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Sombra Corporation is a fictional megacorporation in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.

Sombra corporation is controlled by the Crimson King. Sombra Corporation rose to power in the late 80s and fully monopolized high-tech R&D and manufacturing for an unknown, but certainly long period of time. It is affiliated with LaMerck Industries and North Central Positronics. It owns the Trans Corporation, which finds and recruits young people with paranormal powers to carry out assassinations, and eventually to become Breakers. In the Keystone World, the reign of Sombra Corporation was challenged and possibly halted by the Tet Corporation, which was founded by Roland and his ka-tet specifically for this purpose.

In the novels, Sombra Corporation's main act of 'evil' was to purchase the vacant lot in Manhattan which contained the rose, the manifestation of the Dark Tower on this plane of existence. The purpose of this move was to demolish the land to build condos, thus destroying the rose and, perhaps in the process, weakening or destroying the Dark Tower, the lynchpin which held the multiverse together.

The short story Everything's Eventual is from the viewpoint of a 19 year-old drop out that was being trained to be a Breaker. After being paid to kill seemingly random people for an undetermined amount of time, he eventually turns against the Sombra Corp and makes plans to escape.

Note: "Sombra" means "shadow" or "shade" in Spanish and Portuguese.



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