in common is the desire and practice of wearing feminine clothing and adopting feminine behavior. A homosexual male who is a full-time cross-dresser or transvestite, and is not interested in kinky fetish-play, can identify herself/himself as a sissy.[2] While on the the other-hand, a heterosexual male who only part-time crosses-dresses and is heavily engaged in fetish-play can also identify as a sissy. Actually, many if not most heterosexual sissies act out their feminization desires almost entirely online and/or in the privacy of their homes.

To further illustrate the inclusiveness of the term, individuals who would be considered transvestites, (which by Magnus Hirschfeld, the originator of the term transvestism, is used to describe persons who habitually and voluntarily wears clothes of the opposite sex.[3]), and live full-time as females often identify themselves as sissies, while heterosexual married men who cross-dresses on the weekend in front of webcams for viewers on the internet might also identify themselves as sissies.

"Online Sissies"

With the proliferation of the internet, a wide variety of websites--both pornographic and non-pornographic--geared toward sissies and the general transgendered community have flourished. There are many websites that sell wigs, makeup, women's clothing fitted to male body-shape, large-size women's shoes, and even how-to guides for feminization. The internet has allowed for much greater anonymity for those interested dressing and appearing as the opposite sex.

In addition to online merchants and advice websites, there are also sites that are chiefly pornographic in nature and cater to feminization fantasies or feature sissies engaged in sexual acts. These sites often include S&M themes and feature erotic humiliation, "sissy training", corporal punishment, and the strap-on dildo play (see pegging). These sites often feature photographs or videos of male participants either being dressed, or "forced" to dress in female clothing and instructed on feminine and often submissive behavior. The dominants on these sites are most often female, however dominant males are not rare.

Sissies and BDSM

"Maid Training"

Young genetic male dressed as a "sissy maid"

In particular, a very common theme in sissification is "sissy maid" training. In a typical scenario, a male submissive, or sissy maid, is dressed in an often gaudy and frilly maid uniform. The activities the sissy is made to perform range from mundane household tasks that a real maid would perform, to degrading tasks that invoke erotic humiliation. The "sissy maid" might also be instructed to perform sexual acts, however, these acts usually place the sissy in submissive or passive role.

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