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Sky Broadband
Type Broadband Internet Provider
Founded 2006
Headquarters London, UK
Area served United Kingdom
Key people James Murdoch
Industry Internet
Products Internet service
Parent British Sky Broadcasting

Sky Broadband is an internet service provider for Sky Digital customers. As of March 2008 Sky claims to have reached 1.428 million customers, and unbundled 1,179 exchanges, covering 70% of the United Kingdom.[1] In October 2007, Sky reached the 1 million mark in terms of customer numbers, and claim to be adding one new customer every 40 seconds.[citation needed][2]. From a marketing perspective, Sky Broadband is an example of converged service. As of 30 September 2009, it had 2.3 million customers.[3]



Sky Broadband provides Sky Digital customers with Internet download speeds of up to 20Mbit/s (from Easynet enabled exchanges, by means of LLU), using ADSL and ADSL2+ technologies via an Openreach copper landline (often still referred to as a BT line).

Sky also introduced a free Broadband pack for its digital TV subscribers within its LLU coverage. This means anyone on Sky Digital can get Broadband (with a 2GB usage cap) for free, as long as they live in a covered area and pay the connection fees.

Alternative plans providing up to 8Mbit/s (Mid) or 20Mbit/s (Max) are also available. The Mid package has a 10GB usage cap, while the Max service is listed as unlimited, though it did include a common 'fair use policy' but this was dropped in mid-September.[4] Like the free (Base) service, Mid and Max are also only available to customers who are connected to an Easynet enabled exchange.[5]

For customers whose local exchange has not been Easynet enabled, the Connect service is available using the BT Wholesale network.

Broadband Packages

Sky Base, Sky Everyday and Sky Unlimited broadband packages are available if the house is in a Sky Broadband Network. Sky Connect is an alternative package for houses that are not in a Sky Broadband Network, the price is higher and the speed is slower.

Package Name Download Speed Monthly Usage Allowance Information
Sky Broadband Base Up to 2Mbps 2GB Comes through Copper line
Sky Broadband Everyday Up to 10Mbps 10GB Comes through Copper line
Sky Broadband Unlimited Up to 20Mbps Unlimited Comes through Copper line
Sky Connect Up to 8Mbps 40GB Option if the house is not in a Sky Broadband Network area

Future plans

According to James Murdoch (current chief non-executive chairman of BSkyB), Sky intend to combine Broadband with Sky+ HD to offer a true on-demand service using the Ethernet socket of the Sky+ HD box. Sky+ HD boxes are already being "geared-up" for this service, as the most recent boxes have a green outline on the Ethernet port, which matches the new Sky Broadband router.[6]

Changes to packages 2009

On the 22 June 2009, Sky renamed the Broadband packages. Sky Base kept its name, Sky Mid was renamed to Sky Everyday and Sky Max was renamed to Sky Unlimited. The rebranded packages came at no change in price; however some max speeds and download caps were modified. All existing customers signed up to Sky Mid, Sky Everyday or Sky Max were sent letters explaining what was happening.

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