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"Sorry, Sorry"
Single by Super Junior
from the album Sorry, Sorry
Released March 9, 2009 (2009-03-09)
Format Digital download, promotional single
Recorded SM Studios in Seoul, South Korea
Genre Electropop, funk, dance[1]
Length 3:52
Label SM Entertainment
Writer(s) Young Jin Yoo
Producer Soo-Man Lee (Executive), Young Jin Yoo
Super Junior singles chronology
"Marry U"
(JPN release)
"Sorry, Sorry"
"It's You"
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Music video
"Sorry, Sorry" at YouTube

"Sorry, Sorry" is a song by Korean boy band Super Junior. It was released as a digital single on March 9, 2009 and was later included as the title single in the group's third studio album, Sorry, Sorry, released on March 12, 2009.[2] This song was Super Junior's comeback single as a complete group since their subgroup advances in Mainland China and South Korea in 2008. It has been Super Junior's most successful single in the music charts, winning a total of 10 recognitions during the song's promotional period.


Song history

"Sorry, Sorry" was written by Youngjin Yoo, who was also responsible for writing Super Junior's SMP-genre "Don't Don," the title track of Super Junior's second album. The song is a "polished and trendy" dance song, with influences of American funk and contemporary R&B, stimulated with a heavy electronic beat that is the genre of "urban minimal funky."[1]

The lyrics of "Sorry, Sorry" deals with the regret of letting go a love relationship. "Sorry" (쏘리) and "shawty" (쇼티) are repeatedly used throughout the whole song.[1]

Promotion and reception

Since March 13, Super Junior has been performing "Sorry, Sorry" on the music programs Music Bank, Music Core, and Popular Songs three times a week. Promotional performances lasted for two full months, ending its last performance on May 16, 2009 on Music Core. The first out-of-country performance of "Sorry, Sorry" was in Beijing, China on May 1, 2009 in the Beijing National Stadium. The single was also featured on Perez Hilton's blog.[3]

"Sorry, Sorry" peaked at #1 on M.NET's M!Countdown chart in just a week. "Sorry, Sorry" achieved its first recognition as the #1 song of KBS's Music Bank monthly pop chart on March 27, 2009 after only two weeks in the charts.[4] The single won again for the April pop chart,[5] and had two consecutive wins on the weekly pop chart in the first two weeks of May.[6] "Sorry, Sorry" also won Mutizen song at SBS's Popular Songs for three consecutive weeks, earning a "Triple Crown" for the first time in the group's career.[7] The single also became a song of the week on Mnet's M! Countdown in April 9 and April 23, although Super Junior was not present at the program to receive their awards.[8] "Sorry, Sorry" remained within top 10 in Mnet's music chart for another 12 weeks.[9]. The song was even successful in the Philippines; peaking at #6 in an international countdown by MYX Philippines.

Music video

Super Junior posing right before the first dance break in the beginning of Sorry, Sorry.

The music video was filmed from February 29, 2009 to March 1, 2009.[10] A 30 second teaser of the video was released on Super Junior's official iple site on March 6, 2009,[1] and the complete video was released on March 13, the same day as Super Junior's comeback performance on KBS's Music Bank. The video is SM Entertainment's first anamorphic formatted music video with an aspect ratio of 2.39:1.[11] Throughout most of the video, only eleven members are seen dancing to most of the choreography, although the video does include all thirteen members of Super Junior. Heechul appears to be in the dance towards the end of the video, and Kibum only appears in solo shots.

The video starts off with a woman's eye peeping through a key hole. She then pulls up her skirt, exposing her legs, and Super Junior member Kibum blindfolds himself; a small flame is burning an enclosed envelope, which is sealed with sealing wax. The woman then touches her lips and pulls off her pearl necklace. This scene is then engulfed to blackness and zooms to Super Junior, who are seen posing side-by-side in front of a white screen. Han Geng leads the group into a gentle sliding pose, and then they start dancing. In the song's dance bridge the members are tutting, with Eunhyuk in the lead. The whole music video is in black and white. The dance is choreographed by Nick Bass as well as Trent Dickens, who is known for working with international stars like Usher and Justin Timberlake.[12]

Musical personnel

Chart performance

Charts (2009) Peak
M.NET M!Countdown Chart[13] 1
SBS Take 7 Charts[14] 1
KBS Music Bank K-Chart 1
Chart Korea[15] 1


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