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Snap! is also an album by The Jam.
Origin Germany
Genres Electronic, Pop
Years active 1989–1996; 2000; 2002–present
Labels Logic Records, Arista, Hard2Beat Records
Associated acts Panjabi MC, 16 Bit, Off
Website Official Website
Michael Münzing
Luca Anzilotti
Former members
Turbo B
Jackie Harris
Penny Ford
Thea Austin
Niki Haris
Summer (Paula Brown)

Snap! is a German-American electronic music group formed in 1989 by German producers Michael Münzing and Luca Anzilotti. The act has been through a number of line-up changes over the years, but was most successful when fronted by rapper Turbo B, who performed on the UK number 1 singles "The Power" and "Rhythm Is a Dancer". Their first album World Power is one of the most successful dance albums of all time, with worldwide sales estimated at 7 million.



Münzing and Anzilotti formed Snap! in 1989 under the aliases Benito Benites and John "Virgo" Garrett III, as they thought that the public had negative preconceived ideas of German music.[1] Their first hit "The Power", a combination of house and hip hop elements, contained a number of unauthorised samples, taking the drum loop from "King of the Beats" by Mantronix[2], the rap from "Let the Words Flow" by Chill Rob G and the classic line "I've got the power" from "Love's Gonna Get You" by Jocelyn Brown. It was initially released in the United States through Wild Pitch Records, but after Chill Rob G threatened legal action, the rap was re-recorded by Turbo B (born Durron Maurice Butler, April 30, 1967 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania[3]), and additional vocals were recorded by Penny Ford (though the woman in the video is Jackie Harris), Jocelyn Brown's vocals still remain on the record. The single rocketed to number 2 in Germany in March 1990, and spent two weeks at number 1 in the United Kingdom, becoming the first rap single to top the chart. It later reached number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, and was certified platinum.

Jackie left the group shortly afterwards and Penny became its full-time lead singer, recording the second single "Ooops Up", a re-working of "I Don't Believe You Wanna Get Up And Dance (Oops!)", a 1980 hit by The Gap Band, with which Penny was a former backing singer. With drum samples from "Paid in Full" by Eric B & Rakim, it was another number 2 hit in Germany and charted at number 5 in the UK. Further hits followed with the oriental-sounding "Cult of Snap", which charted at number 8 in the UK and number 3 in Germany, and "Mary Had a Little Boy", which also charted at number 8 in the UK, and reached number 4 in Germany. It was based on the nursery rhyme "Mary Had a Little Lamb". Their first album World Power reached #10 in the UK where it was certified platinum, #30 in the U.S. where it was also certified platinum, sold in excess of 7 million copies worldwide, and to this day remains one of the best-selling dance albums of all time.

In 1991, Thea Austin joined the line-up and helped to write "Rhythm Is a Dancer", which was planned to be the lead single from the second album. However, Turbo B hated the track (particularly the famous line "I'm as serious as cancer when I say rhythm is a dancer") and protested that "Colour Of Love" should be the first single cut from the album.[4] He got his way and it was released in December 1991. It appeared to get lost in the Christmas rush, limping to number 54 in the UK, though it did fare better in Germany, climbing to number 9, as well as making it to number 6 in France and Sweden. The two producers insisted that they now went with "Rhythm Is a Dancer" and it was released as the second single in July 1992. With a backing-track inspired by "Automan" by early-80s electronic hip-hop band Newcleus, it went on to become their biggest hit yet, spending six weeks at number 1 in the UK, also topping the charts in France, Germany, Netherlands and Italy, and peaking at number 5 in the U.S. in early 1993.

The second album The Madman's Return was another multi-million seller but Turbo B, who, continued to argue with the act's producers decided to leave the group shortly after its release to pursue a solo career. Both Penny Ford and Thea Austin followed suit, but Snap! were far from over. The third single "Exterminate!", with vocals by Michigan-born Niki Haris, formerly a backing singer for Madonna, soared to number 2 in the UK in January 1993, and "Do You See the Light (Looking For)" reached number 10 in June.

Now that all former members of the group had moved on, Münzing and Anzilotti recruited Washington DC-born singer Summer to front the act for the third album. Born Paula Brown, she had previously worked as a dancer in the TV series Fame and the Spike Lee movie School Daze.[5] Snap! moved towards a progressive house sound and a new single called "Welcome to Tomorrow (Are You Ready?)" was released in September 1994. After a slow start, it peaked at number 6 in the UK and was followed by the album, also titled Welcome to Tomorrow. The second single "The First The Last Eternity (Till The End)" was a moderate hit but "World in My Hands" and "Rame" (featuring Rukmani and performed in Hindi) struggled to attract airplay due to their less commercial sound.

On New Years Day 1994, SNAP! performed the first of 3 essential mixes for UK's BBC Radio 1.

In 1996 the group was officially disbanded, with a greatest hits compilation called Snap! Attack: The Best of Snap! released, preceded by a new version of their first hit "The Power". However they made a surprise return in 2000 with "Gimme A Thrill", complete with a rap from Turbo B and vocal from the band's newest addition Maxayn. However, it failed to chart and a proposed album called One Day on Earth was never released.

A new version of "Do You See the Light" remixed by Plaything was released in 2002, peaking at number 14 in the UK. The following year, a new remix album called The Cult of Snap! was released and further singles were issued, updating them for a new generation of clubbers. "Rhythm Is a Dancer" was another UK top 20 hit with a new mix by CJ Stone, a new bhangra mix by Motivo of "The Power" also sold well, and a collaboration of Swedish girlgroup NG3 on "Ooops Up" rounded the project up at the end of 2003. "The Power", which had already been used in countless commercials and movie soundtracks over the years, was also introduced into trailers and the soundtrack of the Jim Carrey film "Bruce Almighty" in this year.

Buoyed by the success of the remixes, Münzing and Anzilotti went back into the studio with male singer Damien Behanan, also known as Loc, and released the single "Beauty Queen" in September 2005 through Luma Music, but once again it failed to make the charts. "Excited" and "We Want Your Soul" were both released on vinyl in July 2006.[6]

In May 2008, Brains from the programme Thunderbirds appeared in a TV commercial in the UK for Drench spring water. He is shown dancing around a room to "Rhythm Is a Dancer". Its regular TV airings prompted thousands of downloads of the original album mix of the song, and it has so far peaked at number 23 in the official UK singles chart. A brand new version of the song with added vocals from Loc was released as a CD single in the UK on June 16, 2008.

In August 2008, they released a new single called "Jumping". Recently the group have signed to Hard2Beat records.[7]



Year Title Chart positions
1990 World Power 10 30 7 20
1992 The Madman's Return 8 121 3 21
1995 Welcome to Tomorrow 69 10
1996 Snap! Attack: The Best of Snap! 47 14 55
2003 The Cult of Snap! 43 47
2009 The Power Greatest Hits 76;[9]  ;


Year Title Chart positions Performers
UK Singles Chart[8] U.S. DEU SWE
1990 "The Power" 1 2 2 3 Turbo B, Penny Ford, Jackie Harris
"Ooops Up" 5 35 2 2 Turbo B, Penny Ford
"Cult of Snap" 8 3 12
"Mary Had a Little Boy" 8 4 7
1991 "Mega Mix" 10 15 17
"Colour of Love" 54 9 6
1992 "Rhythm Is a Dancer" 1 5 1 2 Turbo B, Thea Austin
1993 "Exterminate!" 2 3 7 Niki Haris
"Do You See The Light (Looking For)" 10 13 20
1994 "Welcome to Tomorrow (Are You Ready?)" 6 4 32 Summer
1995 "The First The Last Eternity (Till the End)" 15 7
"The World in My Hands" 44 53
1996 "Rame" 50 34 40 Rukmani
"The Power '96" 42 40 Einstein
"Rhythm Is a Dancer '96" 58 Turbo B, Thea Austin
2000 "Gimme a Thrill" Turbo B, Maxayn
2002 "Do You See the Light 2002" 14 66 Niki Haris
2003 "Rhythm Is a Dancer 2003" 17 7 Turbo B, Thea Austin
"The Power (Of Bhangra)" 34 21 Turbo B
"Ooops Up 2003" 69 3 Penny Ford, NG3
2005 "Beauty Queen" Loc
2006 "Excited" promo-only promo-only promo-only promo-only Sarah Martin
"We Want Your Soul" promo-only promo-only promo-only promo-only
2008 "Rhythm Is a Dancer 2008" 23 86 Thea Austin, Loc
"Jumping" promo-only promo-only promo-only promo-only Loc
2009 "Rhythm Is a Dancer 2009" promo-only promo-only promo-only promo-only

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Origin Germany
Genres electronic music
Years active 1989-present
Labels Logic Records, Arista
Associated acts 16 Bit, Off
Michael Münzing, Luca Anzilotti, Turbo B.
Former members
Jackie Harris, Penny Ford, Thea Austin, Niki Haris, Summer

Snap! is an electronic music group created by German producers Michael Münzing and Luca Anzilotti.



  • 1990 World Power
  • 1992 The Madman's Return
  • 1995 Welcome To Tomorrow
  • 1996 Attack!
  • 1996 Attack! - The Remixes
  • 2000 One Day On Earth (unreleased)
  • 2001 The Greatest Hits
  • 2002 The Power - Best Of Snap!
  • 2003 The Cult Of Snap! (US: The Power Of Snap!)


  • 1990 "The Power"
  • 1990 "Ooops Up"
  • 1990 "Cult of Snap"
  • 1990 "Mary Had a Little Boy"
  • 1991 "Megamix"
  • 1991 "Colour of Love"
  • 1992 "Rhythm Is a Dancer"
  • 1992 "Exterminate!"
  • 1993 "Do You See The Light (Looking For)"
  • 1994 "Welcome To Tomorrow (Are You Ready?)"
  • 1995 "The First The Last Eternity (Till The End)"
  • 1995 "The World in my Hands"
  • 1996 "Rame"
  • 1996 "The Power '96"
  • 1996 "Rhythm is a Dancer '96"
  • 2000 "Gimme a Thrill"
  • 2002 "Do You See The Light 2002" vs Plaything
  • 2002 "Rhythm is a Dancer 2002" vs CJ Stone
  • 2003 "The Power (Of Bhangra)"
  • 2003 "Ooops up 2003"
  • 2005 "Beauty Queen"
  • 2006 "Excited"
  • 2006 "We Want Your Soul"

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