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South Luzon Expressway MC.jpg
South Luzon Expressway
Pres. Sergio Osmeña Sr. Highway[1]
Dr. Jose P. Rizal Highway[2]
Radial Road 3
Maintained by SLTC
Length: 75.8 - SLEX
41.9 - STAR Tollway
Total length: 117.7 km ({{rnd/bExpression error: Unexpected < operator|Expression error: Unexpected < operator|0|0}} mi)
Direction: North/South
From: President E. Quirino Ave. (C-2) in Manila
Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (C-4) in Makati
To: Maharlika Highway in Calamba City
Southern Tagalog Arterial Road in Batangas City, Batangas (future expansion)
Major cities: Manila, Makati, Taguig, Parañaque, Muntinlupa, Biñan, Santa Rosa (Laguna), Calamba, Tanauan, Lipa City, Batangas City (Via STAR), and Lucena City

The South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), officially known as Radial Road 3 or R-3, is a network of two expressways that connects Metro Manila to the provinces of the CALABARZON region in the Philippines. The first expressway is the Metro Manila Skyway System, operated jointly by the Philippine National Construction Corporation (PNCC) and Citra Metro Manila Tollways Corporation (CMMTC), while the second expressway, the South Luzon Tollway, is operated by the South Luzon Tollway Corporation, a joint venture of the PNCC and the Malaysian company MTD Capital Berhad.

The expressway starts in Manila's Paco District at President Elpidio Quirino Avenue and passes through the following cities and municipalities: Manila, Makati, Pasay, Parañaque, Taguig and Muntinlupa in Metro Manila, San Pedro, Biñan, Santa Rosa City, Cabuyao and Calamba City in Laguna, Carmona in Cavite, and Santo Tomas in Batangas. It terminates at Calamba City, 62 kilometers south of Manila.

In 2006, the South Luzon Tollway segment underwent rehabilitation through the SLEX Upgrading and Rehabilitation Project, which rehabilitates and expands the Alabang Viaduct as well as the road from Alabang to Calamba, and eventually connect the expressway to the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road to Batangas.

It will be the Philippine's longest expressway when the rehabilititation and it's connection to the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road is complete, covering up a distance of 118 kilometers.


Route description

The South Luzon Expressway network cuts southwards from the City of Manila in Metro Manila up to the provinces of Laguna, Cavite, Batangas, and Quezon (future expansion). It is composed of the Metro Manila Skyway System and the South Luzon Tollway, which contains portions of the Pres. Sergio Osmeña Sr. Highway and Dr. Jose P. Rizal Highway.


Pres. Sergio Osmeña Sr. Highway

The Pres. Sergio Osmeña Sr. Highway segment starts from an intersection at Quirino Avenue in Paco, Manila and goes straight up to Alabang in Muntinlupa City. The part of Osmeña Highway which passes through Manila, Makati, and Pasay City is a toll-free highway before reaching the Nichols Toll Plaza from which the tolled expressway begins. Heading southward, the expressway has exits in Merville Subdivision in Pasay, Bicutan in Parañaque City, and Sucat, Alabang, and Filinvest in Muntinlupa City. This segment was formerly known as South Superhighway before Republic Act 6760 was passed, naming it after former President Sergio Osmeña.[1]

Metro Manila Skyway

Due to increasing vehicles congesting on the SLEX within Metro Manila, the Metro Manila Skyway was constructed as a direct, non-stop route from Bicutan in Parañaque to Buendia Avenue in Makati, bypassing many of the interchanges of the SLEX, such as those with the C-5 near Fort Bonifacio and EDSA. The terminus of the Skyway at Bicutan is temporary; ramps have been built to divert traffic on the sides of the freeway. In 2007, construction started to extend the Skyway towards the Alabang Exit in Muntinlupa City. The Skyway and the portion of the Osmeña Highway below forms the Skyway System, which is managed by the Skyway Operations and Maintenance Corporation (SOMCo.), which succeeded the PNCC Skyway Corporation in 2007.[3]

Dr. Jose P. Rizal Highway

From Kilometer 28.387 at San Pedro, Laguna southwards[2], the Dr. Jose P. Rizal Highway segment runs through the province of Laguna, as well as a segment of Carmona at Cavite province before continuing back to Laguna from Biñan towards the terminus of the expressway at Calamba City through an exit to the Maharlika Highway. The highway was also part of the Osmeña Highway until 1992 when R.A. 6760 was amended, which named the segment after the Philippines' national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.[2] The road starting from Alabang Viaduct in Muntinlupa up to Calamba forms the South Luzon Tollway, handled by the South Luzon Tollway Corporation, a joint venture of the Philippine National Construction Corporation and the Malaysian company MTD Capital Berhad.[4]

Apolinario Mabini Highway

When the SLEX-STAR connection is fully completed, a new four-lane road from Calamba City to Santo Tomas will be opened. Apolinario Mabini Highway will start at the existing Sto. Tomas interchange in Santo Tomas to Batangas City. On February 9, 2004, Congresswoman Victoria Hernandez Reyes from the Third (3rd) Congressional District of Batangas of the House of the Representatives, authored the House Bill 2753, or also known as the "Act of Renaming the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR) to Apolinario Mabini Superhighway (AMS)". On May 15, 2007, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo signed and approved House Bill 2753 to rename the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road to Apolinario Mabini Superhighway, and it was made into a law, now called the Republic Act 9462 (RA 9462). [5]

SLEX Redevelopment


Map of the extension works and South Luzon Expressway and STAR Tollway
The extension works from Calamba to Santo Tomas (Toll Road 3)
  • The SLEX Upgrading and Rehabilitation Project already started since May 2006 by PNCC and MTD Capital, BHD of Malaysia (MTD Manila Expressway Corporation) joint venture, called South Luzon Tollway Corporation (SLTC), as the main proponents of the said project. In this project, the expressway will undergo a major rehabilitation similar to the recently - rehabilitated North Luzon Expressway and will eventually connect with its Batangas section, the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road, also known as the STAR Tollway. The expressway project includes the retrofitting and widening of the old Alabang Viaduct (Toll Road 1), the rehabilitation and widening of the Alabang-Calamba segment (Toll Road 2), and the construction of the missing tollway link (Calamba-Santo Tomas segment) (Toll Road 3).
  • The newly-built southbound portion of the Alabang Viaduct has been opened in mid-June 2008 and the northbound portion of the Alabang Viaduct was opened in November 2008, which is ahead of the original completion date of December 2008. The old lane has been demolished to give a way for constructing a new northbound portion and all of Alabang Viaduct is now fully operational.
  • Trade Secretary Peter Favilla has given South Luzon Tollways corp. up to June 30, 2009 to complete the civil works on the rehabilitation of the rest of the South Luzon Expressway. He also gave the firm up to September 2009 to finish the connection between the expressway and the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road.[6]
  • Toll Road 1 is 100% finished. It is expected that rehabilitation (Toll road 2, which is 98% finished as of December 2009)[7] will be finished by February 2010 and the Sto. Tomas extension project is 70% completed as of December 2009 [8]may be finished by March 2010.
  • The STAR Tollway extension finished its extension project since the beginning of 2008 and is now operational from Lipa exit to Balagtas Exit.
  • Widening of the tollway from Calamba Exit to Alabang Exit including bridges and road upgrading and improvement of the SLEX's facilities. It is currently on going since 2006. It is also adding up additional overpasses to the Skyway System to accommodate the opening of NAIA 3 and linking of the STAR Tollway to SLEX. The ground at the ending of SLEX (The circular road to Calamba via National Highway) is reconstructed and the ground is being cleared for the continuation of the SLEX to STAR Tollway.
  • The elevated road connecting the South Luzon Expressway and Ninoy Aquino International Airport has been completed, which was announced by the Public Works Department in February 12 2009. Construction of the road started in October 2003, with skyways linking it to the Terminal 3 of the Airport.
  • When the rehabilitation project is complete, it is said that the expressway will have qualities similar to that of a modern Malaysian expressway. Also, the driving time from Manila to the Port of Batangas in Batangas City will be reduced from four hours to roughly one and a half hours.

SLEX Extension to Lucena City

President Gloria Arroyo on Wednesday said the South Luzon Expressway will be extended to Lucena City from Laguna as part of the Urban Luzon Beltway super region.

Construction of the 54-kilometer extension will start three months from now, she said.

In May, Mrs. Arroyo said she would inaugurate the expressway, which would have been completed by that time, and break ground for the extension to Lucena City.

“This is the way to modernize a nation. You really need a beltway to ease the movement of people and the transfer of goods,” Mrs. Arroyo said.

The extension will be built through a P10-billion build-operate-transfer agreement with Manila Toll Expressway Systems Inc., a company owned 40 percent by Philippine National Construction Corp. The rest is shared equally by the local firm Alloy Manila Expressway Inc. and the Malaysian subsidiary MTD Manila Expressways Inc.

Technical specifications

  • Name: South Luzon Expressway (Skyway to STAR)
  • Concession Holder: Citra Metro Manila Tollways Corporation, Philippine National Construction Corporation and STAR Infrastructure Development Corporation (South Luzon Tollway Corporation will be the concession holder after it completes the current rehabilitation of the expressway)
  • Operator: Skyway Operations and Maintenance Corporation, PNCC South Luzon Tollways Division and STAR Tollway Corporation (Manila Toll Expressway Systems, Incorporated will be the operator of the section of the expressway from Alabang to Sto. Tomas after affiliate company South Luzon Tollway Corporation completes the current rehabilitation and expansion works)
  • Length: 77 km
  • Concession starting date: March 1977 (SLTC started its concession since August 2006)
  • Concession ending date: March 2007 (SLTC will end its concession in March 2038)
  • Highway exits: 23
  • Lanes: 6 Lanes (3 Lanes each direction) from Paco, Manila to Alabang, Muntinlupa City, 8 Lanes (4 Lanes each direction) from Alabang, Muntinlupa City to Santa Rosa City, Laguna, and 6 Lanes (3 Lanes each direction) from Santa Rosa City to Calamba City, Laguna. 4 Lanes (2 lanes each direction) From Calamba City, Laguna to Batangas City, Batangas (Future Expansion).
  • Toll plazas: 2
  • Rest and Service Areas: 7
  • Minimum Height Clearance on Underpasses: 4.27m (14')


  • Exits are numbered by kilometer post, with Rizal Park in Manila designated as Kilometer 0. Exits start at 8 because the Paco-Magallanes segment is not part of the expressway segment. On the highway, exit numbers aren't posted until Exit 26. Also note that the exit number goes north-south, unlike US freeways and the NLEx.
Exit Number Exit Name Exit Location Route Remarks
6 Buendia Flyover Makati City Exit is an overpass over Buendia Avenue. Staying on the main road takes motorists to Buendia Avenue, from where motorists can continue right to Makati or left to Manila. Until the Magallanes exit, this section of road provides access to numerous smaller local roads. And for southbound users, staying on the main road can provide access to the Skyway. There is no access to the skyway from the flyover.
KM 6 Skyway: Buendia Exit Ramp This exit takes you to the Metro Manila Skyway express route which travels over the SLEX up to the Bicutan Exit. This route has fewer exits and is therefore a faster route. There's a possibility of the Skyway to be extended to the north until it meets up with North Luzon Expressway in Balintawak in the future.
7 Skyway: Makati Exit This exit on the northbound Skyway lanes (from Calamba) takes you directly to the Makati City Centre. This exit leads onto a very short 4-lane expressway route then curves left and descends to merge onto Amorsolo Street.
7B Pasay Road Intersection This signalized intersection lays under the Makati exit and provides a connection to Makati from the main expressway.
7C Skyway: Don Bosco Exit/Don Bosco Intersection This exit on the northbound Skyway provides access to the Don Bosco Street intersection on the main SLEX.
8 Magallanes Exit (EDSA) This exit on the main SLEX provides a direct connection to northbound EDSA. Besides providing a direct exit to northbound EDSA to Makati City, the Ortigas CBD, SM Megamall, Cubao, SM City North EDSA, the NLEX and Monumento. there is also an intersection at the bottom of the complex which provides access to southbound EDSA and the Mall of Asia, Manila Pier, Ninoy Aquino International Airport, and Taft Avenue. There is no access to EDSA from the Skyway.
KM 9 Skyway Entrance: Magallanes This exit on Southbound SLEX provides access to the Skyway. This access ramp may be useful for commuters merging on the SLEX from EDSA, and commuters from the Skyway wishing to exit at Magallanes. From Manila, it is the exit came before entering Pasay City. From Calamba, on the skyway, it is situated after entering Makati City.
9 Sales Exit Pasay City This exit on the SLEX takes you to Sales Road. Westbound takes you to NAIA Terminal 3 and Villamor Airbase. From Calamba, Eastbound takes you to Taguig and Global City. Access to Sales Road from the Skyway is currently under construction, to improve access to NAIA Terminal 3. Southbound, the Sales exit has more of a cloverleaf layout. One exit takes you to WB Sales Road and the West Service Road, with no left turn access. Access to EB Sales Road is provided by a second exit.
KM 10 Nichols Toll Plaza Northbound The Nichols Toll Plaza is located on the northbound lanes. There are two toll gates. One toll gate accounts for normal cash and coupon fares. The second toll gate is for the EPass Tollway Pass system. The system is the same for the Skyway toll gates, which are much smaller. It is here that the toll, limited access section of the SLEX begins.
12 C5 Exit This exit on the northbound SLEX lanes takes you to the C-5 Road to Taguig Global City, Pasig City, and Quezon City. C-5 Road is extended until Coastal Road. Its portion from SLEX to Sucat Road is now open to all motorists.
13 Merville Exit This exit on the southbound SLEX lanes takes you to the West Service Road. This exit also takes you to a temporary extension of C-5 into Pasay City.
14 Skyway: Bicutan Exit Parañaque City This separate Bicutan Exit on the southbound Skyway takes you to some residential areas in Parañaque City. There is no direct access to SM Bicutan or Taguig City.
14 Bicutan Exit This exit takes you to a road where west goes to SM Bicutan and some residential areas in Parañaque City, and east goes to Taguig City. This interchange has more of a diamond interchange layout.
15 Skyway: San Martin de Porres Temporary Exit Ramp This exit on the SLEX heads to Sta. Maria Avenue and San Martin the Porres, Parañaque City. The ramp has been temporarily placed as a result of Skyway expansion towards Muntilupa.
18 Sucat Exit Muntinlupa City This exit on the SLEX takes you to Dr. A. Santos Avenue, where westbound goes to the Memorial Parks, the Parañaque City Proper, and Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Eastbound goes to Taguig and Sucat. This exit also has a diamond interchange layout.
22 Alabang Exit This exit on the SLEX provides the option of getting onto local roads around the Alabang area. Southbound, the exit takes you to the southbound National Highway and the Alabang-Zapote Road to Cavite City.
22 South Station Exit/ Filinvest South Temporary Exit A temporary exit to the Filinvest district from the southbound lanes has been built. To access this exit, take the Alabang exit and keep right onto the exit. This exit is only available for Class 1 vehicles.
23 Filinvest Exit This exit on the SLEX takes you to the Filinvest district. Southbound exit has already open to traffic. The northbound exit splits in two at the gore point. Exiting to the left takes you to the Filinvest district, while on the right is the northbound Alabang exit and leads towards the Alabang-Zapote Road.
KM 24 Caltex Service Station Northbound This service station has been closed and demolished. A new northbound service station has been built further south.
KM 25 Shell Service Station Southbound
26 Susana Heights Exit (last exit of SLEX Metro Manila southbound) This exit on the SLEX provides access to Susana Heights. Southbound heads to the Tunasan Proper, the Pepsi-Cola Bottlers, Inc. Philippines, and San Pedro, Laguna. Northbound heads to the New Bilibid Prisons, and the Muntinlupa City hall, both via the Old National Rd. It is at this exit that the exit numbers start to appear.
28 San Pedro Exit San Pedro, Laguna This exit along the SLEX southbound lanes takes you to San Pedro. A northbound exit is currently under construction.
KM 29 Caltex Service Station Northbound This service station replaced the old Caltex service station further north which was demolished.
KM 29 Petron Service Station Southbound
31 Southwoods Exit Biñan, Laguna This exit on the SLEX is located near the Southwoods Manor and Colegio San Agustin-Biñan. Westbound heads to the Southwoods Manor and (for southbound travelers) also serves as a shortcut to Carmona and Cavite province. Eastbound heads to San Pedro, Biñan Town Proper, Santa Rosa City, and Cabuyao.
33 Carmona Exit Carmona, Cavite This exit on the SLEX located at Governors Drive resembles most closely a US tollway interchange. Westbound goes to Dasmariñas, the Cavite Provincial Capitol in Trece Martires City, and Naic. Eastbound goes to Laguna and Metro Manila.
KM 35 Shell Service Station Northbound Biñan, Laguna
36 Mamplasan/LIIP Exit This exit on the SLEX heads takes you to Mampalasan. Westbound goes towards some subdivisions and the Laguna International Industrial Park. Eastbound heads to Pavilion Mall and Biñan Town Proper. Straight (southbound) on another road near the exit takes you to Santa Rosa City and the province of Cavite.
KM 38 Caltex Service Station Southbound
40 Santa Rosa Exit Santa Rosa City, Laguna This exit on the SLEX is located near Santa Rosa. Eastbound goes to Santa Rosa City Proper, Enchanted Kingdom Amusement Park, Villa Susana Subdivision, Our Lady of Assumption College. Westbound goes to Laguna BelAir, De La Salle Canlubang, Philippine National Police Academy, PNP-SAF Training School, and to the province of Cavite from Calamba Bound (Southbound)
KM 41 Total Service Station Northbound
42 ABI/Greenfield/ETON Exit This exit is located near Cabuyao but does not have an access road to Cabuyao. Eastbound heads Santa Rosa City, Barangay Malitlit proper and Asia Brewery, Inc. Manufacturing Plant in Cabuyao. Only employees can pass at ABI. Westbound heads towards the Sta. Rosa access road, and is a public route. This exit serves as a shortcut (for northbound travelers) to head to De La Salle Canlubang, Cavite province and Tagaytay.
43 Cabuyao Exit Cabuyao, Laguna This exit on the SLEX is located in Cabuyao. This exit provides access to Cabuyao. Eastbound goes to Malayan Colleges Laguna, Santa Rosa City, Cabuyao Town Proper, Katapatan Homes, Calamba City, and other parts of Laguna. Westbound heads to San Isidro, Banlic, Mamatid (Mabuhay City), Canlubang.
45 Silangan Exit Calamba City, Laguna This exit on the southbound SLEX is the first exit in Calamba City. Eastbound heads to the Silangan Industrial Park. This is also an alternative route to Canlubang. Westbound heads to the rest of Laguna province. This exit provides no access to Calamba (due to a one-way road), so travelers to Calamba may either take the earlier Cabuyao exit or any of the later exits.
KM 46 Calamba Toll Plaza Southbound This toll plaza marks the end of the toll section and the SLEX becomes a limited-access freeway. For E-Pass motorists there is a counterflow lane towards the E-Pass toll gate, make sure that you do not take a U-turn, because it doesn't have barriers (from entrance to toll gate).
47 Canlubang (Mayapa) Exit This exit is located within Calamba. Eastbound heads to Calamba City Proper, while westbound heads to an industrial park, Camp Vicente Lim (PNP - CALABARZON Regional Office) and also serves as an alternate route to Tagaytay City.
48 Batino Exit This exit is located on the southbound lanes of the SLEX and is yet another alternate route to Tagaytay City. Besides an alternate route to Tagaytay City, the exit provides access to CPIP (Calamba Premier International Park) and the nearby barangays around Batino, such as Prinza, Barandal, Punta, Mayapa, Turbina, and Lawa. Passing through this route cuts the time needed to reach Tagaytay Highlands in Tagaytay City.
50 Calamba (Turbina) Exit This exit is located at the end of the SLEX. Keeping to the left heads northbound to Calamba City proper, Rizal province, and Los Baños. Keeping to the right heads southbound to Batangas and Quezon province, and the Bicol region (Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Albay, Masbate, and Sorsogon).

STAR Existing Exits

Exit/Km No. Exit Location Remarks
60 Santo Tomas Exit Santo Tomas, Batangas Left goes to Santo Tomas town proper, San Pablo City, Quezon province, and the Bicol Region (Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Albay, Masbate, and Sorsogon), right goes to Laguna and Rizal provinces when you are facing southbound or pass by the tollgate.
65 Tanauan City (Sambat) Exit Tanauan City, Batangas This exit goes to the town of Tanauan, Talisay, Malvar,which are all in Batangas and Tagaytay City.
70 Malvar (Bulihan) Exit Malvar, Batangas This exit goes to the town of Malvar and Balete, both in the province of Batangas.
KM 77 Petron Service Station Northbound Malvar, Batangas The only service station in STAR.
82 Lipa City (Tambo) Exit Lipa City, Batangas Left goes to Lipa City proper and SM City Lipa , right goes to Mataas Na Kahoy, Fernando Air Base and Anilao Beach.
93 Ibaan (Malainen) Exit Ibaan, Batangas Left goes to Ibaan, right goes to San Jose.
102 Batangas City Exit Batangas City, Batangas This exit goes into the Batangas International Seaport and connecting Western Nautical Highway.

Future Exit/s

Kilometer No. Exit Location Remarks
58 Sto. Tomas (STAR) Exit Santo Tomas, Batangas This exit connects the SLEX to the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road in the province of Batangas and Sto. Tomas, Batangas itself.
78 Sto. Toribio Exit Under-Construction Brgy. Sto. Toribio, Lipa City, Batangas Left goes to Brgy. Sto Toribio, Lipa City and SM City Lipa , right goes to Brgy. Bulacnin, Lipa City, Batangas and Brgy. Malabanan, Balete, Batangas.

Future Exits in the Lucena Extension

Kilometer No. Exit Location Remarks
TBA Alaminos Exit Alaminos, Laguna This exit takes you to the town of Alaminos, Laguna.
TBA San Pablo City Exit San Pablo City, Laguna This exit goes to the city of San Pablo City, Laguna. This exit heads directly to SM City San Pablo.

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