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Skate punk
Stylistic origins Thrashcore, surf rock, Punk rock, skate culture, pop punk
Cultural origins Mid 1980s North America
Typical instruments Vocals, guitar, bass - drums
Mainstream popularity Some popular interest in the 1990s
Regional scenes
Orange County, Los Angeles, Venice, Santa Cruz, Tampa, New Jersey, South California, North California
Other topics
Dancing, skateboarding, straight edge, DIY punk ethic, list of bands

Skate punk (sometimes called skate core or skate rock) is a sub genre of punk rock, originally a derivative of hardcore punk, that has been popular among skateboarders.[1] The term "skate punk" is most commonly used to describe the sound of many melodic punk bands from the 1990's, and modern bands with a similar sound. However, earlier skate punk had a much more raw sound. Stylistically, skate punk fuses the intensity of hardcore punk and thrash with more melodic songwriting. It is typically more technical than other forms of punk, often featuring lead guitar riffs, solos, and vocal harmonies. There is a considerable amount of overlap between the sound of skate punk and other forms of punk, so many bands classified as skate punk also fit into genres such as pop punk, melodic hardcore, and thrashcore. Members of skate punk bands are often skateboarders themselves. Some bands occasionally focus on or at least reference skateboarding culture in their lyrics, in addition to other lyrical themes common to punk. The Big Boys from Texas and JFA from Arizona are widely considered to be the first skate punk bands. Both bands were made up entirely of skateboarders and played loud and fast music designed to parallel the intensity of skateboarding. Skate punk has gained popularity all around the world, including the Nardcore punk scene out of Oxnard, California.


Skate punk started in mid 1980's California, where skateboarding was growing in popularity and was considered a form of rebellion. Bands that influenced the genre include Black Flag, JFA, Agent Orange and Minor Threat. Bands such as RKL, NOFX, Stalag 13, and Suicidal Tendencies were among the first wave of skate punk bands. The 1990's saw a rise in the popularity of skate punk as it evolved to be more melodic. During this time skate punk bands experienced a fair amount of commercial success and were featured in events such as the Warped Tour and the X-games.[2] Several skate punk/skate punk influenced bands enjoyed popular interest during this period, such as Pennywise, NOFX, Blink-182, Pulley and The Offspring. Since the 1990's, skate punk has slowly grown in popularity (with the exception of the United States), especially in Europe, Japan, and South America. More recently, DC Jam-Records has re-released or recorded new music by many of the classic skate rock bands, including Agression, Government Issue, JFA, Minus One, TSOL, and Painted Willie. An annual Skate Rock Festival event called Skatopia takes place in Rutland, Ohio.[3]

Record Labels associated with skate punk

Epitaph Records
Fat Wreck Chords
Nitro Records
Mystic Records
Hopeless Records
Fearless Records DC-Jam Records


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