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Film poster for Slaughter
Directed by Jack Starrett
Produced by Monroe Sachson
Written by Mark Hanna
Don Williams
Starring Jim Brown
Stella Stevens
Rip Torn
Music by Luchi de Jesus
Cinematography Rosalio Solano
Editing by Clarence C. Reynolds
Renn Reynolds
Release date(s) 1972 (1972)
Running time 91 min.
Country United States
Followed by Slaughter's Big Rip-Off

Slaughter is a 1972 blaxploitation film directed by Jack Starrett, and stars Jim Brown as a black former Green Beret captain who seeks revenge for the murder of his parents. This film was followed by a sequel, Slaughter's Big Rip-Off in 1973.


Plot summary

The film begins with a well-dressed, elderly black couple walking down a city street and then climbing into their parked automobile. The car explodes when the ignition is activated, presumably killing the couple. The viewer soon learns that the man and woman were the parents of an ex-Green Beret captain simply referred to by his last name, Slaughter.

Obsessed with avenging the death of his mother, who was not aware of her husband's connections to the criminal world, Slaughter sets out to murder those responsible for her death. He tracks the killers to a local airfield, where he rams their plane with his car as they attempt to escape. When the killers try to flee the mangled wreck of their now-exploded plane, Slaughter shoots at them, killing one and wounding another while the third and final man escapes. However, the police apprehend Slaughter at the scene and prepare to charge him with First Degree Murder and assault with a deadly weapon. In a deal with a U.S. Treasury official named A.W. Price, Slaughter agrees to hunt down and murder the final escaped criminal on behalf of the American government, if the Feds will get the charges against him dropped. To complete his part of the bargain, Slaughter must travel to an unnamed location in South America.

Upon arriving in South America, Slaughter meets up with the American law enforcement crew who are monitoring the situation of the local crime bosses, who are named Mario Felice and Dominic Hoffo. The male half of this monitoring crew, a socially awkward and romantically unsuccessful man named Harry, quickly becomes attracted to Slaughter's rough and confrontational style and fills the role of sidekick. Together the two confront the crime bosses, who are bickering among themselves as Hoffo attempts to usurp the older Felice, and engage in many gun battles and car chases related to their conflict. At one point, Hoffo's mistress, Ann, is sent on a mission to seduce Slaughter in order to "find out more about him;" Hoffo later seems enraged by her behavior and beats her badly. Eventually, Slaughter determines that Hoffo was the man who put a hit on his parents, and kills Hoffo by burning him alive in an overturned car.


  • Jim Brown ... Slaughter
  • Stella Stevens ... Ann
  • Rip Torn ... Hoffo
  • Cameron Mitchel ... A.W. Price
  • Don Gordon ... Harry
  • Marlene Clark ... Kim
  • Robert Phillips ... Frank
  • Marion Brash ... Jenny
  • Norman Alfe ... Mario Felice

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