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Sodium Hub.jpg
A screenshot from PlayStation Home overlooking the Sodium Hub.
Developer(s) Outso
Publisher(s) Lockwood Publishing
Engine PlayStation Home
Native resolution 720p (HDTV)
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, Playstation Home
Release date(s) December 17, 2009
Genre(s) MMO

Sodium is a Massively multiplayer online game based in and exclusive to the PlayStation 3's online community-based social gaming network PlayStation Home. The game was developed by Outso, a developing company that develops spaces and content for Home, and it was published by Lockwood Publishing, who has published other content for Home. It was released on December 17, 2009 to the European and North American versions of Home.[1]

Due to the nature of Home, the game will continue to grow and expand as Home does. New games, virtual items, and community events will continually be added.[2]


Sodium One

The logo of Sodium One featuring a Salt Shooter Tank.

Sodium One (abbreviated as S1) is a combination of a full tank shooting game, called "Salt Shooter", and other associated mini-games that starts somewhere in the Nevada desert. The first five levels of Salt Shooter are free. The full game of Salt Shooter can be obtained by purchasing the "Sodium Pilot Outfit - Red Chili Edition" from the Commerce Point, which is a shop with associated Sodium One products and other content from Outso and Lockwood Publishing. From December 17, 2009 to December 24, 2009, each day during that time period, 150 voucher codes granting access to the pilot outfit and Salt Shooter game were sent out to random users who visited the Sodium Hub. Sodium One is just the beginning of a four part series of games for Home.


Sodium Hub

The Sodium Hub is the main Home space for Sodium. Here, users have different mini-games in which they can earn Sodium Credits. Sodium Credits can be used to redeem Sodium related content in a special Shop. The first thing users must do is talk to VICKIE. VICKIE is the Sodium A.I. Information Android that tracks all of the users information such as completed Objectives. This is where users can find out what Objectives need be completed and redeem their Sodium Credits. Users need to select "Connect" when accessing VICKIE and register with the unique twelve character code on the Sodium One website in order to play the Salt Shooter Game. The Objectives reward the Sodium Credits. Other Objectives, not on the initial list, can be unlocked through playing the mini-games. A couple of the initial Objectives from VICKIE unlock Home reward items. In North America, the Sodium Hub can be accessed through the teleport in the Central Plaza space or through the World Map. In Europe, it can only be accessed through the World Map.

The Objectives are completed through mini-games including [Salt Shooter] Tank Training, Scorpion Stomp, Desert Quench, and the Salt Shooter Game. [Salt Shooter] Tank Training is a training mission of the full game where users can train and try to improve their rankings. Scorpion Stomp is a mini-game where users stomp robotic scorpions. There are three kinds of robotic scorpions: yellow, red, and blue. The yellow robotic scorpions are the easiest to stomp and are mid-sized. The red robotic scorpions, which are the largest scorpions, require special scorpion stomping shoes which can be purchased at the Commerce Point. The blue robotic scorpions are the smallest scorpions and require users to drink a special "Vetoxade" drink. Near this area is where users can find the Commerce Point as well as a display of a [Salt Shooter] tank. The other mini-game in the Sodium Hub is the Desert Quench where users can act as a bartender or customer at "Scorpio's". This is where they can get the special Vetoxade drink, however, they must figure out what the Vetoxade drink combination is. Users can also access a room where there is a big screen for Sodium One content, and if they purchased the pilot outfit, they can access the pilot's VIP lounge.

Salt Shooter Game

A screenshot demonstrating gameplay of the "Salt Shooter Game".

Across from Scorpio's there is a teleporter that teleports users to their very own "Salt Shooter Game" personal space for Home. In here is where users access the Salt Shooter Game, and there is also a Commerce Point in here as well and a teleport back to the Sodium Hub.

The Salt Shooter Game is the full version of the [Salt Shooter] Tank Trainer that's in the Sodium Hub, however, without purchasing the pilot jacket, users can only access the first five levels. The Salt Shooter Tank is upgradeable with different weapons, thrusters, afterburners, and other upgrades. The upgrades are obtained through destroying enemy tanks in each level with a boss at the end. Users can also unlock up to five upgraded versions of the initial purchasable pilot jacket throughout the Salt Shooter Game to show how experienced they are in the game.

The objective of Salt Shooter is to destroy all enemy tanks and collect any items that the tanks drop when destroyed. Some of the items are upgrades for the Salt Shooter Tank while other items, such as Silicon, Silver, and Gold, can be traded in with VICKIE for Sodium Credits with Gold giving the most Sodium Credits, then Silver, and then Silicon. Each level features a sort of boss. Some of the levels boss may just be a fleet of tanks, while other levels bosses are shielded structures that need to be destroyed in addition to fighting off fleets of tanks. One of the unique things about Salt Shooter is that users can replay previous levels with all of their upgraded parts to their Salt Shooter Tank.

Sodium Two

Sodium Two has been teased in an interview that occurred on December 18, 2009 with the CEO of Outso Halli Bjornsson, the Chief of Operations of Outso Joel Kemp, and the Director of Home for SCEA Jack Buser. Joel Kemp also mentioned that they will be releasing apartments for Home.[3] Sodium Two will be based in space.

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