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Slavia Prague
Full name Sportovní klub Slavia Praha
Nickname(s) Sešívaní (The sewn-ones)
Founded 1892/ 1896
Ground Stadion Eden,
(Capacity: 21 000)
Chairman Czech Republic Petr Doležal
Manager Czech Republic Karel Jarolím
League Gambrinus liga
2008-09 Gambrinus liga, 1st
Home colours
Away colours

Sportovní Klub Slavia Prague (Czech: SK Slavia Praha) is a Czech professional football club founded in 1892 in the city of Prague.

They play in the Gambrinus liga - the highest competition in the Czech Republic. Alongside Sparta Prague, they are considered one of the top Czech clubs and the rivalry between the two clubs is important in Czech football. Slavia has won 17 titles, several Czech cups and the Mitropa Cup (Central European Cup) in 1938. Their most recent success was winning the Gambrinus liga in the 2008-09 season. Slavia also won the Gambrinus liga in the 1995-96 season, when they also advanced to the UEFA Cup semi-finals. They qualified for the 2007/08 UEFA Champions League group stage for the first time in their history.

In addition to their men's squad, Slavia Prague also has youth and women's clubs.



Slavia were founded in 1892 in Vinohrady, Prague as a sport club, where cycling dominated. In January 1896, a new sport came to the club - football. On 25 March 1896 Slavia won their first-ever match 6-0. The rivals were AC Sparta Praha. The great era for Slavia started in 1905, when Scottish manager and former Celtic player John William Madden brought new tactics and views on football from his home country. He managed to set up an early golden age for the club for a long 25 years. Johnny was the first Slavia manager, before him there were only team captains who had something like managers' rights. Under Madden Slavia won 134 domestic matches out of possible 169, and 304 internationals out of 429 between the years 1905 and 1930. In 1930 Madden retired from Slavia and professional football at the age of 66, though he remained in Prague for the rest of his life.

In the 1934 FIFA World Cup the Czechoslovakia national football team included 8 Slavia players, which means that Slavia were the top Czech club in that age. The second gold period came when Slavia bought Josef Bican from Admira Vienna. With this famous footballer Slavia won titles in the years 1940, 1941, 1942 and 1943. In 1951 Slavia finished in 11th position and it was a big break. Poor results continued during nineteen-fifties and sixties when Slavia were relegated twice. They were promoted back in 1965.

A new age and comeback to the top began in 1990, when lots of young, budding players, including Vladimír Šmicer and Patrik Berger, were brought to the club. In 1996 Slavia won their fourteenth title after 49 years.[1][2]



Slavia have suffered from financial problems in recent years, mainly because of their repeated failure, until 2007, to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. Slavia have built a team of young players, many of whom represented their countries in "Under-21" teams. The brightest young hopes are Marek Suchý, Adam Hloušek, Petr Janda and Milan Černý.

Slavia qualified for the 2007-08 UEFA Champions League following a 3-1 aggregate victory over Ajax Amsterdam in the Third Qualifying Round. On 30 August 2007 in Monaco, they were drawn in Group H along with Arsenal, Steaua Bucharest and Sevilla. They started with a 2-1 win at home against Steaua and a 4-2 loss to Sevilla. Next came two matches against Arsenal; Slavia was dismantled 7-0 at Emirates Stadium, but in the second leg they managed to steal a point for 0-0 draw. In Bucharest came a 1-1 draw, which qualified the Czech team for the UEFA Cup round of 32, from 3rd place in group H, in spite of a home 0-3 defeat against Sevilla.

In October 2006, the construction of new and long-awaited stadium at Eden for 21,000 spectators began. The stadium was opened on 7 May 2008 with an exhibition match against Oxford University.[3]


Until May 2006, 31% of the club was owned by ENIC Sports Ltd, who also have significant or controlling stakes in Tottenham Hotspur and AEK Athens. 61% is owned by a Czech company Key Investments, who does not own the share itself, but manages it for an unknown owner. The remaining 8% are held by minor stockholders. Since that date the club has been controlled by two Czech businessmen Tomáš Rosen and Petr Doležal.

Notable players

The best known Slavia player of all time is perhaps forward Josef "Pepi" Bican, one of the most prolific goalscorers in the history of football. Other famous players include forward Antonín Puč, goalkeeper František Plánička (both of them members of the Czech national team in two World Cups) and midfielder František Veselý. Other big names in club history are: Čestmír Vycpálek, Jan Košek, Alexander Bokšay, Vlasta Kopecký, Ota Hemele, Jiří Hildebrandt, Jan Lála, František Veselý, Luboš Kubík and Ivo Knoflíček.

Players for Slavia in the 1990s include Vladimír Šmicer (2005 UEFA Champions League winner), Patrik Berger, Karel Poborský, Radek Bejbl, Jan Suchopárek, Ivo Ulich, Pavel Kuka, who closed his career in 2005 and Croatian player Slađan Ašanin. Notable players of the 2000s include Radek Černý, Mickael Tavares or young players like Tomáš Necid, Marek Suchý, Michal Švec. Among current notable players are forward Stanislav Vlček, midfielder Adam Hloušek, defender Matej Krajčík and goalkeeper Martin Vaniak.

Major trophies

  • Mitropa Cup winner 1938
  • Czechoslovakia league – 1925, 1928/29, 1929/30, 1930/31, 1932/33, 1933/34, 1934/35, 1936/37, 1946/47
  • Czech League – 1939/40, 1940/41, 1941/42, 1942/43, 1995/96, 2007/08, 2008/09
  • Czech championship – 1897 spring, 1897 fall, 1898, 1899, 1900, 1901
  • Bohemia championship – 1918, 1924
  • Championship ČSF – 1913, 1915
  • Bohemia cup – 1922, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1930, 1932, 1935, 1941
  • Charity cup – 1908, 1910, 1911, 1912
  • Czech Football Cup (Ondrášovka CUP) – 1941, 1942, 1945, 1974, 1997, 1999, 2002
  • Intercup – 1970, 1972, 1977, 1978, 1986, 1992, 1993

The 1913 Championship ČSF title together with all Czechoslovakia and Czech league titles are today considered as official titles of Czech leagues.[4] (Czech)

Club symbols

  • White colour - the symbol of fair play and Olympic idea.[citation needed]
  • Red colour - the symbol of heart.[citation needed]
  • Red star - the symbol of hope and good mind.[citation needed]
  • The fact that the jersey is half white and half red should symbolize the dichotomy of life. The red and white coulours are also considered to be Slavic colours.[citation needed]

Historical names

  • 1892 - SK ACOS Praha (Sportovní klub Akademický cyklistický odbor Slavia Praha)
  • 1893 - SK Slavia Praha (Sportovní klub Slavia Praha)
  • 1948Sokol Slavia Praha
  • 1949ZSJ Dynamo Slavia Praha (Základní sportovní jednota Dynamo Slavia Praha)
  • 1953DSO Dynamo Praha (Dobrovolná sportovní organizace Dynamo Praha)
  • 1954TJ Dynamo Praha (Tělovýchovná jednota Dynamo Praha)
  • 1965SK Slavia Praha (Sportovní klub Slavia Praha)
  • 1973TJ Slavia Praha (Tělovýchovná jednota Slavia Praha)
  • 1977TJ Slavia IPS Praha (Tělovýchovná jednota Slavia Inženýrské průmyslové stavby Praha)
  • 1978SK Slavia IPS Praha (Sportovní klub Slavia Inženýrské průmyslové stavby Praha)
  • 1991SK Slavia Praha (Sportovní klub Slavia Praha - fotbal, a.s.)

Current squad

As of September 10, 2009.

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Czech Republic GK Jan Hanuš
2 Czech Republic MF Petr Trapp
3 Czech Republic DF Milan Kopic (on loan from SC Heerenveen)
4 Czech Republic DF David Hubáček
5 France DF Kevin Pierre Lafrance
6 Tunisia MF Hocine Ragued
7 Czech Republic FW Stanislav Vlček
8 Czech Republic MF Petr Janda
9 Czech Republic MF Adam Hloušek
10 Czech Republic FW Jan Kysela
11 Czech Republic FW Stanislav Tecl
13 Czech Republic MF Milan Černý
14 Czech Republic FW Zdeněk Šenkeřík
15 Czech Republic DF Petr Mareš
18 Republic of Macedonia FW Riste Naumov
No. Position Player
19 Slovakia DF Matej Krajčík
20 Czech Republic MF Štěpán Koreš
21 Republic of Macedonia FW Mirko Ivanovski
22 Czech Republic DF Benjamin Vomáčka
23 Tunisia MF Tijani Belaid
24 Belarus MF Vitalij Trubila
25 Czech Republic DF Jan Hošek
26 Czech Republic MF Jaroslav Černý
27 Slovakia MF Peter Grajciar
28 Czech Republic GK Martin Vaniak
29 Czech Republic DF Josef Kaufman
31 Latvia GK Deniss Romanovs
32 Czech Republic MF Ondřej Vaněk
33 Republic of Macedonia MF Filip Duranski
34 Slovakia GK Štefan Senecký

Out on loan

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Czech Republic MF Lukáš Vácha (at Slovan Liberec)
Czech Republic FW Libor Tafat (at Mladá Boleslav)
Czech Republic FW Aleš Besta (at Górnik Zabrze)

Winter 2010 transfers


3 Czech Republic DF Milan Kopic (SC Heerenveen)
10 Czech Republic FW Jan Kysela (FK Mladá Boleslav)
11 Czech Republic FW Stanislav Tecl (FC Vysočina Jihlava)
33 Republic of Macedonia MF Filip Duranski (Slavia Prague B)


15 Czech Republic FW Libor Tafat (FK Mladá Boleslav)
16 Czech Republic FW Tomáš Pekhart (Tottenham)
17 Czech Republic DF Marek Suchý (Spartak Moskva)
30 Czech Republic MF Rudolf Skácel (Larissa)
22 Czech Republic MF Martin Abrahám (FC Tescoma Zlín)


  • Head Coach: Karel Jarolím
  • Assistant Coach: Petr Vrabec
  • Assistant Coach: Pavel Řehák
  • Goalkeeper Coach: Luboš Přibyl
  • Fitness Coach: Jan Netscher
  • Youth Coach: Miroslav Janů


Slavia have participated in the qualifiers for the UEFA Champions League six times (1996, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007). They had been eliminated five times until finally qualifying for the group stage in the 2007/2008 season. In the 2008/2009 and 2009/2010 they were eliminated again, by ACF Fiorentina (0-2 on aggregate) and Sheriff Tiraspol (1-1 on away goals rule), respectively.

Football Club Vojvodina (Serbia), one of the oldest Serbian premier league clubs, was founded in 1914 by former students of Prague University. They brought from Czechoslovakia a complete set of Slavia jerseys. Since then, Vojvodina uses jerseys that share the same design as Slavia's jerseys.

Oddly enough the first foreign player to sign with Slavia was Serbian striker Dragiša Binić who transferred to the club from Red Star in 1991.


As of June, 2008. Only competitive matches are counted.

  • John William Madden (1905-30)
  • Josef Štaplík (1930-33)
  • Kálmán Konrád (1933-35)
  • Jan Reichert (1935-38, 1949)
  • Emil Seifert (1939-46, 1952-53)
  • Josef Pojar (1946-47)
  • Viliam König (1947-48, 1950-51)
  • Josef Bican (1954-56)
  • Antonín Rýgr (1956-58, 59, 1960-63, 1970-72)
  • Josef Forejt (1958, 1960, 1969-70)
  • Vlastimil Kopecký (1959)
  • Karel Finek (1959-60, 1963-64)
  • František Ipser (1964-66)
  • Vratislav Fikejz (1966)
  • Mirko Paráček (1966)
  • František Havránek (1966-68)
  • Jiří Nedvídek (1968-69)
  • Miroslav Linhart (1972)
  • Rudolf Vytlačil (1973)
  • Jaroslav Jareš (1973-79, 1984-86)
  • Bohumil Musil (1979-80)
  • Josef Bouška (1981)
  • Miroslav Starý (1981)
  • Milan Máčala (1982-84)
  • Vlastimil Petržela (1986-87,1990-92)


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