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Sound may mean:

  • Sound, Audible sense perceived by the brain,
  • Sound (nautical), verb meaning to take depth readings of fluids in a tank or around a ship
  • Sound (geography), a large ocean inlet, or a narrow ocean channel between two bodies of land
  • In medicine, sounds are instruments for probing and dilating passages within the body, the best-known of example of which are urethral sounds
  • Soundness, a logical term meaning that an argument is valid and its premises are true
  • Sound Strategy, a strategy is sound for an agent if, and only if, it never dictates an illegal move for the agent
  • Soundtrack, the recorded sound accompanying a visual medium such as a motion picture, television show, or video game
  • Soundwave, one of the Decepticons in The Transformers universe

In music:

In Television:

  • Sound (BBC TV series), a BBC programme featuring current popular music of different genres
  • Sounds, an Australian music TV series of the 1970s - 1980s

In Art:

As a place name:

In sports:

  • Nashville Sounds, a minor league baseball team of the Pacific Coast League
  • Memphis Sounds, a former basketball team of the American Basketball Association

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