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Something Evil
Approx. run time 73 min.
Genre Horror
Written by Robert Clouse
Directed by Steven Spielberg
Produced by Alan Jay Factor
Starring Sandy Dennis
Darren McGavin
Ralph Bellamy
Music by Wladimir Selinsky
Country  United States
Language English
Original channel CBS
Original run January 21, 1972 –

Something Evil is a 1972 horror television movie starring Sandy Dennis, Darren McGavin, and Ralph Bellamy.

Directed by Steven Spielberg, the screenplay was written by Robert Clouse.



A married couple with two young children move into a Pennsylvania farmhouse that turns out to be inhabited by demons. Darren McGavin portrays the TV producer husband, while Sandy Dennis plays his actress wife. Popular child star Johnny Whitaker co-stars as their oldest child, who becomes possessed and begins to torment his family and their friends. When the mother begins to sense that something may be wrong with her son, her husband and friends think she is going insane. In the end, only the mother's devotion can drive the demon from her son.


The movie was made to capitalize on the success of the novel The Exorcist, which had yet to be released as a movie. Despite its common storyline, Spielberg used unusual camera angles and quick shots to give Something Evil its distinctive and disturbing results. By never fully showing the "monster," a technique he would employ to good effect in Jaws, Spielberg transformed what would otherwise have been an average made-for-TV movie script into a successfully chilling movie.

Filming locations


The movie features the "APPLE BAR CANDY SONG" by Charlie Marie Gordon, which is performed by Sandy Dennis for a commercial her husband is filming. The song has been spoofed several times.

Video release

Something Evil has never been released on video, and remains one of the only Speilberg films still unreleased.


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