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Format Fantasy Quiz
Created by Cartoon Network Inc. (UK)
Voices of Rupert Degas (Chudd Chudders) Lewis Macleod (The Earl)
Theme music composer Whole Company
Country of origin United Kingdom UK
No. of episodes United Kingdom 98
India 67
Running time 22 minutes approx.
Distributor Cartoon Network Inc. / Time Warner
Original channel United Kingdom Cartoon Network UK
India Cartoon Network India
Original run United Kingdom October 2006 - Present
India January 2007- ?
– Last aired: UK - October 3 2008
India - April 5 2008
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Skatoony (Shown as SKAToonY) is a British children's competition show, pitting live-acted kids against toons, which airs on Cartoon Network in the UK. It is based around two hosts named 'Chudd Chudders' (voiced by Rupert Degas) and 'The Earl' (voiced by Lewis MacLeod). Whenever a contestant leaves, the hosts sing "You're Outta Here!"



Skatoony began, not as a TV show, but as a microsite on the Cartoon Network UK website. 2006 was the first Skatoony full length TV show. However a few phone-in shows such as Skatoony Quizmas, Ready Steady Skatoony and Skatoony Truckatoony existed before as a sort of continuity during school holidays. These phone-in shows ended in 2005. Owing to the success of the first two series of Skatoony, Turner Broadcasting have commissioned a third series of the show, to launch on Cartoon Network (UK) in November 2008.


Chudd Chudders The main host of the show, Chudd is a small, bespectacled man. He often tries to keep control of the quiz, despite the best efforts of those around him. At the beginning of every show, he asks the audience "Has anyone seen my glasses?" - the joke being that he is wearing them.

The Earl An apparent pastiche of Tom Jones, The Earl is the co-host, explaining the rules of certain rounds, singing the "You're Outta Here!" and giving the finalists the choice between extra points or extra time in Earl's Halfway Deal. Earl is fiercely loyal to Chudd, and will often help him out.

Tony Eagle Eyes The boss of Skatoony, Tony Eagle Eyes is a penny-pinching bully who is always on the lookout for the chance to make even more money. For some reason, he always holds a sausage as if he is smoking it.

Hoo A giant gorilla, Hoo usually only appears in the round "Hoo Flung Dung", where he thows his own droppings at a canvas whilst spouting phrases about his artistic endeavours. However, on occasion he will pop in, often to cause a ruckus.

T-Bone, Scabz and Fibbs, The Skeleton Crew Three anthropomorphic skeletons, who only speak "street" and wear bling (except for Fibbs, who wears a flat cap).

'Atilla the Hun He smashes anything and everything.

Hiddley Diddley Dee Chudd's rival, always thinking of cunning schemes to steal Chudd's job as host of Skatoony.

Guts Glory A superhero who is based on superman wasp boy is his sidekick. His weakness is all-you-can-eat buffets

Wasp Boy A Wasp like boy who is smarter than guts glory and his sidekick. His weakness is being hit with a really big newspaper

BradZilla A huge green dino-shaped creature who is always hungry, he says that when he gets nervous he gets hungry.

Rex A cocky blonde-haired football champion who can't take losing.

Tonys Grandma An old lady who is tony's grandma, she has a walking stick and doesn't like rudeness on TV.


  • Bang On! Or Bogus? (All Seasons) The round at the beginning of every episode. You get True or False questions but Bang On means true but Bogus is false.
  • Same Sound Name Round (Season 1)
  • Hoo Flung Dung! (All Seasons)
  • DangerGrid Of Doom (Season 2 and Season 3) If you get a question right, you pick a nasty surprise for your opponent. If you get it wrong, an opponent chooses one for you.
  • Fast Food (Season 1 and Season 2)
  • Wear In The World? (Season 1)
  • Alphabet Soup! (Season 2)
  • Egg Noggin! (All Seasons)
  • Cheery Tunes (Season 2)
  • Goldie Pops Deeply Dipping Game (Season 2)
  • Blindfold Buffet (Season 2)
  • Colourful Language (Season 3)
  • Quick Pic Picking! (Season 2)
  • Throw If You Know (Season 2 and Season 3)
  • Draw What You Hear, And Shout Out When You Know What You've Drawn! (All Seasons) Similar to Pictionary, but you follow the illustrator.
  • Stinky Drinky (Season 2 and Season 3)
  • Colour Me Quizzy (Season 2 and Season 3)
  • Viking Flung Dung! (Season 2)
  • Time To Play For A Prize! (Season 2)
  • La-Re's Magical Middle Moment (Season 2)
  • Talkin' Backwords! (Season 3) Chudd Chudders says a title in the backwards order. You have to correctly do it forwards.
  • Blinking Brain Box (Season 3)
  • Mincepie Roulette (Season 2 and Season 3)
  • Animal Swap -A- Butt (Season 3)
  • Skatoony Quiz Champ Challenge (All Seasons) A challenge when a winner (always a child) wins the game to get a prize.
  • Earl's Halfway Deal (All Seasons)


Scabz was Called Bonehead and he had a different hat and he never used to wear a tie

North American Remake

On February 8, 2009, marblemedia announced it has acquired the North American rights to produce a version of the series. The first season entered production in Spring 2009, shooting 13 half-hour English and 13 half-hour French episodes as well as producing an interactive game. It has been commissioned for Teletoon in Canada and Cartoon Network in the USA and is set to premiere in 2010.



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