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Slavery is a social-economic system under which certain persons known as slaves are deprived of personal freedom and compelled to perform labour or services. The following is a list of known slaves in alphabetical order of first name:






  • Dave Drake, also known as Dave the Potter, (c. 18011876)
  • Denmark Vesey (c. 17671822) was an African American slave, and later a freeman, who planned what would have been one of the largest slave rebellions in the United States had word of the plans not been leaked.
  • Dincă, the half-Roma slave and illegitimate child of a Cantacuzino boyar in the 19th Century Danubian Principalities (the present Romania). Well-eduated, working as a cook but not allowed to marry his French mistress and go free, which had led him to murder his lover and kill himself. The affair shocked public opinion and was one of the factors contributing to the abolition of Slavery in Romania (see [1]).
  • The Roman Emperor Diocletian was, by some sources, born as the slave of Senator Anullinus. By other sources, it was Diocletian's father (whose own name in unknown) who was a slave, and he was freed previous to the birth of his son, the future emperor [2].
  • Dred Scott (c. 17991858), attempted to sue for his freedom in Scott v. Sandford.








  • Kunta Kinte (1750–1810), Gambian slave and Mandinka tribesman, who tried unsuccessfully to escape to freedom four times. Ancestor of the author of Roots: The Saga of an American Family, Alex Haley.








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  • Terence (full name Publius Terentius Afer), Roman playwright, comic poet who wrote before and possibly after his freedom, died 159 BC.
  • Toussaint L'Ouverture, freed slave who led the slave revolt that led to the independence of Haiti.
  • Turgut Reis, a well-known Ottoman Admiral of the 16th Century, was captured by the Genoese at Corsica and was forced to work as a galley slave for nearly four years. He was finally rescued by his fellow admiral Barbarossa, who laid siege to Genoa and secured Turgut Reis' release for the prodigious ransom of 3,500 gold ducats.





  • Yaqut al-Hamawi, sold into slavery in 12th Century Syria and taken to Baghdad, was provided with a good education by an enlightened owner and later freed. He eventually gained a reputation as a biographer and geographer.
  • York, an African-American slave on the Lewis and Clark Expedition.




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Slaves m. and f. pl.

  1. Plural form of Slave.


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Jer 2:14 (A.V.), but not there found in the original. In Rev 18:13 the word "slaves" is the rendering of a Greek word meaning "bodies." The Hebrew and Greek words for slave are usually rendered simply "servant," "bondman," or "bondservant." Slavery as it existed under the Mosaic law has no modern parallel. That law did not originate but only regulated the already existing custom of slavery (Ex 21:20, 21, 26, 27; Lev 25:44-46; Josh 9:6-27). The gospel in its spirit and genius is hostile to slavery in every form, which under its influence is gradually disappearing from among men.

This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.

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