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South-East Queensland
Map of South-East Queensland
Population: 2,770,510[1]

South East Queensland (SEQ) is a region of the state of Queensland in Australia, which contains approximately two-thirds of the state population. The SEQ region covers 22,420 square kilometres and incorporates ten Local Government Areas, extending 240 km from Noosa in the north to the Gold Coast and New South Wales border in the south (some sources include Tweed Heads (NSW) which is contiguous as an urban area with Brisbane/Gold Coast), and 140 km west to Toowoomba (not officially part of SEQ).



As of 2007 the population of South East Queensland is estimated to be approximately 2.77 million, meaning that one in eight Australians call the region home.[2] The regional population is heavily urbanised and concentrated along the coast. The three largest population centres of Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast account for 90 per cent of the region's population.[3]


South East Queensland generally consists of the following regions:

  • Brisbane - the capital and largest city of Queensland. The Brisbane metropolitan area consists of the City of Brisbane, as well as the following local governments:
    • Ipswich City - an outer-suburban city with an industrial and mining heritage west of Brisbane.
    • Logan City - a largely residential area between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
    • Moreton Bay Region - a largely residential area between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.
    • Redland City - a residential and agricultural area on the shores of Moreton Bay to the south-east of Brisbane.
  • Gold Coast City - a major tourist and retirement destination to the south of Brisbane, and the largest non-capital city in Australia.
  • Sunshine Coast Region - a coastal tourist and agricultural region to the north of Brisbane. The Glass House Mountains are a symbol of this region.
  • Lockyer Valley Region - an agricultural area west of Ipswich, known for its fruit and vegetable production.
  • Scenic Rim Region - a pastoral area inland from the Gold Coast known for its scenic mountains and villages.
  • Somerset Region - a pastoral area north west of Brisbane and location of two major dams supplying South East Queensland with water. This area is also known as the Brisbane Valley.
  • Toowoomba - The Garden City of Australia


Etihad Airways Boeing 777 at Brisbane Airport international terminal

Immigration and Population growth

South East Queensland is the fastest growing region in Australia, fuelled principally by migration from the southern states. The region has experienced significant population growth over the last two decades, growing on average by 55,000 to 80,000 people a year since 1986. This growth equates to 1,000 new arrivals in the region every week. South East Queensland is expected to be home to four million by 2026.[2]

Regional Planning

South East Queensland's future development will be heavily based on the South East Queensland Regional Plan, released by the Queensland state government in 2005[4]. The regional plan covers the period from 2005 - 2026, with a formal review scheduled for 2010. The plan focuses on slowing development along the coast, in order to prevent creating a 200 km city, and instead aim for growth in the west, in particular around Springfield and Beaudesert[4].


South-East Queensland from the Landsat 7 satellite

South East Queensland includes the following regional centres:

  • Brisbane, Queensland's capital and largest city
  • Gold Coast, Queensland's premier tourist destination and surfing mecca to the south of Brisbane.
  • Sunshine Coast, another major tourist area to the north of Brisbane.
  • Ipswich, Queensland's oldest provincial city and industrial centre to Brisbane's south-west.
  • Logan, a city between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, mostly residential with some light industry.
  • Toowoomba, located on the Great Dividing Range and principal centre of the Darling Downs.

Predominantly rural landscapes lie to the west of the urbanised coastal centres. The Lockyer Valley, a major agricultural area referred to as "South East Queensland's Salad Bowl", lies outside Brisbane. Many World Heritage listed rainforests are located along the region's southern border ranges, an area known as the Scenic Rim, such as Lamington National Park and Main Range National Park.

The economy of South East Queensland supports and relies on a wide diversity of agricultural manufacturing industries, commerce and tourism.

The region has an integrated public transport system, TransLink (excludes Toowoomba and Tweed).

Local Government Areas

Please note: Toowoomba is sometimes excluded from South East Queensland
Please also note: Tweed is actually within NSW but is often included in planning processes for SEQ. While not officially part of the TransLink public transport network, Surfside Buses run a seamless service across the border that appears to passengers as though it is integrated.

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