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South Park Rally
South Park Rally PS.jpg
PlayStation box art
Developer(s) Tantalus Interactive
Publisher(s) Acclaim
Designer(s) John Szoke
Platform(s) PlayStation, PC, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast
Release date(s) January 2000
Genre(s) Racing game
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Rating(s) ESRB: M, ELSPA: 15+
Media CD-ROM, cartridge
System requirements PC version uses DirectX version 7. Compatible with Windows 98 or Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit versions)
Input methods Keyboard, steering wheel, game pad

South Park Rally is a racing video game based on the characters from the television series South Park.



The Mayor of South Park has decided to stage a rally series that will take place through the heart and outskirts of the town. Favorite characters from the popular television series are included and are able to make use of destructive automobiles, including police cars, mini Porsches, Big Gay Al buggies, wheat bags, jeeps and dozens of other vehicles.



Playable from start

The only characters playable initially are

Unlockable characters

*Not in Nintendo 64 version

Characters who appear in power-up form include Mr. Hankey, Saddam Hussein, the Underpants Gnomes, Frida, Sparky and Kitty.

Game modes

  • Championship: The main focus of the game, it has 14 different races, all of which have to be done in order. This is the only mode where things can be unlocked.
  • Arcade: A practice mode where you can race any unlocked character on any unlocked track.
  • Multiplayer: A race for two to four players on any track that has been unlocked. Any character that has been unlocked may also be used. This is the only place where you can use the "Ass Battle" mode.

Championship races

These are the events you race through and the courses you drive through in each event in Championship:

Event Course Objective
Rally Days #1 City Cross the four checkpoints in numerical order three times.
Rally Days #2 City Collect the Trophy and be the one to cross Checkpoint 4 with it.
Cow Days Farm Collect the antidote and hold onto it until the Infection meter reaches 0%
Valentine's Day Big Gay Al's Collect the Bow and Arrows and shoot all the other drivers at least once with it.
Spring Cleaning Sewer Collect a pair of underpants and cross the four Checkpoints in order 3 times.
Read-A-Book Day Forest Collect chickens and deposit them at the Police Station. First to deposit 10 chickens wins. Players cannot carry more than 4 Chickens at a time.
Easter Egg Hunt Mountain Collect Easter Eggs while avoiding mutant rabbits. First to collect 20 eggs wins. Eggs cannot be stolen from other drivers.
Pink Lemonade Big Gay Al's Deliver all four of your glasses of pink lemonade to the indicated checkpoints before everyone else.
Memorial Day Volcano Collect Mephisto's laser and cross the four Checkpoints in order to charge it. Each player must charge the laser separately.
Fourth of July Mountain Cross over the four Checkpoints in numerical order three times.
Halloween Forest Collect as much candy as you can before curfew and stash it in the Police Station. The player with the most candy when time runs out wins. Players may only hold 4 candies at a time.
Thanksgiving Farm Collect Turkeys and deliver them to the Checkpoint near the chicken coop. First to deposit 20 turkeys wins. Turkeys cannot be stolen from other drivers.
Christmas Day City Collect the Present and drive over the four checkpoints in order.
New Year's Eve Volcano Collect Satan's Dimensional Key and hold onto it for 2 minutes.
Ass Battle Gridiron Each player has four asses and each player has to attack the other. The person with no asses loses. (Multiplayer Only)
  • Carnival (Dreamcast exclusive)


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South Park Rally
Quest 64 box art
Developer(s) Tantalus International
Publisher(s) Acclaim
Release date February 29, 2000
Genre Kart racer
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Age rating(s) ESRB: M
Platform(s) Nintendo 64, PSX, Dreamcast
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The game contains a total of 14 different unlockable races. To unlock the new races you have to race through all 14 races in Championship mode to unlock them for play in arcade mode. The races are:

  • Rally Days #1 (City)
  • Rally Days #2 (City)
  • Cow Days (Farm)
  • Valentine's Day (Big Gay Al's)
  • Spring Cleaning (Sewer)
  • Read-A-Book Day (Forest)
  • Easter (Mountain)
  • Pink Lemonade (Big Gal Al's)
  • Memorial Day (Volcano)
  • 4th Of July (Mountain)
  • Halloween (Forest)
  • Thanksgiving (Farm)
  • Christmas Day (City)
  • New Year's Eve (Volcano)
  • Ass Battle
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