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The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) is a United States based software trade association. The organization lobbies United States policy makers as well as conducting surveys and research and many conferences and webcasts.

The SIIA's activities pertain to government relations, business development, corporate education and intellectual property protection to companies that produce and deliver software and content products and services.



The Software Publishers Association (SPA) was founded in 1984 by Ken Wasch. The original purpose was to provide its two dozen software publisher members representation with policy makers. The membership later grew to a thousand small companies, and in 1999 it was merged with the Information Industry Association (IIA) to form the Software & Information Industry Association.


The SIIA consists of six divisions. Public Policy, Anti-piracy, Software, Content, Education, and Financial Information Services. In addition, the SIIA promotes industry products and services through the annual Codie awards.


Anti-Piracy Division

The SIIA's Anti-Piracy Division conducts an industry-wide campaign to fight software and content copyright infringement. The campaign combines enforcement with education, and encourages member firms to develop methods of prevention. The Anti-Piracy division is well known for its 1992 advertising campaign Don't Copy That Floppy. it also

Content Division

The Content Division of the SIIA provides a forum for companies that are in the business of publishing and distributing online content, or whose products facilitate distribution of information products. The division works with emerging issues and produces deliverables of special interest to members of the division.

Financial Information Services Division

The Financial Information Services Division (FISD) of the SIIA provides a forum for exchanges, market data vendors, specialist data providers, brokerage firms and banks on distribution, management, administration and use of market data. The FISD was founded in 1985 and is governed by a 27-member Executive Committee of exchanges, vendors and market data user firms.

Software Division

The Software Division provides a forum for companies developing applications, services, infrastructure and tools. Activities focus on several topics annually and now include Software as a Service, open source software development and mobile applications. The division has 4 active groups including Channels, Legal, Marketing and ISVs. The groups are chaired by industry executives including Nick Blozan, Axel Schultze, Jan Sysmans and Ken Boasso

Education Division

SIIA’s Education Division focuses on six key issues: Business & Finance; Ed Tech Effectiveness; Government Programs & Funding; Sales & Marketing; Technical/Development issues and Vision K-20.


The CODiE awards are SIIA's yearly peer-recognition award for outstanding code and content products, first issued in 1986.

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