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Position of Skuvoy on Faroe map.png
Basic Facts
Area 10 km²
Location 61°46′N 6°49′W / 61.767°N 6.817°W / 61.767; -6.817

Skúvoy is an island in central Faroe Islands, located to the south of Sandoy. It is named after the large number of skua present on the island (who have a habit of attacking intruders). There is only one settlement on the island: Skúvoy on the east coast. There are two mountains: Knúkur (392 m) and Heyggjurin Mikli (391 m).

There are 300-400 m cliffs along the west coast, which are home to many guillemot. Egg collections take place in early June, though this occurs in the first week only so as to allow the guillemots to make another. The Black Death in the 14th century killed all the inhabitants except one woman - Rannvá. Her cottage can still be seen. Skúvoy was also the home of Sigmundur Brestisson, the hero of the Færeyinga Saga (Saga of the Faroese).

The Skúvoy ferry in Sandur harbour
Skúvoy, as seen from Sandoy
Stamp FR 373 of Postverk Føroya
Issued: 22 May 2000
Photo: Per á Hædd
Map of Skúvoy

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Skúvoyggin - the Skua Island

Alternative spellings

  • (rare) Skúgvoy
  • (coll.) Skúgvi


Composition of skúgvur (skua) and oy (island) = "Skua Island".


  • IPA: [ˈskʉuvɪ]

Proper noun

Skúvoy f.

  1. One of the Faroe Islands


f6 (oy) Singular
Indefinite Definite
Nominative Skúvoy Skúvoyggin
Accusative Skúvoy Skúvoynna
Dative Skúvoy Skúvoynni
Genitive Skúvoyar -

Usage notes

  • í / úr Skúvoy - in / from Skúvoy
  • til Skúvoyar - to Skúvoy

Proper noun

Skúvoy f.

  1. the only village on Skúvoy


Nominative Skúvoy
Accusative Skúvoy
Dative Skúvoy
Genitive Skúvoyar

Usage notes

  • í / úr Skúvoy - in / from Skúvoy
  • til Skúvoyar - to Skúvoy
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