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South Western Railway
System map
10-South Western Railway
Locale Karnataka
Dates of operation 2003–
Predecessor Southern Railway
Track gauge Broad gauge
Headquarters Hubli Railway Station
Website SWR official website

The South Western Railway is one of the 16 railway zones in India. It is headquartered at Hubli and comprises Bangalore and Mysore divisions of the erstwhile Southern Railway and reorganized Hubli division of the erstwhile South Central Railway including Hospet-Bellary. It came into existence on April 1, 2003. Important trains operated by this division are the Karnataka Express (Bangalore - New Delhi), the Rani Chennamma Express (Bangalore - Kolhapur via Hubli-Dharwar), the Lalbagh Express (Bangalore - Chennai), the Udyan Express (Bangalore - Mumbai) and the Shatabdi Express (Bangalore - Chennai).



People of the State have been demanding creation of two divisions under SWR -- Mangalore and Gulbarga. Mangalore and the nearby Kankanadi stations are with the Palghat division of Southern Railway at present and hence they are demands that the two stations be brought under South Western Railway (SWR) and the regions surrounding Mangalore be brought under one division with Mangalore as its headquarters. With the Hassan-Mangalore section of SWR on the verge of being commissioned, it is felt that creation of this division will go a long way in strengthening the railway network of Karnataka and provide better facilities for the region.

When the proposed Hubli-Ankola line gets ready, railway network of the State would get a further boost and propel greater economic activity. This line will also provide connectivity to the Konkan Railway section between Mangalore and Roha at three points — Mangalore, Ankola and Madgaon. The completion of the proposed Hubli-Ankola line would make transport of manganese and iron ore from Bellary to coastal region for further movement in ships easy.

Poor electrification/doubling of railway lines

According to a recent white paper, Karnataka has one of the least number of electrified and/or doubled broad gauge lines compared to its peers (comparable size states) in India. Compared to other states, Karnataka has only 3% of its of railway lines electrified. This, despite Bangalore being one of the biggest cities in India. Mysore-Bangalore electrification and doubling is finally underway after 10–15 years of delay. There's no talk of doubling and electrification of railway lines to the corners of Karnataka however. In repeated Railway budgets, Karnataka gets ignored in this area, and this has hampered high speed rail connectivity between New Delhi/Mumbai/Kolkata with Bangalore, as railway lines connecting to these cities often are single, non-electrified lines, or take long tortuous routes.

There has been continuous demand for doubling/electrification of following routes in SWR:

  • Bangalore-Hubli-Miraj (This is a very important route which connects Karnataka to Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan and other Northern States. Doubling of this route would allow SWR to start high speed superfast trains from Bangalore to Northern India).

But Railway ministry is yet to conduct surveys for the above doubling/electrification. Maharashtra government has decided to meet 50% cost of Pune-Miraj route which connects to the above route. Similarly, if Karnataka government agrees to pay 50% cost of doubling Bangalore-Hubli-Miraj route, then this can become possible.

  • Londa-Madgaon (Electrification of this route would help to connect Goa to the entire South and East India with high speed trains)

Project Unigauge

Since 2007, the SWR is entirely Broad gauge.


Map showing rail lines

South Western Railway (IR Code:-SWR), one of 17 new railway zones on Indian Railways, was created by carving Hubli division of South Central Railway (IR code:-SCR) and Bangalore and Mysore divisions of the Southern Railway at the beginning of 2004 with its headquarters at Hubli, with Bangalore, Mysore and Hubli operational divisions. It caters services to Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Goa and parts of Tamil Nadu.


Trains originating from Bangalore City Division

The following trains are operated by SWR to various important cities of India.

1). 6501/6502 Ahmedabad- Bangalore Express (Weekly) via Guntakal, Daund, Jalgaon, Surat.

2). 6505/6506 Gandhidham- Bangalore Express (Weekly) via Hubli, Miraj, Pune, Kalyan Junction, Ahmedabad

3). 6509/6510 Ajmer - Bangalore Express (Bi-weekly) via Hubli, Miraj, Pune, Ahmedabad.

4). 6511/6512 Express (Weekly) between Yeshwantpur and Bangalore, weekly passenger service via Dharmavaram, Kurnool, Secunderabad, Kazipet, Balharshah, Nagbhir and Gondia named after a tributary of river Godavari which flows on the border of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

5). 6513/6514 Basava Express between Yeshwantpur and Bagalkot runs daily via Guntakal, Raichur, Solapur and Bijapur named of the Lord Basava or Basaveswara, the saiva leader.

6). 6517/6518 Yeshwantpur-Mangalore, a daily train between Yeshwantpur and Mangalore via Mysore, Hassan and Sakleshpur.

7). 6515/6516 Mangalore -Yeshwantpur Express via Arsikere, Hassan a Daily Train.

8). 6525/6526 Kanya Kumari Express (Daily) between Kanyakumari and Bangalore via Bangarpet, Erode, Coimbatore, Ernakulam, Kottayam, Trivandrum(Tiruvanathapuram).

9). 6527/6528 Yeshwantpur-Cannanore express (Weekly) via Hosur, Salem, shoranur

10). 6529/6530 Udyan Express between Mumbai C.S.T and Bangalore via Prasanti Nilayam, Guntakal and Pune. Udyan means Garden, Bangalore being city of gardens.

11). 6531/6532 Garib Nawaj Express (weekly) between Ajmer and Yeshwantpur via Guntakal, Hubli, Pune, Kalyan(Mumbai), Ahmedabad and Marwar.

12). 6533/6534 Jodhpur-Yesvantpur Weekly Express Via Guntakal,Miraj,Vasai Road,Ahmedabad.

13). 6589/6590 Rani Chennamma Express between Kolhapur and Bangalore via Tumkur, Hubli-Dharwar, Belgaum, Miraj named after legendary queen of Kittur Kingdom in Belgaum district.

14). 6591/6592 Hampi Express between Hubli and Bangalore via Bellary, Guntakal. Hampi was the capital of Legendary Vijayanagar Kingdom which is in Bellary district.

15). 6593/6594 Hampi Link Express between Nanded and Bangalore via Parbhani, Parli Vaijnath, Bidar, Vikarabad, Raichur and Guntakal runs along with 6591/6592 Hampi Express.

New Services to Start :

Trains from Mysore Division

16). 6203/6204 Tirupati-Madras Express between Tirupati and Chennai Central via Renigunta.

17). 6215/6216 Chamundi Express between Bangalore and Mysore named after Chamundi Goddess enshrined in Mysore City.

18). 6221/6222 Kaveri Express between Mysore and Chennai via Bangalore

19). 6227/6228 Shivamogga Express between Bangalore and Shimoga Town (also Shivamogga) via Tumkur.

20). 6231/6232 Thanjavur Express between Mysore and Mailaduturai via Hosur, Erode and Trichy.

Trains from Hubli Division

21). 7301/7302 Dharwad-Mysore Express between Dharwad and Mysore via Hassan and Hubli.

22). 7305/7306 Goa Link Express between Hubli - Londa - Hazrat Nizamuddin.

23). 7309/7310 VSG-Yeshwantpur Express (Bi weekly) between Yeshwantpur and Vasco-Da-Gama via Londa, Hubli and Tumkur.

24). 7311/7312 VSG-Chennai Express , a weekly train between Vasco-Da-Gama and Chennai Central via Hubli, Tumkur, Yeshwantpur and Bangarpet.

25). 7313/7314 Hubli-MAS Express, a weekly train between Hubli and Chennai Central via Tumkur, Yeshwantpur and Bangarpet.

Super Fast Trains

25). 2027/2028 Shatabdi Express Between Bangalore andChennai Central.

26). 2079/80 Jan Shatabdi Express between Bangalore and Hubli

27). 2295/2296 Sangamitra Express between Bangalore and Patna via, Madras,Warangal,Nagpur,Jabalpur,Mughalsarai runs Six days of a Week.

28). 2610/2609 Intercity Express between Chennai Central and Bangalore.

29). 2613/2614 Tippu Express between Mysore and Bangalore named after Tippu Sultan who ruled Srirangapatna near Mysore Province.

30). 2627/2628 Karnataka Super Fast Express between Bangalore and New Delhi via Guntakal, Gulbarga, Manmad, Itarsi and Bhopal named after the state where it originates.

31). 2629/2630 Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express (Bi weekly) between Yeshwantpur and Hazrat Nizamuddin via Tumkur, Hubli, Miraj, Pune and Bhopal introduced as part of the Sampark Kranti Series. (Sampark = Contact, Kranti = Revolution).

32). 2725/2726 Sidhdhaganga Intercity Express between Hubli and Bangalore via Haveri.

33). 2649/2650 Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express (5 days a week) between Yeshwantpur and Hazrat Nizamuddin via Dharmavaram, Kacheguda, Nagpur and Bhopal.

34). 2657/2658 SBC MAS Mail between Bangalore and Chennai Central via Jollarpettai.

35). 2779/2780 Goa Express between Vasco-Da-Gama and Hazrat Nizamuddin via Madgaon, Londa, Belgaum, Pune, Manmad and Bhopal.

36). 2781/2782 Swarna Jayanti Express a weekly train between Mysore and Hazrat Nizamuddin via Hassan, Hubli, Pune, Manmad and Bhopal.

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