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Sora no Otoshimono
Sora no Otoshimono vol01.jpg
Cover of Sora no Otoshimono volume 1 as published by Kadokawa Shoten
Genre Harem, Fantasy, Romantic comedy
Author Suu Minazuki
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Shōnen Ace
Original run May 2007 – ongoing
Volumes 8
TV anime
Director Hisashi Saitō
Studio AIC
Original run October 4, 2009December 27, 2009
Episodes 13
Light novel
Author Rin Kanzaki
Illustrator Suu Minazuki
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Demographic Male
Imprint Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko
Original run February 1, 2010 – ongoing
Volumes 1
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Sora no Otoshimono (そらのおとしもの?, lit. What Fell from the Sky) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Suu Minazuki (author of Watashi no Messiah-sama). The manga began serialization in the May 2007 issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Shōnen Ace manga magazine, and as of October 2009, seven bound volumes have been released in Japan. An anime adaptation produced by AIC began airing in Japan in October 2009.[1]



The plot revolves around a boy in the town of Sorami named Tomoki Sakurai who is one day invited by his childhood friend Sohara Mitsuki and Eishirō Sugata (the leader of "The New World" club) to come at midnight to witness a strange object seen crossing through their town's sky. Tomoki goes alone and as the strange object comes close, Sugata calls to warn him to get away from it. What falls from the sky is a creature called an Angeloid named Ikaros.

Ikaros imprints on Tomoki after he rescues her from being destroyed by falling debris. She introduces herself as a "Pet-Class" Angeloid and offers to fulfill any wishes Tomoki may have. In time, she begins to pick up human characteristics from her involvement with Tomoki and more of her past is revealed. We soon discover that Ikaros has left "the Heavens" in disarray, and various Angeloids are sent to retrieve her.



Tomoki Sakurai (桜井 智樹 Sakurai Tomoki?)
Voiced by: Sōichirō Hoshi
The main character, who wants nothing more than a peaceful and quiet life in town. However, Tomoki's life is forever changed when he meets with Ikaros.While having an extremely perverted side, to the point of creating peepholes via improvised pipe periscopes to every peeping spot all over town, he is usually a kind and sincere person. He takes on the task of helping Ikaros become more human. He has a re-occurring dream where he loses his angel. The series begins with Tomoki experiencing a re-occurring dream; it is eventually discovered that Tomoki's dream serves as a gateway between the human world, and the world of Synapse. Tomoki has shown feelings for Ikaros and Nymph. He has also tried to break the Angeloids' tendency to obey their masters' orders completely by letting them do whatever they want, giving them a great degree of freedom to make their own individual decisions. While he constantly laments that his idealistic world of peace and quiet is ruined by the appearances of the Angeloids, he admits that he does see them as family, and enjoys their company.
Sohara Mitsuki (見月 そはら Mitsuki Sohara?)
Voiced by: Mina
Tomoki's childhood friend who lives across the road from him, often goes to his house in the morning to wake him up. As a child she was constantly ill and thus had few friends. She is continually jealous of Tomoki's relationships with the various Angeloids and generally acts on this jealousy by "Karate-Chopping" Tomoki; however, she also does that whenever he's being perverted in her presence. She is also in love with Tomoki and her breasts always seem to be getting bigger; they are still not as big as Ikaros's. Apparently, her dreams may sometimes involve her and Tomoki being together in many different provocative situations, such as being in the bath together, which suggests she actually likes it when Tomoki is perverted.
Eishirō Sugata (守形 英四郎 Sugata Eishirō?)
Voiced by: Tatsuhisa Suzuki
The leader of a club called "The New World". Sugata is a scientist of sorts and is researching the Angeloids. He lives in a tent near a river. He continually praises various explorers, and his current goal is to explore the "New World". He is highly eccentric and has some past involvement with Mikako's family. He starts investigating Synapse with Nymph's help. He is also equal on combat abilites with Mikako.
Mikako Satsukitane (五月田根 美香子 Satsukitane Mikako?)
Voiced by: Ayahi Takagaki
An upperclassman to Tomoki and Mitsuki and the President of the Student Council. She is Sugata's childhood friend and the heiress of a Yakuza family. She is manipulative, cunning, highly intelligent and somewhat sadistic. In the manga she is forced to take supplementary lessons due to "failing in morals." She also is equal to Sugata in terms of combat abilities.


Hiyori Kazane (風音 日和 Kazane Hiyori?)
Hiyori is introduced as a second-year student at Tomoki's school. She has feelings for Tomoki and joins the New Continent Discovery Club just to get closer to him. In actuality, Hiyori is an angel who was first seen when Sugata went to Synapse. She was inside some sort of a sleeping chamber that connected her to her body on Earth, which functions like an avatar. Sugata was hesitant on letting her join the New Continent Discovery Club, since there are still a lot of things he does not know about what she really is. However, he welcomes her anyway, since her membership will allow his club to receive more funding. Thus far, nobody, except Sugata, is aware of Hiyori's true identity. Hiyori got rather embarrassed when it was suggested that she was dating Tomoki, suggesting that while she likes Tomoki, she has not even considered as far as dating him yet. Hiyori's presence has become a source of major discomfort for Sohara, Nymph, and Astraea. This stems from the realization that Hiyori is always kind and caring to Tomoki, while the others seem to only see his 'faults'.
Daedalus (ダイダロス Daidarosu?)
Voiced by: Asuka Ōgame
The Daedalus is the maker of Ikaros, Nymph and Astraea, the first generation of Angeloids. She appears in Tomoki's dreams, but she flies away leaving Tomoki crying. She comes to his dreams to ask him to help to save her.


Ikaros (イカロス Ikarosu?)
Voiced by: Saori Hayami
Introduced as a "Pet-Class Angeloid, Type Alpha", she becomes bonded to Tomoki at the beginning of the story (symbolized by the invisible chain leading from her collar to Tomoki's hand). Ikaros displays a very submissive, melancholic personality, and is completely subservient to Tomoki's wishes. Ikaros possesses the ability to grant seemingly any wish through the use of several techno-magical cards. Despite her passive appearance, Ikaros has displayed moments of aggressiveness when Tomoki's life appears to be in danger. She weighs 48 kilograms, stands at 162cm and her wing type is listed as "Variable". Her "Variable" wings are extremely valuable and are highly desired by Synapse. While she begins the series with a poor grasp of human emotion, she eventually begins to acquire emotions and begins to fall in love with Tomoki. The reason for this is because she has high battle and processing capability, but low emotional control. She has been shown to be willing to sacrifice herself if it means ensuring the safety of Tomoki. Recently, her feelings for Tomoki have grown even further, evidenced by the fact that she blushed and felt embarrassed when she accidentally saw Tomoki's kissing face.
As the story progresses it becomes clear that Ikaros is not merely a "Pet-Class" Angeloid, she is actually a "Battle-Class" Angeloid and also the most powerful of all Angeloids. She takes little harm when she is shot, she is capable of flight at Mach 24, and is able to withstand pressure better than most submarines. In the past, she was called the "Uranus Queen" and terrorized Synapse due to her immense power and battle capabilities. She was originally sent to Earth as a weapon of judgment and is responsible for destroying the Tower of Babel.
Ikaros is seen to be with the only Angeloid who has a 'battle mode'. When she activates her battle mode (Uranos Queen Mode), her wings are engulfed in bright light, and her eyes become red and a halo appears over her head. Ikaros can generate a nigh-invincible energy shield called 'Aegis'. She also possesses two powerful weapon systems; 'Artemis', a series of multi-directional, homing energy projectiles fired from her wings, and 'Apollon', a bow that can fire energy-charged arrows capable of obliterating a country in a single shot. She also possesses the ability to summon and control a third weapon called 'Hephaestus', which vaguely resembles a massive cloaked spaceship. First seen when used in battle against the twin Gammas Harpies, only its cannons are clearly visible and dwarfs the Gammas' Prometheus in firepower and size. A running gag in the series involves Ikaros occasionally seen holding a watermelon, a fruit she curiously takes an interest in. In the manga, this leads her to eventually grow a patch of watermelons in the garden. Ikaros's name is a play on the Greek mythological character Icarus whose fate (falling from the sky) can be related to Ikaros's introduction into the storyline.
Nymph (ニンフ Ninfu?)
Voiced by: Iori Nomizu
Introduced as the "Beta Angeloid: Electronic Warfare Type", Nymph mysteriously appears in Tomoki's house. She is condescending towards humans whom she regards as "bugs". Unlike Ikaros, Nymph can completely conceal her wings. She weighs 29 kilograms, stands at 139cm and her wing type is listed as "Not Variable" and "Stealth". She is originally sent to return Ikaros to the "New World", however, as she is less powerful than Ikaros, she is unable to do so. She soon develops feelings for Tomoki. After the Gamma Angeloids attempt to kill her, she betrays Synapse and assists Tomoki, and moves into his home. Her wings are torn off by the Gamma Angeloids, but are regrown when she accepts Tomoki as her new master. However, in her delight at having her wings regrown, she forgot about the imprinting process and finds it extremely difficult to broach the subject to Tomoki; by her own admission, it is not a difficult task, but she feels embarrassed enough to eventually back out of asking.
As an electronic warfare type Angeloid, her ability to hack computer systems better than any other Angeloid. She is also seen to be capable of hacking other Angeloids as well as humans. She can also fire a high-powered energy beam called 'Paradise Song' from her mouth. Nymph has high processing capabilities and has high emotional control, but as a result she's low in raw power. She also has the most powerful radar of the three first-generation Angeloids; Ikaros has even stated that her own radar's proficiency cannot be compared with that of Nymph, even though she was wingless at that time. It was stated by Nymph herself that her radar was a lot weaker at the time where her wings had not grown back. Nymph is shown to have a sweet tooth; her appearances mostly show her snacking on chips and other snacks.
Harpy (ハーピー Hāpī?)
Voiced by: Michiko Neya, Maya Okamoto
The harpies are a pair of Angeloids introduced as "Gamma Angeloids, Ambush Type". They serve as antagonists and are responsible for tearing off Nymph's wings. They are also seen to be the guards at the main entrance of Synapse. Their main weapon is 'Prometheus', a large cannon which fires white-hot projectiles of 3000 degrees Celsius at 4 km/s.
Astraea (アストレア Asutorea?)
Introduced as the "Delta Angeloid: Close Combat Type", Astraea is sent by Synapse to dispose of Tomoki after he violates one of their rules. She is something of an airhead and has limited intelligence, due to having low processing power. However, when she is ordered to eliminate Nymph, she breaks off her chain and betrays Synapse, engaging in combat with Chaos. She weighs 48 kilograms, stands at 159 cm, and her wing type is stated to be "Not Variable" and "Super Acceleration". She is the last of the First Generation Angeloids to break free from Synapse's control, by influence of Tomoki. She also harbors feelings for him, despite often being target to his perversions. However, despite her lack of intelligence, she does display a good level of common sense in situations where Ikaros would be clueless about.
Astraea has been described as being the fastest of the Angeloids, and having greater battle capabilities than Ikaros. However she is only equipped with close-combat weapons and therefore extremely vulnerable to long-range attacks. She wields a super osciliating photon blade 'Chrysaor' which can even penetrate Ikaros' Aegis defense system. For defensive purposes, she uses the upgraded version of Ikaros's Aegis shield, 'Aegis L', which generates a shield which is more powerful than the Aegis shield. However, 'Aegis L' can only deflect frontal attacks, unlike Aegis which can create a shield that covers all angles. Also 'Aegis L' cannot be deployed for long periods of time due to its massive energy requirements.
Chaos (カオス Kaosu?)
Introduced as the "Second Generation Angeloid, Type Epsilon", Chaos is the first major antagonist introduced after the Synapse. Ironically the most minute and child-like Angeloid, weighing 19 kilograms and being only 107 cm in height, she appears as a young child dressed in nun-like garments which can manipulate her appearance through elaborated illusions, mimicking someone dear to her victim in order to instill turmoil and confusion, as she did against Nymph by taking on the likeness of Tomoki. She lacks wings like other Angeloids, sporting a wicked array of bladed, almost organic-like appendages which act as an offensive weapon. Most eerie is however the strange obsession that Chaos has with love, having asked to Tomoki, Nymph, Astraea and Ikaros, often in an extremely creepy manner, what love is, to which Ikaros responded that love, for her, was a sensation of pain in her reactor, obviously in a figurate sense.
Chaos appeared first to torture Nymph, and then engaged both Ikaros, which initially bested through her illusions, and then Astraea. After sometimes she battled Ikaros again, though this time her opponent saw through her illusions and defeated her, sending Chaos into a deep abyssal chasm where she was temporarily incapacitated due to the great water pressure. While there, she wondered about Ikaros' statement to what love means, coming to a dreadful conclusion: love equates to pain. Chaos was left in the abyss, dismembering and devouring fishes to - in her own words - grow bigger and show her "love" to everyone.



The manga, written and illustrated by Suu Minazuki, began serialization in Kadokawa Shoten's Shōnen Ace in the May 2007 issue released on March 26, 2007. The first bound volume was released on September 26, 2007, and as of October 26, 2009, seven volumes have been released in Japan.


An anime adaptation produced by AIC A.S.T.A. and directed by Hisashi Saitō began airing in Japan in October 2009.[1] The series is also being streamed with English subtitles on the Crunchyroll video streaming website. The English translation and subtitles are done by MX Media LLC. The opening theme song is "Ring My Bell" by Blue Drops. Portions of the manga's timeline are different in the anime.


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