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Directed by A. K. Lohithadas
Written by A. K. Lohithadas
Starring Dileep
Meera Jasmine

Soothradharan (2002) is a Malayalam film directed by A. K. Lohithadas. The film stars Dileep and Meera Jasmine.


Ramesan (Dileep) who supports the five member family by selling pickles and other eatables, reaches Pandavapuram under certain circumstances where he finds the conditions to be truly stark and dreary. Director dwells upon the ordeals of life in Pandavapuram. Ramesan is trying in vain to find his friend Leelakrishnan Salim Kumar who acts as a hijada to eke out a living.

Rabima Bindu Panikker who runs a brothel gives him shelter. Seemingly oblivious of the impending doom, Sivani (Meera Jasmin) a teenage girl lives with Rabima and Ranima (Chitra) She falls in love with Ramesan. Bharathiyakka, an old inmate of the whorehouse fills her wallet with money earned by selling virgins to infamous pimps. She persuades Rabima to sell Sivani to a rich and pompous Zamindar (Mansoor Alikhan)Trapped between dreams of hard cash for sustenance and her affection for Sivani, Rabima is trying to save the lives of prostitutes by getting as much money as she can through this ordeal. Sivani's aspirations bite the dust leaving her emotionally shattered, when Rabima decides to sell her. But then matters are put in their proper perspective and the director opts for the usual happy ending.


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