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For the manga character, see Sora Aoi (Aki Sora).
Sora Aoi
Birthdate November 11, 1983 (1983-11-11) (age 26)[1]
Birth location Tokyo, Japan
Height 1.55 m (5 ft 1 in)
Measurements: 90(G Cup)-58-83(cm)
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Brown
Blood Group B
Ethnicity Japanese
Alias(es) Sola Aoi
Official website
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Sora Aoi (蒼井そら Aoi Sora?) (also known as Sola Aoi) is a Japanese AV idol, nude model, and media personality who is best known for her large breasts.[2] One of the top, award-winning actresses in the AV field of her time, she attained mainstream media recognition.


Life and career

Early life

Sora Aoi was born on November 11, 1983 in Tokyo. As a student she worked at various part-time jobs in the food-service industry, such as pizza parlours, pubs and sushi bars.[3] While in her third year in high school, Aoi was scouted in Shibuya by a talent agency for gravure modelling.[4] When asked how her stage name was chosen, Aoi explained, "My agency asked what color I liked. I said blue ("ao" in Japanese). He also asked what I like in general. I said sky ("Sora" in Japanese). So, he chose Aoi Sora (means "Blue Sky" in Japanese)."[5]

Aoi made her debut as a nude model in November 2001. Her "big eyes[,] cute smile,"[6] "young girl's face and... large breasts"[7] quickly made her a popular magazine model.[8] Her bust was at first reported as a metric F-cup, but had become a G-cup within a year of her acting debut.[8]

Aoi made two adult movies, Summer Break and Twinkle Twinkle which were supposedly aired on a subscription porn TV service, although details have not been confirmed yet.[citation needed] She then signed with the Kuki Inc. group, one of Japan's largest producers of pornography at the time,[9] which includes the Samantha and Alice Japan companies.

Documentary-influenced AVs

Critics have often pointed out the documentary format employed in many Japanese adult videos,[10] Aoi's second AV, her first for the MAX-A company's Samantha label, follows this format, pursuing the common theme of the actress' sexual initiation taking place on tape. By witnessing the actress' sexual awakening as it is occurring, the on-screen sexual activity is given added meaning to the video audience.[11] This video, The Blue Sky: Sora Aoi, makes use of the sexual awakening theme by purportedly showing Aoi using a sex toy for the first time in her life.[12] Facial, released in August 2002, employed hand-held camera techniques to get a "realistic and wild" effect.[13] The story has Aoi having sexual encounters in a hotel hot spring.'s reviewer commented at the time that Aoi was "getting wilder and wilder in each video."[14] Another of Aoi's videos in the documentary format is the August 2003 entry in the Bubbly Heaven series. This video series has popular AV actresses learning soapland techniques from professionals, and then demonstrating their new skills for the video audience.[15]

Fictional AVs

Though the mock-documentary format is popular in Japanese adult videos, purely fictional films in various genres also remain popular. 50/50 (December 2002) tells the story of a woman who works at a restaurant and a cabaret club in order to earn rent money for the apartment in which she and her boyfriend live.[16] The story gave Aoi a chance to wear a French maid costume, and to engage in sex with three different actors. reviewer "Bug" comments that the film is given a "sweet" quality by Aoi's frequent kissing of the actors during these scenes.[17] Sola-Graph, released in January 2003, was Aoi's fourth appearance for the Samantha label.[18] The video has Aoi engaging in sex with several prominent AV actors. Vegetables and fruit are involved in some of the encounters.[17] Aoi's last partner in the video is Taka Kato, a legend in the Japanese AV world, whose ability to make women ejaculate through his manual dexterity has earned him the nickname, "Goldfinger".[19] Typically for Kato, female ejaculation is featured in the final scene.[17]

In February 2003's Wet and Tender, Aoi plays the role of a prostitute pursued by both her boyfriend and a stalker until she is rescued by one of her regular customers, whom she then rewards with free sex.[20][21] The April 2003 release, Sexy Fruit, had Aoi as an aspiring celebrity who gives sexual favors for singing and acting lessons.[22] Little Sister's Secret of May 2003 made use of a story in the incest genre.[7] The sex scenes include paizuri with her boyfriend, face-sitting for her school teacher, and a sexual encounter with her brother-in-law. Aoi acted out a variety of emotions as demanded by her role in this drama, which the Kuki Group calls her best video.[23] Sexy Butt of the following month had Aoi in love with a TV stuntman.[24] She fantasizes being manually satisfied by this actor, and has sexual encounters with a screenwriter, and a man who owes a large debt. Despite the video's title, Aoi's posterior region was not given much emphasis in this video.[25]

Other genres

In contrast to these urban-drama stories, some of Aoi's videos are in a more adventurous porno-science-fiction genre. Her October 2002 release for Alice Japan, Cosmic Girl, was an "erotic comedy" in which she played a super-heroine battling, and having sex with, aliens from the Vibe-star.[26] The video included costume-play, with yukata, and singing.[27] Her July 2003 video, Splash, has Aoi living in the near future, at which time humanity is enslaved by the "Ocean Species". Inter-species sexual encounters follow.[28]

Popularity and mainstream recognition

For her work in adult videos during her first year, Aoi won the "Best Breasts Award" at the AV Grand Prix awards ceremony of 2003.[8] The same year, Aoi starred in the theatrically released pink film High School Teacher (2003). In this film she played two roles, the title character, and a girl who had committed suicide the year before the high school teacher arrived.[29] For her role in another pink film, Tsumugi (制服美少女 先生あたしを抱いて Seifuku bishōjo: Sensei atashi wo daite?), Aoi was given a Best Actress Award at the 2004 Pink Grand Prix ceremony.[30] The film was ranked the fourth best pink film release of the year.[31]

While continuing to perform in hardcore AVs, Aoi appeared in the first video release of the Shuffle company's new label Believe. Entitled The Naked Body, this June 2003 release was an "image video," which has nude modeling but no sex. Naked / Sora Aoi #2 was Aoi's second "image video" for this company. This February 2004 release had Aoi modeling in Guam. By this time Aoi had become one of the most popular AV idols in Japan. Her name was the second-most popular Internet search on a female celebrity in Japan for 2005,[32] and she was the most-searched AV idol.[33] Aoi's popularity enabled her to enter mainstream entertainment, including television and radio,[32] and singing on some punk rock albums.[citation needed] Her popularity even extended to South Korea, where the Korean hip-hop group, Epik High used one of her nude pictures to promote their concerts during their underground days.

Aoi continued to work for Alice Japan and Max-A's Samantha label until November 2004, when she moved to the newly formed studio, S1 No. 1 Style, part of the large Hokuto Corporation. Her first video for S1, Sell Debut, directed by Hideto Aki, was released November 11, 2004. She has remained at S1, but has appeared in only six or fewer original videos per year since the beginning of 2006. One of her S1 videos, Hyper Risky Mosaic - Special Bath House Tsubaki (ハイパーギリギリモザイク 特殊浴場 TSUBAKI 貸切入浴料1億円), with 11 other S1 actresses won the First Place Award at the 2007 AV Open contest.[34] [35]

Current life

By 2006, Aoi was appearing regularly on television, including often appearing on variety shows and acting in several dramas[32] including the popular 2007 J-dorama detective show Galileo (ガリレオ)[36]. and the 2006 midnight-drama Shimokita GLORY DAYS (下北GLORY DAYS) along with fellow S1 actresses Yuma Asami and Honoka where she plays the character "Nozomi Ichimonji" in the manga based series about a ronin student moving to Tokyo and sharing a house with several beautiful women.[37].

She also had a part (non-nude) in a mainstream Thai-teen movie, Hormones (Pid Term Yai, Hua Jai Waa Wun), released in March 2008. She plays a Japanese tourist who brings one character to the brink of infidelity to his girlfriend. Director Songyos Sugmakanan was criticized for using an AV star in a movie aimed at teens and Aoi was originally not included in promotional materials for the film. Sugmakanan defended his choice of Aoi as "the average Thai man's dream" and described Aoi as "terrific" and "very professional". Hormones won the Jury's Special Prize at the fourth Asian Marine Film Festival in Japan which journalist Wise Kwai ascribed to Aoi's presence.[38]

Aoi made her debut in another Asian entertainment market when she appeared in a Korean TV drama Korean Classroom in May 2009. The four part series follows three Japanese girls traveling to Korea and co-stars fellow AV Idols Mihiro and Rio (Tina Yuzuki). Aoi was subsequently scheduled to appear on several Korean variety shows while in Korea to promote the series.[39]

According to a December, 2006 issue of Friday magazine, Aoi was having a love affair with renowned owarai (comedic) artist Jiro Hachimitsu. Aoi and Hachimitsu were reportedly living together at the time.[32] Their relationship ended in January 2009 as reported in their blogs according to Tokyograph News.[40]


Adult videos

Video title[41] Company Director Release date Notes
Happy Go Lucky! Alice Japan
KA-2080 (VHS)
DV-172 (DVD)
Kazuhito Kuramoto VHS:July 30, 2002
DVD:August 30, 2002
Aoi's debut AV[42]
The Blue Sky Sora Aoi
MaxA Samansa
XS-2268 (VHS)
Yoshiho Fukuoka August 23, 2002
Virgin Sky Max-A Samansa
XS-2271 (VHS)
Yukihiko Shimamura September 24, 2002
Cosmic Girl Alice Japan
Hidekazu Takahara October 29, 2002
Samantha Sora Aoi Vol. 1
サマンサ 蒼井そら
Max-A Samansa
Yoshiho Fukuoka November 22, 2002 DVD release of The Blue Sky
Facial Sora Aoi Max-A Samansa
XS-2278 (VHS)
Yoshiho Fukuoka November 29, 2002
Max-A Anniversary 3 Max-A Calen
December 6, 2002 Compilation of 24 actresses
50/50 Sora Aoi Alice Japan
Kazutoshi Goto December 27, 2002
Max-A's Three Hotties Rin Nohara Asuka Sora Aoi
MAX-A3人娘 野原りん 明日香 蒼井そら
Max-A Samansa
Yukihiko Shimamura January 24, 2003 DVD release of Virgin Sky plus videos by Rin Nohara & Asuka
Sola-Graph Max-A Samansa
XS-2283 (VHS)
Yukihiko Shimamura January 31, 2003
Wet and Tender
Alice Japan
Yoshinori Kasuga February 28, 2003
Illegal Tits Violation 14
不法侵乳 14
Max-A Samansa
XS-2286 (VHS)
Taira Takano March 25, 2003
Samantha Sora Aoi Vol.2
サマンサ蒼井そら VOL.2
Max-A Samansa
Yoshiho Fukuoka
Yukihiko Shimamura
April 25, 2003 DVD release of Facial & Sola-Graph
Sexy Fruit
Alice Japan
Hidekazu Takahara April 25, 2003
Younger Sister's Secret Sora Aoi
妹の秘密 蒼井そら
Max-A Samansa
XS-2292 (VHS)
Yo Takemura May 30, 2003
Samantha Sora Aoi Vol. 3
サマンサ 蒼井そら Vol.3
Max-A Samansa
Taira Takano June 20, 2003 DVD release of Illegal Tits Violation 14
Sexy Butt (Mejiri)
Alice Japan
Kunihiro Hasegawa June 20, 2003
Naked / Sora Aoi
裸体 蒼井そら
Shuffle Believe
June 25, 2003 Nude modeling only
Max-A Samansa
XS-2298 (VHS)
Taira Takano July 25, 2003
Bubbly Heaven
Alice Japan
Shigeo Katsuyama August 22, 2003
Samantha Sora Aoi Vol.4
サマンサ 蒼井そら Vol.4
Max-A Samansa
Yo Takemura August 22, 2003 DVD release of Younger Sister's Secret
Samantha Sora Aoi Vol.5
サマンサ 蒼井そら Vol.5
Max-A Samansa
Taira Takano September 19, 2003 DVD release of Splash
Welcome To Max Café
ようこそMax Cafeへ!
Max-A Samansa
XS-2303 (VHS)
Yo Takemura September 30, 2003
November 21, 2003
Costume Play Doll
Alice Japan
Yuji Sakamoto October 24, 2003
Sora Aoi's 2 Videos
蒼井そら 2本セット
Alice Japan
Yuji Sakamoto October 24, 2003 Contains Costume Play Doll & Best Collection
Sora Aoi Best Collection
蒼井そら 秘蔵痴態集
Alice Japan
October 24, 2003 Compilation of scenes from Happy Go Lucky, "Cosmic Girl", & "50/50"
Oral Infection
口内感染 Oral Infection
Max-A Samansa
XS-2311 (VHS)
Yoshiho Fukuoka November 28, 2003
Max-A Anniversary 4 Max-A Calen
December 19, 2003 Compilation of 24 actresses
Indecent Model (Waisetsu model)
Alice Japan
Eigo Mochizuki December 26, 2003
Samantha Sora Aoi Vol.6
サマンサ 蒼井そら Vol.6
Max-A Samansa
Yushiho Fukuoka January 23, 2004 DVD release of Oral Infection
The Confined Bodydoll / Sora Aoi
監禁ボディドール 蒼井そら
Max-A Samansa
XS-2320 (VHS)
Taira Takano January 30, 2004
The Hidden Suicup
Alice Japan
Kyuhei Tsubakihara February 20, 2004
Naked 2 / Sora Aoi
裸体 蒼井そら#2
Shuffle Believe
Kosuke Kisaragi February 25, 2004 Nude modeling only
Samantha Sora Aoi Vol.7
サマンサ 蒼井そら Vol.7
Max-A Samansa
Taira Takano March 26, 2004 DVD release of The Confined Bodydoll
Self Produce / Sora Aoi
Self Produce 蒼井そら
Max-A Samansa
XS-2331 (VHS)
Toshio March 30, 2004
The Devil's Training
Alice Japan
Shigeo Katsuyama April 30, 2004
Samantha Sora Aoi Vol.8
サマンサ 蒼井そら Vol.8
Max-A Samansa
Toshio May 21, 2004 DVD release of Self Produce
Taboo / Sora Aoi
TABOO 蒼井そら
Max-A Samansa
XS-2338 (VHS)
Yukinori Nishizawa May 28, 2004
Sister's Secret Collection Memorial Edition
Max-A Samansa
XS-2339 (VHS)
Toshio May 28, 2004
Boin Mix Bomb Max-A Samansa
Toshio June 18, 2004 Compilation of 10 large-breasted actresses
Provocative Erotic
Alice Japan
Hidekazu Takahara June 25, 2004
More Max VI Max-A Samansa
XS-2345 (VHS)
Toshio July 23, 2004 Compilation of 10 actresses
Samantha Sora Aoi Vol.9
サマンサ 蒼井そら Vol.9
Max-A Samansa
Yukinori Nishizawa July 23, 2004 DVD release of Taboo
Lollipop(ロリポップ) 蒼井そら
Max-A Samansa
XS-2349 (VHS)
Toshio July 30, 2004
Sora Aoi Becomes a Prostitute
Alice Japan Babylon
KR-9211 (VHS)
DV-381 (DVD)
August 20, 2004
Sexy Butt Climax 2004 (Mejiri Climax 2004)
女尻CLIMAX 2004
Alice Japan
KA-2186 (VHS)
DV-387 (DVD)
Usagi Kanda August 27, 2004 Compilation with Akiho Yoshizawa, Kaede Matsushima, Rina & Yuna Mizumoto
Witch Hunt IV
Max-A Samansa
Taira Takano September 28, 2004
Fetish Sora
フェティッシュ そら
Alice Japan
Kyuhei Tsubakihara October 22, 2004
Sell Debut
Hideto Aki November 11, 2004
Samantha Sora Aoi Vol.10
サマンサ 蒼井そら Vol.10
Max-A Samansa
Toshio November 28, 2004 DVD release of Lollipop
Best of Sky Sora Aoi
Max-A Samansa
XS-2369 (VHS)
XV-239 (DVD)
Toshio VHS:November 30, 2004
DVD:April 29, 2005
Compilation of 14 previous Sora Aoi videos
Female Teacher X Schoolgirl
Kingdom December 11, 2004
Erotic Lady's Indecent Language Play
淫語 エロい女の淫語あそび
Kingdom January 11, 2005
Let's Confine! MAX MAX 4 Hours
Max-A Samansa
XV-219 (DVD)
January 28, 2005 Compilation of 14 actresses
Sora Aoi is Just for Me
Alala Kurosawa February 11, 2005
Kissing Special
Hideto Aki March 11, 2005
Sora is Your Do Exactly As Told Toy
Alala Kurosawa April 11, 2005
Taboo Hard Mix Max-A
Toshio March 29, 2005 Compilation with Akiho Yoshizawa, Naho Ozawa, Ami Ayukawa, Asuka & Erika Hayashi
Reverse Soap Heaven All Reserved Special 2005
逆ソープ天国貸切スペシャル 2005
Alice Japan Babylon
Usagi Kanda April 29, 2005 Compilation with Natsuki Ozawa, Kaede Matsushima, Naho Ozawa & Hikaru Houzuki
Lusting Uniform Collection
Max-A Samansa
Toshio April 29, 2005 School-girl uniform cosplay compilation of 10 actresses
Sora's Moist, Rich Sex
Kengo May 19, 2005
Breast Special
Hideto Aki June 19, 2005
Sora Will Relieve You Greatly
蒼井そら そらがいっぱい癒してあげる
[Jo]Style July 19, 2005
Uniform Doll Dress Up Collection 2005
制服人形 着せ替えコレクション 2005
Alice Japan
Usagi Kanda July 22, 2005 Cosplay compilation of 7 actresses
Risky Mosaic - Stimulating Sex
ギリギリモザイク はげましセックス
Koushirou August 19, 2005
Wouldn't You Like to Be Shown Sora's Sex Thoroughly?
Tadanori Usami September 19, 2005
Get Really Erotic Costume Play!
Alala Kurosawa October 19, 2005
Lewd Neighbor
Tadanori Usami November 19, 2005
Delusional Special Bath
Hideto Aki December 19, 2005
A Life With Sora is Filled With Sex 24 Hours!
Hideto Aki January 19, 2006
Yeah! Nurses!! MAX MAX 4 Hours
Max-A Calen
January 20, 2006 Compilation with several actresses
Brand New Nurse Sora as a Pakopako Nurse
Iggy Coen February 19, 2006
Super Titty-Fucking 2
Hideto Aki April 19, 2006
Sora is the Young Married Lady Next Door
May 19, 2006
Sora Aoi Collection 1
July 19, 2006 Compilation
Hyper – Barely There Mosaic
August 7, 2006 Compilation with Yua Aida, Yuma Asami, Maria Ozawa, Honoka and Rin Aoki
BakoBako Gangbang 15
Hideto Aki September 19, 2006
S1 Dream Collection - Super S Class idols 4 hour special vol.1
S1ドリームコレクション スーパーS級アイドル4時間!1
October 7, 2006 Compilation with Yua Aida, Yuma Asami, Maria Ozawa and Honoka
Hyper-Risky Mosaic
Hideto Aki November 19, 2006
S1 Dream Collection – 2nd Anniversary Commemoration Special Ver. – Super S Class Idols 8 Hours!
S1ドリームコレクション2周年記念スペシャルVer. スーパーS級アイドル8時間!
February 19, 2007 Compilation with 6 actresses
Big Dick PakoPako!
Hideto Aki April 19, 2007
Hyper Risky Mosaic - Special Bath House Tsubaki
ハイパーギリギリモザイク 特殊浴場 TSUBAKI 貸切入浴料1億円
Hideto Aki May 3, 2007 With Honoka, Akiho Yoshizawa, Sho Nishino, Asami Ogawa, Yuma Asami, MO ☆ MO, Mako Katase, Chinatsu Izawa, Megumi Haruka, Karin & Cina Miyu
-S1 entry in the 2007 AV Open

-Re-released December 7, 2007 extended to 8 hours as S1 ONED-891
Hyper-Risky Mosaic 8 Hours
October 19, 2007 Compilation of 21 videos
Risky Mosaic MV
完全限定生産×最新型Mビジョン ギリギリモザイクMV改
Hideto Aki November 19, 2007
Special Bath House Tsubaki 8 Hours
ハイパー×ギリギリモザイク 特殊浴場TSUBAKI8時間
Hideto Aki December 7, 2007 With 11 actresses
-Previously released May 3, 2007 in a 4 hour version as S1 OPEN-0705
Repeated Death, Grand Orgasm
ギリギリモザイク 繰り返す昇天、壮絶アクメ
February 19, 2008
My Only Idol
ギリギリモザイク 僕だけのアイドル 蒼井そら
March 19, 2008
Raped Sora Aoi
ギリモザ 犯された蒼井そら
July 19, 2008
Staggering Facial Ejaculation
ハイパー×ギリモザ ものすごい顔射
Hideto Aki September 7, 2008
Risky Mosaic - Infinite Climax! Exciting Ecstasy Fuck
ギリモザ 無限絶頂!激イカセFUCK 蒼井そら
Hideto Aki November 7, 2008
20 Costumes Pakopako!
Ishibashi Wataru January 7, 2009
Bodily Fluids Mingling, Rich Fuck
Minami Haou March 19, 2009
Lewd Busty Female Teacher
ギリモザ 淫らな巨乳女教師
Midori Kohaku June 7, 2009
Certain Kill! Cum Face Shot!
Hideto Aki August 7, 2009
Incest (Twisted Bonds)
ギリモザ 近親相姦
Hideto Aki October 7, 2009
Risky Mosaic Lotion Hell
Hideto Aki December 7, 2009
Wife Violated in Front of Her Husband
Yuji Sakamoto January 19, 2010

U.S. Release

Video title Company Director Release date Notes
Asian Beauty Vol. 1[43] Adult Source Media Kosuke Kisaragi February 15, 2007 Nude Modeling only
English subtitled version of Naked 2 / Sora Aoi from February 25, 2004
Asian Beauty Vol. 3[44] Adult Source Media February 15, 2007 Nude Modeling only
English subtitled version of Naked / Sora Aoi from June 25, 2003
  • Unconfirmed titles:
    • Twinkle Twinkle[citation needed]
    • Summer Break[citation needed]
    • Be My Valentine[citation needed]

TV Drama

Title Network Character Date Notes
Tokumei Kakarichō Tadano Hitoshi[45]
特命係長 只野仁
TV Asahi 2003-07-04 to 2003-09-19 11 episodes
Mystery Minzoku Gakusha Yakumo Itsuki[46][47]
(Mystery Folklore Scholar Yakumo Itsuki)
TV Asahi Anna Nikaido 2004-10-29 (Episode 3)
Shimokita GLORY DAYS[37]
TV Tokyo Nozomi Ichimonji 2006-04-14 to 2006-07-08 12 episodes
Kaikan Shokunin[48]
TV Asahi 2006-07-08 to 2006-09-23 10 episodes
Released as a DVD 2006-11-22[49]
Fuji TV Reiko Shinozaki 2007-11-05 (Episode 4)


Title[50] Company Director Release Date Notes
High School Teacher
高校教師 飼育の校舎
Koukou Kiyoushi Shi Kuno Koushiya
Engel Hiroshi Ando November 25, 2003 Role: Miyako/Kumiko
Erotic Ghost: Siren
新妖女傳說 Siren
Shin Youjo Densetsu Siren
Satoshi Torao October 22, 2004 Role: Yumi
Hotaru The Hyper Swindler Series Vol. 3
新だまし屋本舗・蛍 ~おいしいバイトにご用心~
Shin Damashi Ya Honpo・Hotaru ~Oishii Baito ni go Yoojin~
Nisato Takeshi November 4, 2005 Role: Hotaru Amami
Hotaru The Hyper Swindler Series Vol. 4
新だまし屋本舗・蛍 ~ペーパー商法にご用心~
Shin Damashi Ya Honpo・Hotaru ~Peepaa Shoohoo ni go Yoojin~
Nisato Takeshi December 7, 2005 Role: Hotaru Amami
Kunoichi 5nin Shu Vs. Onna Dragon Gundan
Tanigaki Kenji October 25, 2005
Hotaru The Hyper Swindler Series Vol. 5
新だまし屋本舗・蛍 ~美容詐欺を撲滅せよ~
Shin Damashi Ya Honpo・Hotaru ~Biyoo Sagi o Bokumetsu Seyo~
Nisato Takeshi July 5, 2006 Role: Hotaru Amami
Hotaru The Hyper Swindler Series Vol. 6
新だまし屋本舗・蛍 ~フランチャイズ詐欺を撲滅せよ~
Shin Damashi Ya Honpo・Hotaru ~Furanchaizu Sagi o Bokumetsu Seyo~
Nisato Takeshi August 4, 2006 Role: Hotaru Amami
Play Angels Vol. 1
プレイエンジェル Vol. 1
Nisato Takeshi July 11, 2007 Role: Anna
Play Angels Vol. 2
プレイエンジェル Vol. 2
Nisato Takeshi February 6, 2008 Role: Anna
My Sassy Girl
Jojo Hideo September 22, 2008 Role: Anna
Sora Aoi wrote the screenplay for Aozora. [52]

Theatrical releases

Title[53] Company Director Release Date Notes
Gun Crazy: Episode 4
GUN CRAZY Episode4 用心棒の鎮魂歌
Seifuku Bisyojo Sensei Atashi wo Daite
Pioneer LDC / Japan Home Video Atushi Muroga May 10, 2003
Tsumugi (Uniform Beauty: Shag Me Teacher!)
つむぎ舟 (制服美少女 先生あたしを抱いて)
Seifuku Bisyojo Sensei Atashi wo Daite
Kokuei / Shintōhō Hidezaku Takahara July 27, 2004 Role: Tsumugi Yamane
Love Twisted
Euro Space (ーロスペース) Ryouko Yoshida August 21, 2004 Role: Yuko Yajima
Stop the Bitch Campaign: Hell Version
援助交際撲滅運動 地獄変
Enjo-kosai Bokumetsu Undo: Jigoku-hen
King Records / Omuro Kosuke Suzuki October 2, 2004 Role: Aoi
Raw Summer
Powercat Entertainment Keisuke Yoshida January 28, 2005 Role: Anko
Winner 2006 Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival Off-Theater Competition Grand Prix
Man, Woman & The Wall
Kikare Taonna
Masashi Yamamoto April 15, 2006 Role: Satsuki
Memories of Matsuko
Kiraware Matsuko no isshō
Toho / TBS Tetsuya Nakashima May 27, 2006
Irokoishi 2: Roaming in Hokkaido
艶恋師 北海道 放浪編
Irokoishi: Hokkaido Hourou Hen
Yūji Tajiri January 28, 2008 Role: Ayumi
Tear Jar
Namida Tsubo
Art Port (アートポート) Takahisa Zeze March 1, 2008 Role:
ปิดเทอมใหญ่ หัวใจว้าวุ่น
Pit Thoem Yai Hua Chai Wawun
GMM Tai Hub Songyos Sugmakanan 20 March 2008 Role: Aoi


English title[54] Japanese title Release date
Lovepara Unmei らぶぱら 運命 May 10, 2003
Lovex 07 Sora Aoi Lovex 07 蒼井そら November 22, 2003
Karami 21 Sora Aoi Karami 21 蒼井そら March 10, 2004


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Awards and achievements
Pinky Ribbon Awards
Preceded by
New Award
Pinky Ribbon Award for Best New Actress
Sora Aoi
with Mai Sakurazuki
Kyōko Natsume

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Mari Yamaguchi
Sakurako Kaoru
Komari Awashima
Erina Aoyama

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