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Cover of Fantastic Four vol. 1, 2 (Jan, 1962). Featuring the first appearance of the Skrulls. 
Art by Jack Kirby.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Fantastic Four #2 (January 1962)
Created by Stan Lee
Jack Kirby
Place of origin Skrullos; later moved capital to Tarnax IV (destroyed)
Notable members See: Known Skrulls
Inherent abilities Shapeshifting

The Skrulls are a fictional race of extraterrestrial shapeshifters that appear in publications by Marvel Comics. The Skrulls first appeared in Fantastic Four #2 (Jan. 1962) and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.


Fictional species biography

Millions of years ago, the Celestials performed genetic experiments on the reptilian ancestors of the Skrulls, resulting in three branches of Skrulls that eventually warred with one another. The Deviant branch — possessing the innate ability to shapeshift — were triumphant, and afterward wiped out all members of the other two races until only two were left: the Skrull Eternal, Kly'bn and Prime Skrull of the original Skrull race. Kly'bn implored them to spare his life, as killing him would kill part of their heritage. The Deviants' leader, Sl'gur't, fell in love with him, with the two eventually becoming the gods of the Skrull pantheon.[1] Prime Skrull escaped to Earth in the 20th Century and later became a member of the Underground Legion.[2] From that point, the Skrulls began to expand their territory. The Deviant branch later split into two more groups, the modern Skrulls and an anomaly called the Dire Wraiths, a parasitic race that could still shapeshift and had use of magic, but were not as technologically advanced as the Skrulls.[3]

The modern Skrulls originate from the planet of Skrullos, in the Drox System in the Andromeda galaxy, and were originally a mercantile civilization, primarily interested in free trade and willing to share their technology with all races they deemed worthy. A Skrull delegation to the planet Hala, home to the then-barbaric Kree and the peaceful Cotati, held a contest between the two races to determine with whom the Skrulls would trade. The Cotati won, but the vengeful Kree massacred the Skrull delegation, took over the Skrull landing spaceship by force, and developed their own technology from it with which they began waging war against the Skrulls. Kree aggression forced the Skrulls to become a militaristic civilization, and the Kree-Skrull War continued for thousands of years with only brief interruptions.[4] The Skrull Throneworld is later moved from Skrullos to the more central Tarnax IV, with their empire encompassing over fifty worlds.[5] The Skrulls also created the first Cosmic Cube, which later became the Shaper of Worlds.[6]

The Skrull Empire eventually decides to conquer Earth, but fails to take into account the presence of the modern superhero. In 1958, Skrulls attempted to sabotage Earth's space program. They battled 3-D Man, and set the Cold Warrior against 3-D Man.[7] An early scouting party impersonates the Fantastic Four and attempts to have them incarcerated, but is beaten through trickery.[8] In retaliation the Skrull Emperor Dorrek VII dispatches Kl'rt, a Skrull known as the Super-Skrull, to Earth to defeat the Fantastic Four. Kl'rt possesses the powers of the entire Fantastic Four (in addition to shapeshifting and hypnotism), and he holds the team at bay until Mr. Fantastic discovers the source of his power.[9] The Super-Skrull posed as Dr. Franklin Storm and battled the Fantastic Four as the Invincible Man; he ultimately caused the death of Dr. Storm.[10] The Fantastic Four later travel to Tarnax IV and find the Skrull responsible for the murder of Susan and Johnny Storm's father (which turned out to be Warlord Morrat).[11] Skrulls were involved in other events such as sending the Super-Skrull to battle Captain Mar-Vell,[12] and abducting the Thing as a contestant in the Skrull Games.[13]

The largest Skrull-related conflict involving Earth has been the Kree-Skrull War. The Kree Accuser Ronan had wrested control of the Kree Empire from the Supreme Intelligence and attacked the Skrulls, reigniting hostilities. The Avengers become involved once the Super Skrull kidnaps Captain Marvel, and in turn they battle a Kree Sentry robot, three of the original Skrulls that had fought the Fantastic Four, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, rogue Inhumans and legions of Skrulls. The Supreme Intelligence ends the immediate conflict by revealing to Avengers' ally Rick Jones that he has vast mental potential, which is then used to freeze all combatants in place. The Supreme Intelligence announces that, while the Kree and Skrulls have reached genetic dead ends, the human race displays incredible untapped potential.[14] It was revealed years later that the conflict produced a Kree-Skrull hybrid, Hulkling, who is the child of one-time lovers Captain Marvel and the Skrull Princess Anelle.[15]

Despite this development there is still bad blood between the Kree and the Skrulls, and years later the cosmic being the Watcher adjudicates a duel between champions from both races: Colonel Bel-Dann of the Kree and Warlord Raksor of the Skrulls. After one year of conflict the duel remains deadlocked and is ultimately abandoned with no resolution.[16] Years later during a conflict with Xandar that included the Fantastic Four and the Champions of Xandar, Emperor Dorrek VII's wife, Empress R'klll, stages a coup and kills him to become ruling Empress.[17] Empress R'klll's reign is short-lived, however, due to the arrival of the World Devourer Galactus. After his Herald Nova annihilates the Skrull fleet, Galactus devours Tarnax IV, killing billions of Skrulls, including R'klll and the Princess Anelle.[18]

Skrulls are meanwhile involved in numerous other activities. They were revealed to have conquered a medieval planet and abandoned it after its inhabitants perished.[19] Skrull Prime Ten battled the Fantastic Four and Captain Mar-Vell.[20] The Skrulls sent their own representative to witness the fate of the Phoenix, at her trial by the Shi'ar. There is a lone appearance of Queen Akilll of the Skrull.[21] A lone Skrull poisoned Vera Gantor to force the Avengers to seek the Resurrection Stone on his behalf.[22] The Skrulls sent their General Zedrao to give the dying Captain Mar-Vell the Royal Skrull Medal of Honor.[23]

Galactus's consumption of Tarnax IV throws the entire Skrull Empire into disarray and civil war. Five warlords vie for leadership of the Empire, and the ensuing conflict sparks the second Kree-Skrull War.[24]


Fall of the Skrull Empire

It is during this time of civil war that the Skrulls Zabyk and Myrn detonate a genetic "hyperwave bomb" which prevents all Skrulls, everywhere in the universe, from shapeshifting, trapping them in whatever form they occupy at the time.[25] The Skrull Empire is on the verge of collapse until Kl'rt the Super-Skrull is rescued from the Van Allen radiation belt, where he had been trapped as a stream of dissociated particles. The Super Skrull is not affected by the hyperwave bomb as he is not in physical form at the time of detonation.

After reintegration, the Super Skrull joins forces with the Silver Surfer who introduces him to S'byll, one of the five claimants to the Skrull Throne. Using Kl'rt as a template, S'byll is able to regain her shapeshifting abilities and then to restore them to all Skrulls.[26] S'byll is then acclaimed as the new Empress by the Skrull race, and negotiates a truce with the Kree after defeating them in a decisive battle.[27]

Some time later a Skrull called Paibok mounts a campaign to invade Earth, using another Skrull called Lyja as an infiltrator. The plan, however, fails when Lyja defects, having fallen in love with the Human Torch, and it ends with the Fantastic Four destroying the "Skrull War World", the Skrulls' largest attack ship.[28]


The Skrull Empire is the first of the major interstellar empires to be invaded by the forces of Annihilus. The Annihilation Wave's superweapon, the Harvester of Sorrow, physically destroys dozens of Skrull planets.[29] In the aftermath the Skrulls unsuccessfully attempt to convince Hulkling to become their new Emperor.[15]

Secret Invasion

A flailing Skrull empire, under the leadership of newcomer Queen Veranke, makes an all-out effort to infiltrate and conquer Earth. A series of Skrulls first capture and replace many of Earth's heroes, which is followed by a main assault spearheaded by a generation of new versions of the Super-Skrull, with each possessing the abilities of several different heroes. Their invasion ultimately fails, costing them the life of Veranke, and decimating their numbers even further.[30]

Appearance and abilities

Skrulls are green-skinned reptilian humanoids with large pointed ears, red or green eyes, and corrugated chins. Skrulls are known for genetic and molecular instability, and genetic diversity, due to Celestial experimentation creating the Skrull "Deviants" (now the only surviving Skrulls). The Skrulls are known for their physical malleability and ability to shapeshift to any size, shape, or color at will, taking on the appearance but not the characteristics of other beings and objects within a volume range of .75 to 1.5 times the Skrull's original volume. Skrulls are able to assume virtually any form, be it organic (e.g. cows [8]) or inorganic (e.g. lamp [31]). As a result, the Skrulls excel at spying and infiltration. Skrulls are also able to use their shapeshifting abilities to form weapons (eg. blades and clubs) with parts of their bodies, making them dangerous hand-to-hand combatants.

The Skrulls later developed the ability to render themselves undetectable when using their shapeshifting abilities, even from telepaths and those with superior senses[32][33] Reed Richards discovered a method to use technology to negate this ability and reveal a disguised Skrull's true form.[34]

Courtesy of their advanced technology, the Skrulls have also been able to augment their abilities in certain warriors, such as the Super Skrull and War Skrulls - an elite group who with special encoding are able to emulate the powers as well as appearance of their templates.[35]

It is believed that Skrulls' eyes are incapable of subtle visual perceptions as those of Earth humans, e.g. Skrulls once mistook samples of drawn artwork for photographs.[citation needed]

Skrulls also possess the power to hypnotize humans with their eyes.

Known Skrulls

  • Al'arok[36] - A Skrull who posed as a Zenn-Lavian known as "Tallian Pay" to gain entrance for Skrulls to Shalla-Bal; was defeated and killed by Silver Surfer[37]
  • Anelle[38] - Skrull princess and the only child of Emperor Dorrek VII and Empress R´Kill; heir to the Skrull Empire and the mother of Hulking (Dorrek VIII/Teddy Altman). Killed when Galactus consumed their Throneworld[39].
  • Aptak[40] - A Skrull trapped in a female Waziliah form by the Hyper-Wave Bomb. She is the lover of Nenora.
  • Ard'ran[41] - A fourth-rank Skrull engineer who participated in the Skrull's invasion upon San Francisco. She had the telepathic abilities of any telepathic member of the X-Men
  • Bag'le[42] -
  • Bartak[43] - A Skrull who posed as Silver Surfer.
  • Baryn[44] - A Skrull who helped in liberating Prince Dezan.
  • Bellok[45] - Member of the "S-Men." Also known as Ice-Boy.
  • Cadre K[46] - A group of "K-class" mutant Skrulls who have powers and physical appearances unlike other Skrulls. They oppose the killing of their kind by the Empire in the name of racial purity; led by Professor X for a while.
    • Fiz[47] - A Mutant Skrull who journeyed to Earth to join the X-Men. He assisted in the battle against Apocalypse. He led Skrull mutants to rebel against the Slave-Drivers. He left Earth with the others and Professor X to find a new homeworld. Fiz could alter his size and mass.
    • Goroth[48] - A Skrull that has stretching abilities.
    • Nuro[49] - A Skrull that has the ability to elongate his body.
    • R'Tee[49] - A Skrull that has the ability to project spikes from his arms and head.
    • Spunje[49] - A Skrull that has the ability to absorb and reflect energy.
    • Z'Cann[46] - The leader of Cadre K. He was captured by Intergalactic Council. Z'Cann is a telepath.
  • Carnival[50] - Slavers who were using a carnival to attract and capture humans as slaves. They were encountered the New Mutants and fled in their starship, but left one behind.
    • Gragnon[50] - Skrull slaver
    • Rekxorm Sebastian[50] - Skrull slaver
  • Ch'gra - A delegate in Queen Veranke's court.
  • Ch'rith[51] - A Skrull lieutenant who participated in the Skrull's invasion upon San Francisco.
  • Chrell[52] - A Skrull Commander entrusted by Queen Veranke to train her army and slay Hulkling. He self-destructs trying to eliminate the Young Avengers and the Runaways.
  • Criti Noll[53] - A Skrull who posed as Henry Pym during the Secret Invasion. He not only has the abilities matching Henry Pym, he also has the powers of Black Panther, Quicksilver and Vision.
  • Dakr't -
  • Dalx - Skrull diplomat and cultural ataché.
  • De'Lila - A Skrull thief who sought the Inorganic Technodrone.
  • Dezan - The brother of Dorek VII. He was long imprisoned due to his pacifist nature and branded a traitor to the Skrull Empire.
  • De'zean -
  • Dharri[54] - A Skrull lieutenant.
  • Dorrek I - A Skrull King who reigned during the Skrull's first encounter with the Kree.
  • Dorrek VII - Former King of the Skrulls. Killed by R'Kill.
  • Dro'ge - Royal Priest of the Sciences. A Skrull scientist who experiments on the Illuminati and discovers the advancements that allowed the Empire to infiltrate Earth in a massive scale.
  • Dzirot[55] - A Skrull who participates in the Skrull invasion upon San Francisco. He dies in battle.
  • Ethan Edwards - A Skrull who is a Marvel Comics pastiche of Superman.
  • Evh'ser[55] - A Skrull adjutant who participates in the Skrull invasion upon San Francisco.
  • Ewe'fareek - Uncle to Xavin in the comic Runaways.
  • Flaw[56] - A Skrull who served in the Shi'ar's Death Commandos.
  • Fremn[57] -
  • Fry'lu[58] - A Skrull telepath who existed during the reign of Dorrek VII.
  • Galan[58] - The Skrull priest of science.
  • Godkiller[59] - A specially-bred female Super-Skrull that has the powers of Battleaxe, Thundra, Titania, and Volcana. She was also genetically-modified to wield Beta Ray Bill's hammer Stormbreaker.
  • Gorth - A Skrull who was the governor of a Skrull colony.
  • Granok -
  • Grrix - The Skrull Ambassador at S.W.O.R.D.
  • H. Warren Craddock Imposter[60] - A Skrull who impersonated H. Warren Craddock.
  • Hagar[61] - A Skrull who serves as High Judicator in the Skrull courts.
  • Henkor -
  • H'kurrek[62] - Fanatical Skrull commander that commanded the part of the Secret Invasion directed against X-Men.
  • Hokk Algol[63] - A Skrull who is a member of the War Crimes Tribunal.
  • Host -
  • Hs'fld -
  • Hulking (Dorekk VIII/Teddy Altman) - Theodore "Teddy" Altman, a Kree/Skrull hybrid, the son of Anelle and the Kree Captain Mar-Vell. He is a member of the Young Avengers, with the codename "Hulkling".
  • Intelligencia[64] - A Skrull being that is a composite of the greatest Skrull minds. It was created by the Skrulls' to serve as their version of the Supreme Intelligence.
  • Jaketch[65] - A Skrull who serves as an apprentice executioner of the Skrull Jury.
  • Jaq -
  • Jash[66] - A Skrull lieutenant who participated in the Skrull invasion upon San Francisco.
  • Jazinda - A Skrull bounty hunter and the daughter of Kl'rt the Super-Skrull.
  • Jora'thrll[67] - A Skrull who participated in the Skrull invasion upon San Francisco.
  • K'and'rr - A Skrull commander of the 7th Fleet.
  • K'arr'n -
  • K'rtem[68] - A Skrull who was an old comrade of Z'Reg.
  • K'Targh -
  • K'vvvr[69] - A Skrull commander who is the son of K'and'rr. He led the Skrull attack upon Wakanda.
  • Kalamari - A Skrull general and ally of Paibok.
  • Kalxor[70] - A Skrull who serves as a commander for Dorekk's armada.
  • Karant Kiar[71] - A Skrull Prelate of the Skrull Empire's 7th Quadrant who was a witness at the Trial of Galactus.
  • Karza -
  • Kerth[72] - A Skrull who was a slave of Broker.
  • Kholdsor -
  • Khn'nr (Captain Marvel) - A Skrull who posed as the original Captain Marvel. He turned against the other Skrulls.
  • Kl'rt (Super-Skrull) - A Skrull who has the powers of the Fantastic Four and became the first Super-Skrull.
  • Kly'bn - The last surviving Skrull Eternal who became a Skrull God.
  • Korya[73] - A female Skrull that is the female lover of Yeti.
  • Kradhal -
  • Kravo -
  • Kreddik -
  • Krellek Council -
  • Krillik -
  • Krimonn the Power Prism[74] - A Skrull transformed into a sentient power object after a failed coup d’état.
  • Kylak -
  • Kylor[75] - A Skrull governor who was a competitor for the title of Skrull emperor.
  • Lyja - A Skrull who infiltrated the Fantastic Four and married Johnny Storm while impersonating Alicia Masters.
  • Magnitude Imposter - An unnamed Skrull who impersonated Magnitude of the Point Men. He has the powers of Banshee, Havok, Polaris, and Sunfire. He was exposed and killed by Delroy Garrett.
  • Meg'ror -
  • Melugin[76]
  • Morfex[77] - A Skrull who is a member of the Star Masters.
  • Morrat - A Skrull warlord who is responsible for the death of Franklin Storm.
  • Mrok - A Skrull soldier
  • Muraitak[78] - A Skrull that joined the Xandarian Nova Corps and served under Queen Adora.
  • Myrn[76] - A Skrull who is a longtime friend of Zabyk and Dezan and creator of the Hyper-Wave Bomb. After Myrn had Zabyk don an insulated armor that is said to protect him from the bomb's effects, Myrn was killed by Zabyk.
  • N'ala -
  • Nenora[40] - A former Skrull spy that was trapped in Kree form after being hit by a Hyper-Wave Bomb. She is the lover of Aptak.
  • Nogor[79] - A Skrull who posed as Longshot. He is the talisman of the Skrulls and the representation of the Gods.
  • Nuro -
  • Orf -
  • Pagon - A Skrull who posed as Elektra after Siri's demise. Killed by Echo as part of a suicide mission.
  • Paibok - The Power Skrull.
  • Pitt'o Nili - A Skrull who posed as the Captain America (and brainwashed to be him) who came from a downed ship in the Savage Land. Killed by Shanna the She-Devil after being hit by a poisonous dart that has a huge effect on Skrulls.
  • Prime Skrull - Only surviving member of the original non-Deviant Skrull race.
  • Prime Ten[80] - Ten unnamed Skrulls who sought to obtain Mister Fantastic's matter/energy transmitter.
  • Ptakr -
  • Purnlr - A War Skrull who was killed in battle with the Kree.
  • R'Tee -
  • Rachman -
  • Raksor[81] - A Skrull who oversaw the Phoenix trial.
  • Rale -
  • Raze[82] - A Skrull bounty hunter who can't shapeshift, but he is capable with hand-to-hand combat, athletic abilities, and carries an assortment of knives and guns. He is the brother of Vranx.
  • Ripan[83] - A Skrull who is a second-in-command to Kylor.
  • R'Kill - Wife of Dorrek VII. She killed her husband and took over in his place. She was killed when Galactus consumed Tarnak IV.
  • R'Kin[84] - A short Skrull who served as fleet mechanic. Even though he is small, he has super-strength.
  • Rl'nnd - Son of Rm'twr. Rl'nnd is an undercover X-Skrull agent participating in the Secret Invasion. He has displayed the combined powers of several X-Men. Killed by Ms. Marvel.
  • Rm'twr - Father of Rl'nnd. He was killed by Ms. Marvel.
  • S'Bak - A Skrull baroness.
  • Samuel J. Skrull -
  • Sar T'llrk[55] - A Skrull "Soul Shepard" who participates in the Skrull invasion upon San Francisco. Killed by Cyclops.
  • S'Byll[85] - A Skrull Empress who restored the Skrull's shapeshifting ability.
  • Sarnogg[84] - A Skrull who is the son of Kl'rt.
  • Sensational Hydra[86] - A Skrull spy that works for HYDRA.
  • She-Thing Imposter - An unnamed Skrull who posed as She-Thing. Killed by the Skrull Kill Krew.
  • Siri - A Skrull who impersonated Elektra. She was killed by the real Elektra.
  • Skragg[87] - A Skrull pirate/mercenary that served Thanos.
  • Skrull Beatles - Skrulls who posed as members of the Beatles.
  • Skrull-X[89] - A Skrullian robot who can mimic the powers of the X-Men similar to Mimic.
  • Skrulls of Kral[90] - A group of Skrulls that come from the planet Kral.
    • Barnsworth -
    • Big Casino -
    • Biggie Smalls -
    • Boss Barker -
    • Dark Knight of Astrolon -
    • Floyd Donahue -
    • Bumpy Johnson -
    • Martin Luther King -
    • Lippy Louie -
    • Malcolm X -
    • One-Eyed Joe -
    • Poog -
    • Napoleon G. Robberson -
    • Rocco -
    • Whitey -
  • Skypii - A Skrull mechanic who was friends with Hercules 2300.
  • Sl'gur't[91] - A Skrull Deviant who became a Skrull Goddess and mate to Kly'bn.
  • Spunje -
  • Ssrov[41] - A Skrull Dropshift Captain who participates in the Skrull invasion upon San Francisco.
  • St'kr -
  • Syrro[76] - A Skrull major.
  • Talos the Tamed[92] - A Skrull who cannot shapeshift. However, the mutation that left him unable to shapeshift gave him enormous strength.
  • Tenelle -
  • Titannus - A Skrull who cannot shapeshift, but has been bio-engineered to possess immense strength and regeneration ability.
  • Trall -
  • Trl'k -
  • Valth -
  • Velmax (Effigy) - Founder of the super team First Line posing as a human hero Effigy with shape-shifting powers.
  • Veranke - The current Skrull Queen. She posed as Spider-Woman. Killed by Norman Osborn.
  • V'lrym -
  • Vranx[82] - A Skrull technology user and brother of Raze.
  • Warpriest Kh'oja - A ruthless fanatic and an enemy of Power Pack.
  • Warskrulls[93] - A bunch of genetically-bred Skrulls who infiltrated the Shi'ar's culture to obtain power for the Skrull race.
  • Wor'il - Delegate in Dorrek's War Council.
  • Xalxar -
  • Xavin - A Super-Skrull in-training and member of teenage super powered group Runaways.
  • X'iv - A Super-Skrull assassin sent to assassinate Hulkling. She has the powers of Daredevil, Elektra, and Cloak and Dagger.
  • Yorak -
  • Y'tll -
  • Zabyk[76] - A Skrull warrior who was a childhood friend of Dezan and Myrn. He had Myrn construct a Hyper-Wave Bomb to use on his enemies. Under the advice of Myrn, he donned an insulated armor (even shifting his form to fit the unusual shape of its interior) that would protect him against its effects, but it failed leaving his contorted body frozen inside and placing him in agony.
  • Zankor -
  • Zedrao - A high-ranking Skrull general, notable for being on good terms with Earth's metahumans. Gave the dying Mar-Vell the highest honor in the Skrull military for being a worthy rival.
  • Zirksu[94] - A Skrull spy who assumed the alias of Diabolik.
  • Zkrodd -
  • Z'Reg (Crusader) - A Skrull who deserted his kind. He is currently a member of the Initiative as the second Crusader.
  • Zuhn[95] - A Skrull who was the partner of Velmax.

Other versions

Squadron Supreme

The Skrullian Skymaster (real name Skymax) is a member of the Squadron Supreme and possesses abilities matching the Super Skrull from Earth-616.[96]

Ultimate Skrulls

The first alien shapeshifters introduced in the Ultimate Marvel Universe are known on Earth as the Chitauri, who financed the Nazi regime in an attempt to conquer the Earth. Their leader Herr Kleiser states that they are called by other names on various worlds, including the name "Skrull". These Chitauri claim to originate in the "lower fourth dimension", and assume others' forms by devouring them; it is unknown what their true form looks like, since the only time one of them is shown in it is after it has been killed and dissected. The Chitauri have a hivelike social order, with the "officer caste" having superhuman strength, durability and high intelligence. They are defeated by the Ultimates.[97]

Another race called Skrulls, physically resembling the Skrulls of the mainstream Marvel universe appear later (led by the billion year old Skrull Emperor); these Skrulls dislike being confused with the Chitauri, whom they call terrorists.[98] They have extremely advanced technology, but have not been observed to shapeshift. These Skrulls were seen only in an alternate timeline in which Reed Richards contacted their world via his teleporter; the events leading to that timeline were altered in Ultimate Fantastic Four #29 so that contact was never made.

In other media


  • The Skrulls appeared in the 1967 Fantastic Four cartoon.
  • The Skrulls appeared in the 1978 Fantastic Four cartoon.
  • The Skrulls appeared in the 1990s X-Men TV series.
  • The Skrulls appeared in the the 1994 Fantastic Four cartoon
  • The Skrulls appeared in the Silver Surfer series.
  • The Skrulls first appeared in the Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes episode "My Neighbor is a Skrull."
  • The Skrulls appeared in The Super Hero Squad Show episode "If This Be My Thanos". The Skrulls led by Super-Skrull invade Super Hero City and end up running afoul of the Super Hero Squad and the Fantastic Four. It turns out that the Skrull invasion and Thanos appearing on Earth are connected when Thanos turns out to be a Skrull con-man in disguise duping Doctor Doom, MODOK, Abomination, and Trapster into helping him obtain a string cheese recipe from the Baxter Building.


Video games

  • The Skrulls appear as enemies on their home world in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Skrull Deviants and Skrull Commandos are the foot soldiers that the heroes will fight. At the time when Galactus is attacking the Skrull homeworld, the heroes (who have arrived to steal the Muonic Inducer from Galactus) are forced to fight against Galactus' Punishers and Skrulls who refuse to believe that they are there to help. After helping the Skrull Empress escape the planet, the player has the option of destroying the Optonic Drills that Galactus uses to drill into the planet's crust. If the player saves the Skrull homeworld from destruction, the Skrulls will form a tentative partnership with Earth and will later come to the aid of Earth when the Kree threatens to enslave humanity. Otherwise, the loss of their homeworld will destabilize the entire sector of space when the Kree and the Skrull go to war for decades costing millions of lives.
  • The Skrulls appear as enemies in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.


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