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Cultural regions of North American people at the time of European contact, including the southeast.

Southeastern tribes or Southeastern cultures are an ethnographic classification for Native American peoples that inhabited the Southeastern United States that shared common cultural traits. Sometimes this classification is subsumed into the Eastern Woodlands classification.

Most Southeastern tribes (excepting some of the coastal peoples) were highly agricultural, growing crops like maize for food, and cotton for clothing. They also shared a similar religious beliefs and engaged in mound building to create sacred or acknowledge sites. Many of the religious beliefs of the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex or the Southern Cult, where also shared by the Eastern Woodlands tribes, probably spread through the dominance of the Mississippian culture in the 10th century.

Southeastern tribes

A sacred religious symbol to the Southeastern tribes was the solar cross which was a symbol of both the sun and fire. It had several variations, the one shown is from the Caddo from East Texas.

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