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Small appliances in kitchen
An electric blender

Small appliance refers to a class of home appliances that are portable or semi-portable or which are used on tabletops, countertops, or other platforms. Such items are contrasted with major appliances, which are typically fixtures that cannot be easily moved. All appliances are intended to perform, enable, or assist in performing a job or changing a status, such as the humidity of a room. In this way, they can be differentiated from other portable electrical items that provide only entertainment. Some items not typically considered appliances, such as lamps, can be used as appliances if they are used to cook or warm food.

Many small appliances are powered by electricity. The appliance may use a permanently attached cord which is plugged into a wall outlet or a detachable cord. The appliance may have a cord storage feature. A few hand-held appliances use batteries, which may be disposable or rechargeable. Some appliances consist of an electrical motor upon which is mounted various attachments so as to constitute several individual appliances, such as a blender, a food processor, or a juicer. Many stand mixers, while functioning primarily as a mixer, have attachments which can perform additional functions.

A few gas-powered appliances exist for use in situations where electricity is not expected to be available, but these are typically larger and not as portable as most small appliances. Items that perform the same function as small appliances but are hand powered are generally referred to as tools or gadgets, for example a hand-powered meat grinder.

Some small appliances perform the same or similar function as their larger counterparts. For example, a toaster oven is a small appliance that performs a similar function as an oven. Small appliances often have a home version and a commercial version. The commercial, or industrial, version is designed to be used nearly continuously in a restaurant or other similar setting. Commercial appliances are typically connected to a more powerful electrical outlet, are larger and stronger, have more user-serviceable parts, and cost significantly more.

Small appliances can be very inexpensive, such as a basic can opener or coffee maker which may cost only a few U.S. dollars, or very expensive, such as an elaborate espresso maker, which may cost several thousand U.S. dollars. Most homes contain several cheaper home appliances, with perhaps a few more expensive appliances, such as a high-end microwave oven or mixer.

Small appliances which are defective or improperly used or maintained may cause house fires and other property damage, or may harbor bacteria if not properly cleaned. It is important that users read the instructions carefully and that appliances that use a grounded cord be attached to a grounded outlet. Because of the risk of fire, some appliances have a short detachable cord that is connected to the appliance magnetically. If the appliance is moved further than the cord length from the wall, the cord will detach from the appliance.


Kitchen appliances

appliance cost to operate[1][citation needed]
Beer chiller / keg

See also Immersion Blender

$0.08 per hour
Bottle warmer

Also known as Milk Bottle warmer

Bread / bun warmer
Butter churn
Can opener
Non-chemical food sanitizer
Chocolate fountain
Chocolate melter / temperer
Chopper / mini-chopper
Coffee grinder
Coffee machine

See also Espresso maker, cappuccino makerautomatic percolator = $0.08 per hour; automatic drip = $0.16 per hour

Coffee roaster
Convection oven
Counter-top dishwasher
Cotton candy maker
Crepe maker
Cup warmer / coffee cup warmer
Deep fat fryer
Dim sum maker
Doughnut maker

With fryer (see Dough-nu-matic) or without

Egg cooker
Easy-Bake Oven

A working toy appliance

Fondue set
Food dehydrator
Food processor $0.05 per hour
Frying pan
Frozen concoction / Margarita maker
Garbage disposal $0.05 per month
Grill / smokeless grill
Grinding machine (oralu kallu) for idli
Hot dog toaster / grill / steamer
Ice cream maker
Ice grinder / shaver
Ice maker (counter-top)
Idli steamer
Immersion blender
Induction burner
Jar opener
Kettle / water boiler
Knife sharpener
Martini maker / shaker / stirrer
Mayonnaise maker

(Manufactured in the past.)

Microwave oven $0.16 per hour
Meat slicer
Meat grinder
Milk frother / Hot chocolate frother
Milkshake maker
Mixer attachments which use a stand mixer motor to essentially create an independent appliance:

Food grinder

Sausage stuffer

Pasta rollers / cutters

Grain mill

Grain mill

Pea pod shucker (no longer manufactured by Kitchen-Aid company) Rotor slicer / shredder

Citrus juicer

Fruit and vegetable strainer

Nut chopper
Nut cracker
Pasta machine
Pepper grinder
Pizelle iron
Pizza cooker
Plate warmer
Popcorn maker
Potato peeler
Pressure cooker
Quesadilla maker
Raclette maker
Rice cooker
Roasting oven
Rotisserie oven
Salad shredder / rotary grater
Salad spinner / dryer
Sandwich press or Sandwich toaster
Shrimp peeler
Slow cooker
Smoothie maker
Smores maker
Soy milk maker
Spice grinder
Steamer / vegetable steamer

Steam is produced below the food and rises past the food to cook it.

Steam oven

A newer concept for the home kitchen where steam is sprayed onto the food (see Sharp AX-2000)

Stirring pot
Sugar cane juicer

(Only commercial models are available as of early 2008)

Takoyaki pan
Tea maker

There are appliances specifically for hot tea and iced tea.

Toaster $0.22 per hour
Tortilla maker
Toaster oven

See also Halogen oven and Convection oven

$0.16 per hour
Vacuum food sealer
Vacuum marinator
Vertical grill / kebab cooker
Waffle iron
Waffle cone maker
Warming tray
Water filter / chiller / heater / dispenser
Wine cooler / wine chiller
Yogurt maker

Personal-care products

appliance cost to operate power consumption
Curling iron
Hairdryer or blowdryer $0.11 per hour
(Electric) toothbrush

Household appliances

appliance cost to operate power consumption
(Electric) blanket $0.15 per 8 hours
Carpet cleaner
Clock / alarm clock $0.14 per month
Carpet cleaner / shampooer
Fan (ceiling) $0.11 per 12 hours
(Electric) Fan (floor)
Heater (convection) portable (1250 watts) = $0.17 per hour
Heater (fan)
Heater (waterbed) $0.30-$0.90 per day
Humidifier or vaporiser
Lint shaver
Electric wet mop
Sewing machine
Steam cleaner
Steam wrinkle remover
Trouser press
Vacuum cleaner $0.08 per hour
Water pump for in-tub spa 2 hp = $0.31 per hour

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  1. ^ Tampa Electric. Prices for Tampa, FL area as of September 2006.

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