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Sosthenes (Greek Σωσθένης d. 277 BC) was a Macedonian and general and may have been a king of the Antipatrid dynasty. After his cousin Antipater stepped down, Sosthenes took command of the army, but he may or not have reigned as king.[1] During the reign of Lysimachus he was his governor in Asia Minor. In 279 BC he took over the Macedonian forces. Sosthenes was extremely popular because he defeated the Celts in one very bloody battle near Delphi. He was killed just two years after his coronation. He was then replaced by Antigonus II Gonatas.


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Sosthenes of Macedon
Born: Unknown Died: 277 BC
Preceded by
Antipater Etesias
King of Macedon
279–277 BC
Succeeded by
Antigonus II Gonatas


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