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South Asian cuisine, also known as Desi cuisine, includes the cuisines from the Indian subcontinent. It has roots in South Asia, including practices taken from the Hindu beliefs practiced by the large population found in the region, alongside influences from neighbouring regions and cultures, particularly from Muslim cultures of the Middle East and Central Asia, such as Persia, the Turkic and Arabic countries.

Nan, a type of flat bread from the former regions is a common part of meals to be had in many parts of South as well as Southwest Asia. Other staples of many of the cuisines include rice, chapati made from wheat and barley, and beans. Foods in this area of the world are flavored with hot peppers, black pepper, cloves, and other strong spices along with the flavored butter ghee. Common meats include lamb, goat and chicken. Beef is less common than in Western cuisines because cattle have a special place in Hinduism. Prohibitions against beef extend to the meat of (water) buffalo and yaks to some extent. Pork is considered as a taboo food item by all Muslims and is avoided by most Hindus. A variety of very sweet deserts which use dairy products is also found in South Asian cuisines.



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