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Commune of Souk Ahras
بلدية سوق أهراس
Former city hall of Souk Ahras.jpg
Former city hall of Souk Ahras, now used as a municipal theatre
Map of Algeria highlighting Souk Ahras Province
Sin mapa.svg
Map of Souk Ahras Province highlighting Souk Ahras Municipality
ONS code 4101
Postal code 41000
Province Souk Ahras (seat)
District Souk Ahras (coextensive)
PMA Seats 23
Altitude 699 m (2296 ft)
Population 116 745 (1998)

Souk Ahras (Arabic: سوق أهراس‎; Chaoui: Souk Ahras in Tifinagh.svg) is a municipality in Algeria. It is the capital of Souk Ahras Province.



The name derives from the Arabic word "souk" which means market, and the Chaoui word ahra (plural ahras) which means lion, in reference to the Barbary lions which existed in the neighboring forests until their extinction in 1930; hence Souk Ahras means market of lions.


The Numidian city of Thagaste (or Tagaste), on whose ruins Souk Ahras was built, was situated in the north-eastern highlands of Numidia, shortly afterwards, it became Roman. It was about sixty miles from Hippo Regius, now called Annaba, and about 150 miles from Carthage (on the coast of present day Tunisia). It was the birthplace of Augustine of Hippo.[1] The city was mentioned by Pliny the Elder. In the nineteenth century it was a French colonial settlement. In the twentieth century mining and the railway brought some signicance and prosperity to the town. Today, Tagaste is in the province of Souk Ahras in Eastern Algeria.


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Coordinates: 36°17′11″N 7°57′4″E / 36.28639°N 7.95111°E / 36.28639; 7.95111



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