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Sleepaway Camp 2
Directed by Michael A. Simpson
Written by Fritz Gordon Robert Hiltzik (characters)
Starring Pamela Springsteen
Renée Estevez
Susan Marie Snyder
Valerie Hartman
Tony Higgins
Brian Patrick Clarke
and Walter Gotell
Running time 80 min.
Language English
Preceded by Sleepaway Camp
Followed by Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland

Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers is a 1988 sequel to the movie Sleepaway Camp, written by Fritz Gordon and directed by Michael A. Simpson. It stars Pamela Springsteen, Renée Estevez, and Tony Higgins.



The film begins with a group of boys, head counselor T.C., and the inclusion of a girl named Phoebe telling each other scary stories around a campfire. Phoebe tells them the story about the killings of the previous film at Camp Arawak. Suddenly, her head counselor Angela finds her and tells her to come back to her cabin. As Phoebe and Angela start arguing about sneaking away from the cabin, Angela tells her to go home. Phoebe, distressed, runs off into the woods. Phoebe, now lost, calls back for Angela, who appears behind her and hits her in the head with a log. Angela then cuts off her tongue proclaiming: "And here's what you get for using horrible language and having a filthy mouth!". The next day, Angela's group is questioning on Phoebe's whereabouts. Angela tells them that she send her home for "doing things with the boys that she had no business doing".

Meanwhile outside, Charlie and Emilio are taking pictures of the girls who are topless. Meanwhile, the head of the camp, Uncle John gives Angela the "counselor of the week award" during breakfast. After, when Angela's walking in the woods, she finds the Schoute sisters smoking some marijuana and fornicating with one of the boys. After sending the boy off, Angela looks over at Brooke, who's completely out of it and looks back at the still active Jodi. Brooke then suddenly wakes up on what apepars to be a grill somewhere deep in the woods, with Angela pouring some alcohol on her to wake up. Brooke rises up and is shown face to face with the charred skeleton of her already burned sister Jodi. Angela then pours gasoline all over her body and says, "Let this be a lesson to you, say no to drugs.", then burns her alive. Back at Camp, one of the camper girls demands for to be taken home and sooner of later, her Mom comes to pick her up.

That night, the boys throw a panty raid in the girls cabin until Angela comes in throwing them out. After Angela leaves for a counselor meeting, the girls get back at the boys by raiding their cabin for their clothes back and Angela walks in, finding Mare showing off her breasts. Mare then decides to go home. On the way back, Angela stops the car and offers Mare one last chance to go back and Mare declines. Angela then pulls out a drill and starts drilling Mare in the face. The next day, Angela finds Charlie and Emilio looking at the naked pictures, one of them showing Angela. Later that night, Judd and Anthony go out to scare Angela by dressing up like Freddy Krueger (Anthony) and Jason Voorhees (Judd). However, the plan backfires when Angela (dressed up like Leatherface, using Mare's face skin as a mask) slashes Anthony with his own razor knives fingers glove and chainsaws Judd in the face.

The next day, Angela sets up a trap for Ally Burgess by giving her a fake note saying that Molly's boyfriend, Sean would like to meet her in the woods. Ally arrives and Angela stabs her in the back and shoves her into an outhouse. Angela then pushes her inside the hole, which is full of manure and leeches, and drowns her. That night, Demi starts telling Angela about how Phoebe's parents told her that she was still at camp. Realizing that she could be caught, Angela starts searching the room for something to kill her with, finally ending up with her guitar string and garrotes Demi to death. Suddenly, Lea comes in and Angela stabs her to death. With no one but Angela and Molly left in the cabin, and the not telling Uncle John about her sending home campers, Uncle John, along with T.C., fires her.

Feeling sad for Angela, Molly and Sean go to cheer her up. When they find her hiding place, they find inside her little cabin the dead bodies of everyone that has been killed. Angela suddenly appears behind them, knocks Sean out and ties the duo up. Back at camp, Rob Darrinco, Sean's best friend and Ally's sex friend, reveals to T.C. about Molly and Sean's disappearances, and T.C. goes off to find Angela. T.C. finds the cabin and enters it, who is greeted by Angela, who pours battery acid on his face, hideously burning it to a bloody skull, killing him. Sean then realizes that Angela is Peter Baker, the fourteen year old transsexual killer from the previous film. Angela reveals that after two years of electroshock therapy and an operation (sex change, explaining how Peter became a girl), she was released for having good records from doctors. Angela then proceeds to cut Sean's head off with Judd's machete.

Angela then leaves because she has already set a trap for Matt, the boy who was fornicating with Jodi and Brooke. When she comes back with his body, Molly, who has escaped from being held hostage, attacks her with her log and proceeds to run off. Angela chases after her and after a little struggle, Molly pulls out Angela's pocket knife and threatens to stab Angela if she tries to come near her, until Molly, who was standing over a ledge, falls over and is apparently dead. Angela says,"If it's any consolation, you really close.", and then leaves. Later that night, Diane, another camp counselor, finds Charlie and Emilio pinned up against a cabin wall with their necks slashed open and their eyes gouged out. Diane runs to go find Uncle John and finds him in his office with his throat slashed and a machete on his desk, next to his cut off hand. Diane then prepares to run but runs into Rob, who is hanging from the wall with a sock in his mouth.

Angela appears behind her and stabs her in her stomach. Angela leaves the office, but then walks back in and proclaims: "Good night campers". Meanwhile, Molly, who has just regained consciousness, limps out of the woods. Meanwhile, Angela gets picked up by a pickup driver and is prepared to leave the campsite. Angela, however, is now getting annoyed by the driver because of her smoking and her annoying Texan voice. Angela then pulls out her knife and starts attacking the woman just as they stop at a rail road crossing. Meanwhile, Molly is finally on the main road and starts walking away until the pickup truck comes behind her. Molly, finally glad it's all over, walks over to the truck and the driver is revealed to be Angela! The film ends with a few close ups on Molly's face until the screen goes black with her screams echoing.


  • Pamela Springsteen - Angela
  • Renée Estevez - Molly
  • Tony Higgins - Sean (as Anthony Higgins)
  • Valerie Hartman - Ally
  • Brian Patrick Clarke - T.C.
  • Walter Gotell - Uncle John
  • Susan Marie Snyder - Mare
  • Terry Hobbs - Rob
  • Kendall Bean - Demi
  • Julie Murphy - Lea
  • Carol Chambers - Brooke
  • Amy Fields - Jodi
  • Benji Wilhoite - Anthony
  • Walter Franks III - Judd
  • Justin Nowell - Charlie
  • Heather Binion - Phoebe
  • Jason Ehrlich - Emilio
  • Carol Martin Vines - Diane
  • Tricia Grant - Girl Sent Home
  • Jill Jane Clements - Woman in Truck

DVD Releases

The film has been released on DVD by two different companies. The version released by Legacy Entertainment in 2005 has some scenes cut from the movie and no special features. Anchor Bay Entertainment released an uncut version in 2002 with special features and much better sound quality.

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