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Socijalistička Republika Makedonija
Социјалистичка Република Македонија

Socialist Republic of Macedonia

A federal unit of the
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.svg
1944 — 1991 Flag of the Republic of Macedonia 1991-1995.svg
Flag of the SR Macedonia.svg Coat of arms of Macedonia.svg
Flag Coat of arms
SFRY Macedonia.png
Capital Skopje
Official language Macedonian
In the SFRY:
 - Since
 - Until
August 2, 1944

January 31, 1946
September 8, 1991
 - Total
 - Water
Ranked 4th in the SFRY
25,333 km²
 - Total 
 - Density
Ranked 4th in the SFRY
Currency Yugoslav dinar (македонски денари)
Time zone UTC + 1

The Socialist Republic of Macedonia (Macedonian: Социјалистичка Република Македонија, Socijalistička Republika Makedonija) was a socialist state that was a constituent country of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.[1][2] After the transition of the political system to parliamentary democracy in 1990, the Republic changed its official name to Republic of Macedonia in 1991,[3] and with the beginning of the breakup of Yugoslavia, it declared full independence on September 8, 1991.



The modern Macedonian state was officially proclaimed under the name Democratic Macedonia[4] on August 2, 1944, the day of the Ilinden Uprising against the Ottoman empire in 1903, at the First Plenary Session of ASNOM during the antifascist National Liberation War of Macedonia in the Second World War. This date is now celebrated by the ethnic Macedonians as the day when which they were first allowed to freely state their nationality.

In 1945, the state changed its official name to People's Republic of Macedonia. It was formally incorporated as a constituent republic in the former Yugoslav Federation in 1946. However, many people were against the federation, others demanded greater independence from the federal authorities, which led to their prosecution. One of the notable victims of these purges was the first president Metodija Andonov - Čento. In 1963, the name was changed to Socialist Republic of Macedonia.



During that time, Macedonia had the status of a state, although not completely independent. It had its own constitution, collective presidency, government, parliament, official language, state symbols, a Ministry of Internal Affairs, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts and other state prerogatives. Also, the Socialist Republic of Macedonia had its own Territorial Defence armed forces (Macedonian: Територијална одбрана, Teritorijalna odbrana)[5], as well as a Bureau for Foreign Relations (a Ministry of Foreign Affairs).[6]

The rights of the ethnic minorities were guaranteed by the Constitution. The ruling political party was the League of Communists of Macedonia (Сојуз на комунистите на Македонија, Sojuz na komunistite na Makedonija).


In 1990 the form of government peacefully changed from socialist state to parliamentary democracy. The first pluralist elections were held on November 11, 1990. After the collective presidency led by Vladimir Mitkov[7] was dissolved, Kiro Gligorov became the first democratically elected president of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia on January 31, 1991.[8] On April 16, 1991 the parliament adopted the constitutional amendment for removing the "Socialist" adjective from the official name of the country, and on June 7 the same year, the new name Republic of Macedonia was officially established.[3]. After the process of dissolution of Yugoslavia began, the Republic of Macedonia proclaimed full independence following a referendum held on September 8, 1991.

The Republic of Macedonia is the legal pre-successor to the Socialist Republic of Macedonia.

Heads of Institutions

History of the
Republic of Macedonia
Flag of the Republic of Macedonia
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Republic of Macedonia Portal
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Presidents of ASNOM

Presidents of Presidency of Parliament

Presidents of Parliament

  • Dimče-Mire Stojanov
  • Lazar Koliševski
  • Lupo Arsov
  • Vidoe Smilevski
  • Mito Hadživasilev
  • Nikola Minčev

Presidents of Presidency

  • Vidoe Smilevski
  • Ljupčo Arsov
  • Angel Čemerski
  • Blagoja Talevski
  • Tome Bukleski
  • Vančo Apostolski
  • Dragoljub Stavrev
  • Jezdimir Bogdanski
  • Vladimir Mitkov

Prime Ministers

  • Lazar Koliševski (1945–1953)
  • Ljupčo Arsov (1953–1961)
  • Aleksandar Grličkov (1961–1965)
  • Nikola Minčev (1965–1968)
  • Ksente Bogoev (1968–1974)
  • Blagoja Popov (1974–1982)
  • Dragoljub Stavrev (1982–1986)
  • Gligorije Gogovski (1986–1991)


This post was established in 1991 after the dissolution of the collective presidency


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