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Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids
Author(s) Bob Weber, Jr.
Current status / schedule Running
Launch date March 29, 1987
Syndicate(s) King Features Syndicate
Genre(s) Puzzles and children's activities

Slylock Fox is the main character of Slylock Fox & Comics For Kids, a comic strip published by King Features Syndicate. Slylock first appeared 29 March 1987. He was created by Bob Weber Jr., who still writes and illustrates the comic today.[1]. Weber is the son of Bob Weber, Sr., who writes the Moose & Molly comic strip. As its name implies, it is intended for young children. According to the official website, Slylock Fox & Comics For Kids appears weekly in newspapers with a combined readership of over 30 million.[2].

Unlike many other syndicated comic strips, Slylock Fox & Comics For Kids usually consists of only a single panel. Slylock, an anthropomorphic fox detective, is constantly matching wits against his moustached nemesis, Count Weirdly, as well as several other criminals such as Shady Shrew and Slick Smitty. There is no dialogue spoken by the characters. Instead, an omniscient narrator informs the reader of a problem Slylock must solve. These often include escaping from a dungeon, locating stolen goods, or proving conclusively who perpetrated a crime (usually Count Weirdly). The solution is printed upside down.

Slylock is assisted by a sidekick, Max Mouse. Max wears pink shorts and a matching bowler hat. Unlike real mice, he is yellow.

A varied cast of witnesses, victims, policemen and criminals fill in the rest of Slylock's world. These characters' names usually contain either some form of alliteration, a type of animal, a profession, or a personality trait. This allows Weber to quickly establish a scene and set up a mystery using very little space. Some notable examples include Deputy Duck, Roxy Rabbit, and Shady Shrew. Most of these characters are seen once and never again.

Slylock's name is likely an homage to the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. Like Sherlock, Slylock is traditionally depicted with a magnifying glass and a blue deerstalker hat; also, he wears a blue suit and cape.

Slylock does not always appear in the comic. Often in his place there will be a mixed bag of puzzles, jokes, simple illustration tutorials, or other fun activities. The Sunday edition always features both Slylock and the activities.

The official Slylock Fox & Comics For Kids website features many additional Slylock mysteries that have never been printed, in addition to other activities. The site was voted an "Educational Best Bet" by USA Today and received an award for "Best of the Net" from in April 1999[2].

It should be noted that the comic strip Pearls Before Swine made a parody of the Slylock Fox strip on January 13, 2008[3]; Weber reciprocated by having Rat and Pig, the two main characters from Pearls, appear in Slylock on February 3, 2008.[4]

Main characters

  • Slylock Fox, a fox detective
  • Max Mouse, a sidekick mouse
  • Chief Mutt and Deputy Duck, a bulldog and duck
  • Slick Smitty, a con-artist and frequent villain.
  • Cassandra Cat
  • Tiffany Fox and Melody Mouse, Slylock's and Max's romantic interests.
  • Count Weirdly, the most often-featured criminal
  • Shady Shrew
  • Harry Ape
  • Reeky Rat
  • Wanda Witch

Other characters

  • Aaron Aardvark
  • Al Gator
  • Andy Ape
  • Andy Anteater
  • Barbara Beaver
  • Basher Bull
  • Baxter Bat
  • Becky Beaver
  • Benny Beaver
  • Betty Bear
  • Betty Bunny
  • Big Brad Wolf
  • Billy Beaver
  • Bobby Beaver
  • Bonnie Baboon
  • Boston Border Collie
  • Bradford Bloodhound
  • Brandon Beaver
  • Brendan Beaver
  • Bridget Badger
  • Bruce Bison
  • Bruno Bear
  • Bucky Beaver
  • Buford Bear
  • Buford Bull
  • Buford Bullfrog
  • Candy Canary
  • Carl Cardinal
  • Carl Cat
  • Carly Cat
  • Cartick Cat
  • Cartney Chihuahua
  • Charlie Chimp
  • Charlie Chipmunk
  • Chass Cat
  • Chessy Clown
  • Chester Chick & Mrs Chicken
  • Chynita Cat
  • Chris Cat
  • Cliff Cat
  • Collin Collie
  • Collette Cougar
  • Curly Ape
  • Daisy Dog
  • Dalfa Duck
  • Dan Dog
  • David Gazelleoff
  • David Leopardman
  • Deena Duck
  • Derek Deer
  • Diana Dog
  • Dinky Dog
  • Dippy Duck
  • Dirty Dog
  • Don Dove
  • Donald Dane
  • Donald Dolphin
  • Donald Donkey
  • Donald Duck
  • Doreen Duck
  • Doris Dolphin
  • Dude Doggie
  • Dumpty Dog
  • Earl Elephant
  • Eddie Echinda
  • Edward Eagle
  • Emo Elephant
  • Frank Flamingo
  • Fred Flamingo
  • Garfield
  • Gary Gazelle
  • Gary Giraffe
  • Georgia Opossum
  • Gilbert Gator
  • Gordon Goose
  • Grandpa Goat
  • Granny Squirrel
  • Greg Greyhound
  • Hank Hawk
  • Harry Hedgehog
  • Henry Hippo
  • Henry Hog
  • Henry Husky
  • Herman Heron
  • Holly Hippo
  • Horaco Hippo
  • Judge Owl
  • Katrina Kat
  • Kathy Kangaroo
  • Kenny Kangaroo
  • Keesha Kat
  • Kopy Kat (also Koppy Kat)
  • Lady Lynx
  • Larry Ape
  • Larry Lemur
  • Larry Lion
  • Laura Lynx
  • Liam Llama
  • Liam Lion
  • Leena Lynx
  • Lenny Lemming
  • Li'l Ferret
  • Lizzie Lizard
  • Lulu Lynx
  • Lotta Hippo
  • Mandy Mink
  • Manny Monkey
  • Margaret Mongoose
  • Martin Mandarin Duck
  • Marvin Mandrill
  • Melanie Mouse
  • Moe Ape
  • Montgomery Mongoose
  • Morris Musk ox
  • Miss Fox
  • Mr. Lion
  • Mr. Duck
  • Mr. Goat
  • Ms. Mayfair
  • Ms. Opossum
  • Mrs. Pooch
  • Mrs. Elephant
  • Mrs. Bear
  • Mrs. Duck
  • Mrs. Beaver
  • Mrs. Poodle
  • Mrs. Rabbit
  • Mrs. Turtle
  • Nana Goat
  • Nathan Narwhal
  • Olson Owl
  • Ogden Orca
  • Oswald Ostrich
  • Patty Possum
  • Patterson Puffin
  • Patrick Panda
  • Paul Panther
  • Penfold Pelican
  • Penrod Penguin
  • Penelope Pooch
  • Penny Peacock
  • Polly Poodle
  • Polly Pachyderm
  • Popeye
  • Prairie Dog Brothers
  • Princess Pussycat
  • Rachel Rabbit
  • Rat (from Pearls Before Swine)
  • Rita Rabbit
  • Robert Raccoon
  • Robert Rabbit
  • Rodney Rabbit
  • Rodney Rat
  • Roger Raccoon
  • Ronny Rabbit
  • Roseanne Boar
  • Roxy Rabbit
  • Sally Swallow
  • Santa Claus
  • Sam Shepherd
  • Sam Smasher
  • Samoyedhung Kimpo
  • Sherman Skunk
  • Sheldon Sheepdog
  • Sid Sailor
  • Snarling Simian
  • Snoopy
  • Spanky Skunk
  • Stephen Sloth
  • Stephanie Spaniel
  • Sir Hound
  • Stewey Stork
  • Steve Stoat
  • Sylvester Seal
  • Terry Turtle
  • Terry Tasmanian Devil
  • Terry Terrier
  • Thompson Thylacine
  • The Toad
  • Toby Turtle
  • Tompkin Tapir
  • Unnamed Cat
  • Unnamed Dog
  • Unnamed Stork
  • Unnamed Raccoon
  • Wanda Weasel
  • Wally Whale
  • Wayne Gander
  • Wendy Weasel
  • Wilbur Walrus
  • Willie Weasel
  • Willie Wolverine
  • Vic Vicuna


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