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The word solarium (plural solariums or solaria) is Latin and derives from the Latin word sol, meaning "sun".

Solarium may also refer to:

  • Similar to a Sunroom, a room built largely of glass to afford exposure to the sun. Solariums have glass roofs (and often curved glass corners), unlike sunrooms. Solariums are designed for warmth, whereas sunrooms are designed for scenic view.
  • A Terrace (building) or flat housetop
  • The Solarium Augusti, the largest sundial ever made, erected in Rome by Emperor Augustus
  • Tanning bed or tanning booth, non-medical devices that emit ultraviolet light for the purpose of creating a cosmetic tanning of the skin
  • Solarium (constellation), a former constellation
  • Solarium (gastropod), a genus of gastropod

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