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Values of 1\,R_{\odot} Units
6.955 × 108 metres
695,500 kilometres
0.004652 AU
432,450 miles

In astronomy, the solar radius is a unit of length used to express the size of stars. It is equal to the current radius of the Sun. Its value is:

1\,R_{\odot} = 6.955\times 10^8\,\hbox{m} = 0.004652\,\hbox{AU} (AU).

The solar radius is approximately 432,450 miles (695,500 kilometres) or about 110 times the radius of the Earth, or 10 times the average radius of Jupiter. It varies slightly from pole to equator due to its rotation, which induces an oblateness of order 10 parts per million. See 1 gigametre for similar lengths.


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