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Vera Baird, the current Solicitor General

Her Majesty's Solicitor General for England and Wales, often known as the Solicitor General, is one of the Law Officers of the Crown, and the deputy of the Attorney General, whose duty is to advise the Crown and Cabinet on the law. He or she can exercise the powers of the Attorney General in the Attorney General's absence.

There is also a Solicitor General for Scotland, who is the deputy of the Lord Advocate. As well as the Sovereign's Solicitor General, the Prince of Wales and a Queen consort (when the Sovereign is male) are also entitled to have an Attorney and Solicitor General, though the present Prince of Wales has only an Attorney General and no Solicitor General.

The Solicitor General is addressed in court as "Mr Solicitor". Despite the title, the position is usually held by a barrister. The Current Solicitor General is the Labour Party MP for Redcar, Vera Baird.


Solicitors-General of England (and Wales), 1461-present


15th century


  • Richard Fowler 1461-1470
  • Richard Page 1470-1483
  • Thomas Lynom 1483-1485
  • Andrew Dimmock 1485-1503

16th century

17th century

18th century

19th century

20th century

21st century

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