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Smashy Trashy
Studio album by S.A. Smash
Released June 3, 2003
Recorded 2003
Genre hip-hop
underground hip-hop
Length 65:48
Label Definitive Jux
Producer Camu Tao
Ese & Hipsta
Walter Rocktight
Professional reviews
  • Prefix magazine (2.5/5) link
S.A. Smash chronology
Smashy Trashy
Smashy Trashy Instrumentals

Smashy Trashy is the debut album by American hip-hop duo S.A. Smash, released on the Definitive Jux label on June 3, 2003 (see 2003 in music).

The album is largely produced by group member Camu Tao, although three beats are provided by PRZM and one apiece by Walter Rocktight, Ese & Hipsta, long-term Definitive Jux collaborator Blockhead and label CEO El-P. Guest vocals come from labelmates Cage, Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox and Aesop Rock.

Track listing

  1. "Smash TV (Intro Skit)" (T. Smith/K. Lawson/C.Palko) – 4:15
    • Featuring Cage
    • Additional guitar by Chris
    • Produced by PRZM
  2. "Robot" (T. Smith/K. Lawson) – 3:02
    • Additional guitar by Chris
    • Produced by Camu Tao
  3. "Clout" (T. Smith/K. Lawson) – 4:28
    • Produced by Camu Tao
  4. "Get Home (Skit)" (T. Smith/K. Lawson) – 3:19
    • Produced by Camu Tao
  5. "Illy" (T. Smith/K. Lawson/J. Meline) – 4:05
    • Produced by El-P
    • Contains a sample of "Animal Zoo" by Spirit
  6. "Weird" (T. Smith/K. Lawson/J. Ferguson/D. Schur) – 2:44
    • Produced by Ese & Hipsta
  7. "Slide On 'Em (Escapade)" (T. Smith/K. Lawson/T. Arrington) – 4:48
  8. "Love To Hate" (T. Smith/K. Lawson/W. Rocktight) – 3:46
    • Produced by Walter Rocktight
  9. "A.A." (T. Smith/K. Lawson) – 2:54
    • Produced by Camu Tao
  10. "Jerseyed Out" (T. Smith/K. Lawson) – 2:44
    • Produced by PRZM
  11. "Love To F*ck" (T. Smith/K. Lawson/I. Bavitz/T. Simon) – 6:01
  12. "Old Man Triggery (skit) / I Know What You're Thinking" (T. Smith/K. Lawson) – 3:07
    • Produced by PRZM
  13. "Last Night" (T. Smith/K. Lawson) – 3:53
    • Produced by Camu Tao
  14. "Body" (T. Smith/K. Lawson) – 3:37
    • Produced by Camu Tao
  15. "Bang" (T. Smith/K. Lawson) – 4:10
    • Produced by Camu Tao
  16. "Gangsta" (T. Smith/K. Lawson) – 3:51
    • Additional guitar by Chris
    • Produced by Camu Tao
  17. "Spot Tonight" (T. Smith/K. Lawson) – 4:57
    • Produced by Camu Tao
    • Contains a sample of "Will You Cry (When You Hear This Song)" by Chic

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