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Some Girls is a 1988 film starring Patrick Dempsey and Jennifer Connelly.


The story revolves around a college student Michael (played by Patrick Dempsey) who goes to Quebec City, Canada for Christmas at the request of his college girlfriend Gabriella (played by Jennifer Connelly), after months of her stonewalling him after she left mid-semester in college.

Michael starts the vacation full of hope and youthful enthusiasm because she has invited him to stay with her family. He arrives and is left waiting at the airport for hours. Gabi eventually arrives to pick him up and explains that sometimes they just don't answer their phone. He brushes off his frustration because he's happy to see her.

He gets to the house and meets the family. The father is in a towel, but will spend most of the rest of the movie in the buff. He is writing a novel and can't write with clothes on. The mother is fiercely religious and a very strong, quiet woman. Two energetic, beautiful sisters meet Michael, along with a handyman Nick.

Unfortunately, over the course of the movie, bad luck and the fickle female spirit continually thwart him. Gabi announces she no longer loves him as soon as he arrives at the house and they have time alone. Both her beautiful sisters independently attempt to seduce him (with the apparent complicity of Gabi). Gabi has a change of heart, and then again decides she doesn’t love him.

Gabi's grandma (the matriarch of the family) is convinced Michael is her long-dead husband, who shares the name Michael. Granny is in a sort of nursing home–hospital from which she escapes after meeting Michael, as she thinks he has come back for her. So she goes to the country estate they shared. The girls and Nick, along with Michael, head out there frantically since it's the middle of winter, hoping she hasn't frozen in the cold. During their search on winter skiis, Michael falls and is unable to get up. He hears footsteps and it's Granny. Apparently, she helps him up and they go to the house. Michael lights a fire and gets Granny out of her cold, wet clothes. She then proceeds to talk to him, mostly about God, and this really engrosses Michael.

Near the end of the movie, after the grandmother has died during Michael’s brief stay, Michael encounters her younger “ghost” at her grave and realizes he deeply loved this remarkable woman. As if they really did have a spiritual connection.

Ultimately, he returns home, touched by the entire experience, but always an outsider to the D’Arc family. We are left to assume he never sees Gabi again (as she did not return to college).


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