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Sliver: The Best of the Box
Compilation album by Nirvana
Released November 1, 2005
Recorded 1985–1994
Genre Grunge
Length 74:34
Language English
Label DGC
Professional reviews
Nirvana compilations chronology
With the Lights Out
Sliver: The Best of the Box
Live at Reading

Sliver: The Best of the Box is a compilation album from the American grunge band Nirvana. It was released in November 2005.


Recording and release

Sliver: The Best of the Box was the fourth Nirvana album to be released following the death of lead singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain in April 1994. It contains 19 tracks pulled from the band's 2004 box set, With the Lights Out, as well as three previously unreleased recordings: "Spank Thru," from the 1985 "Fecal Matter" demo, a 1990 studio recording of "Sappy", and a 1991 boombox demo of "Come as You Are". The Fecal Matter version of "Spank Thru" is arguably the most historically significant of the previously unreleased tracks, since it was apparently the recording which convinced Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic to form a band with Cobain.

Sliver: The Best of the Box opened at number twenty-one on the Billboard 200. In Japan, the album was released on October 25, 2005 under the alternative title Sliver: The Best of Nirvana +3 because three songs were previously unreleased on With the Lights Out.[1]


According to Rolling Stone magazine, the title and cover photograph for Sliver: The Best of the Box were chosen by Frances Bean, the daughter of Cobain and Courtney Love. The cover photograph depicts a cardboard box filled with Nirvana and Cobain tapes, including a copy of the Fecal Matter demo. Some of the tapes have spilled out of the box and are strewn across the floor.[2]

Track listing

  1. "Spank Thru" (December 1985 Fecal Matter demo) – 3:45
  2. "Heartbreaker" (March 1987 show in Raymond, WA) – 2:59
  3. "Mrs. Butterworth" (Summer 1987 band demo) – 4:05
  4. "Floyd the Barber" (January 23, 1988 show in Tacoma, WA) – 2:33
  5. "Clean Up Before She Comes" (1988 home demo) – 3:12
  6. "About a Girl" (1988 home demo) – 2:44
  7. "Blandest" (June 6, 1988 studio session in Seattle, WA. Produced by Jack Endino) – 3:56
  8. "Ain't It a Shame" (August 1989 studio session in Seattle, WA) – 2:02
  9. "Sappy" (January 1990 studio session in Seattle, WA. Produced by Jack Endino) – 3:33
  10. "Opinion" (September 25, 1990 KAOS radio show) – 1:35
  11. "Lithium" (September 25, 1990 KAOS radio show) – 1:49
  12. "Sliver" (1990 home demo) – 2:10
  13. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (March 1991 boombox demo) – 5:40
  14. "Come as You Are" (March 1991 boombox demo) – 4:10
  15. "Old Age" (May 1991 studio session for Nevermind)  – 4:21
  16. "Oh, the Guilt" (April 1992 studio session in Seattle, WA) – 3:25 (Also a limited edition split single in 1993)
  17. "Rape Me" (May 1991 solo acoustic home demo) – 3:23
  18. "Rape Me" (October 1992 studio session in Seattle, WA) – 3:03
  19. "Heart-Shaped Box" (January 1993 studio session in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) – 5:32
  20. "Do Re Mi" (1994 boombox demo solo acoustic) – 4:24
  21. "You Know You're Right" (1994 boombox demo solo acoustic) – 2:30
  22. "All Apologies" (undated boombox demo solo acoustic, circa 1992) – 3:33

Sales chart positions

Year Chart Position
2005 BBC Radio 1 Chart 6
Canadian Albums Chart 12
Billboard Top 200 (US) 21[3]
Austrian Albums Chart 26
Greece Albums Chart 26
Japanese Oricon Albums Chart 33[4]
Italian Albums Chart 43
UK Albums Chart 56
Argentinian Albums Chart 77
Switzerland Albums Chart 87
German Albums Chart 97




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