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Smoke Jensen is a fictional character depicted in William W. Johnstone's "Mountain Man" series.

He is the fastest and most famous gunfighter in the West, in the thirty-five Last Mountain Man books. Raised by the most famous mountain man of all Preacher, Smoke was taught the ways of the mountain man, and skills with guns. His first wife was Nicole, their only son, Arthur. Eventually she and Arthur were both killed and Smoke sought revenge on the murderers. He then met a woman named Sally Reynolds, of the New Hampshire Reynolds. Eventually they fell in love and had a few kids. Smoke finally settled down with Sally up in the High Lonesome of Colorado, then creating their own town named Big Rock which overthrew the original town near there. Their ranch was called the Sugarloaf, and had a large gold vein underneath it. Smoke became a cattle/horse rancher, but then switched to just breeding horses. On one of his many adventures, he meets a young boy in trouble, kills the man attacking the boy and Smoke and the boy become friends. The boy's name was Bobby and soon Sally and Smoke adopted him. After this Smoke found two of his best hands Pearlie and Cal, Pearlie became the ranch manager and Cal became a hand. The most recent Last Mountain Man book is Betrayal of the Mountain Man, and soon will come the final Last Mountain Man book Rampage of the Mountain Man to be released December 2007, because of the death of William Johnstone but J.A. Johnstone still carries on his memory by finishing up his books.


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