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The Socialist Campaign Group is a left-wing grouping of Labour Party Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom. It was formed in 1981 by Tony Benn's supporters in that year's deputy leadership election in a break from the Tribune Group, whose other members had abstained.

The Campaign Group, as it is commonly known, remains highly critical of the 'New Labour' project, though they are Labour Party MPs. The website was closed for the duration of 2005 general election campaign.

On 14 July 2006, the group's chairman - John McDonnell - announced that he would stand against the then Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown to be leader of the Labour Party when Tony Blair announced his resignation. When Blair did stand down, the following year, McDonnell was unable to attract sufficient MPs to gain a nomination, and Brown was elected to the position unopposed. Twenty members of the Campaign Group nominated McDonnell, with five nominating Brown.


Current members

Former members



The following died while still serving in Parliament:

Retired from the Commons

These members retired from the commons due to old age or ill health:

Lost Seat

These members lost their seats in parliament:

Left Parliament

  • Ken Livingstone (became Mayor of London)
  • Dennis Canavan (became Member of Scottish Parliament as an independent)
  • John McAllion (became Member of Scottish Parliament; has since left party)
  • Ian Gibson (resigned 2009 in protest over being barred from contesting the next election)


Two members were expelled from the Labour Party in 1991 for their membership of Militant tendency:

  • Terry Fields (expelled from Labour party 1991 over his Poll Tax protest)
  • Dave Nellist (expelled from Labour party alongside Terry Fields above)

Joined the front bench

These members left to take up positions in the government:

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